Experiencing Games With Friends: Persona 5 Royal

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My best friend and I got Persona 5: Royal on the same day. It’s fun to experience this game again, but it’s even better to experience the changes with a friend! My friend managed to finish the game fairly quickly while I am still getting through it because I play games very slow plus busy with work and I don’t stay up late.

New Animations

The first thing I noticed was when the new song and opening video started which I was so excited about! I had gotten the game first so I was telling my friend how fun the new song was.

While we were playing together while talking on the phone, we noticed that the faces of the players in the text bar changed. The game would give the characters a couple of expressions, but now they seem to be more defined and we both noticed that it gave the characters a lot more emotion!

New Characters

The two major characters were Kasumi Yoshizawa and Takuto Maruki. I thought Kasumi kinda resembled me with long hair, but we both agreed that I’m way too clumsy as she was doing some complicated moves during the opening animation and prologue. I am hoping I can bond more with her character as I just unlocked her as a Confidant.

When my friend got way further into the story than I did, he said he was similar to Maruki. At first, I was confused because Maruki is awkward. But, he does like to help people and my friend is really sweet and looks after people (I’m only saying nice things about you because I know you read these, joking you’re the best!). Maruki also appears to enjoying cooking and my friend really loves cooking and has taught me some things!

New Mechanics

The first thing we both loved was the grappling hook because it was fast and fun! He also loved the showdown, but I have unfortunately not been able to trigger one yet. I only just finished the second palace so I’m sure I’ve got time. I learned the hard way about ransom always being a technique because I thought it was new, but no just got very unlucky!

I also love the Thieves Den as it’s really cool! I got a statue of Carmen while I was calling my friend while playing and I was so excited that Morgana and Ann started talking about Carmen. I also love playing cards with them!

Jose is an interesting addition to Mementos. I think he looks like a robot, but my friend wasn’t sure. I like collecting flowers and stamps for him! We also have different ways of traversing through Mementos. He prefers collecting all requests before completing a section while I complete the section first and then take requests so I can easily get to the floors that they are on.

Plot Changes

I know that there is a third semester which I am told by my friend is amazing so I really want to play it. Besides that the cleanup section was really funny! I was laughing at Maruki attempting to sprinkle the salt in an artistic manner and teased my friend that yeah he would also be that extra when he cooks!

Confidant Changes

The first thing I noticed with Ryuiji was hanging out with him resulted in a phone call afterwards It now seems that every time I bond closer with a character, they call me which is super sweet! I love getting phone calls from friends so I really enjoy that addition!

Boss Changes

I noticed when fighting Kamoshida that he summoned slaves which made me angry. I was just enraged when he summoned Shido, who he sexually assaulted,  and put her in a playboy bunny costume demonstrating how he saw her. I was very disturbed and desperately wanted to defeat him.

Madarame got me with his mirror images. I was so annoyed that they kept respawning until the end of the fight, but it was funny that they eventually got weak because he is a terrible artists. The one dumb thing I did was use abilities that targeted multiple people as one or two Madarame clones would be weak to it, but the other ones would block it back at me.

New Experiences Every Time I Play

I do love that every time I play this game, I see something new! My favorite part is sharing what I’ve seen with my best friend. It allows us to bond during quarantine. That’s what I love about playing video games while corona is going around; they still allow me to bond with friends and become closer with my friends.

What games have helped you bond with your friends recently?


Random Events I’ve Seen in GTA Games So Far

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Being an open world game means that you see some really strange stuff exploring the different cities in the Grand Theft Auto games. Some stuff happened in missions, others were while I was just exploring looking for missions or things to do.

Vice City

Right away my favorite car was an Infernus because it was very fast and I loved the look of it. I found it because it was being driven by other drivers in the area.

The civilians in this game have dived out in front of my car several times like they’re trying to do insurance fraud. One guy dived underneath my car while I was parked and then got stuck so the other NPCs in the game started hitting my car. Cars have the same issue. I’ve been driving and they will swerve into me even if I am driving straight.

My favorite radio stations so far are Flash FM for 80’s pop and V-Rock for the 80’s rock. I also learned that cars on the side of this road do not mean free as taking a motorcycle conveniently placed next to a mission turned into a police chase.

My favorite dumb death of mine has to be me at the beach. I wanted to explore the beach and go into the water because I could do that in Grand Theft Auto: V. Nope, I drowned and it was barely up to my head.

Hardest mission for me so far was the worker’s riot mission as I was very quickly overpowered by the workers whether I drove in or walked in. I won by fleeing in a vehicle and watched them getting taken down by the police or the terrible drivers in Vice City.

I’m currently on the mission where I was told to destroy a building because the character who hired you wanted the real estate. I did not realize he meant use a tiny remote controlled helicopter to do that.

San Andreas

Confession time: I’ve never got past training wheels as a kid riding bikes. My biking skills are still awful in this game. I kept falling off during the very first mission in the game just like I did as a kid. I also messed up the tutorial because when I crashed the bike I landed on the car chasing me. The game did not realize that anyone would crash on top of a moving car so the car pursuing me just kept driving around in circles with me on top until it fell on it’s side exhausted from the effort of trying to shake me off. I also got stuck in the skateboard park on this bike and that was awful trying to get out of! I just could not jump out of the hole. It was a tough tutorial for me!

I am enjoying the RPG like mechanics. I manged to get lean by trying to get out of the skateboard park and failing a few times. Also the food you eat and how much you exercise affects your character. I did manage to figure out the gym mini game and decided to keep trying to build muscle until the game decided that I was done exercising my character for the day.

My favorite thing I bought for my character was a leopard cowboy hat. I bought it because I was trying to get a weird accessory, but he honestly looked great in the hat!

Grand Theft Auto: V

When I started playing as Trevor, I witnessed the police chasing a car driving recklessly but the guy got away. I was afraid to help because I did not want the police chasing me next. The drivers in this game are just as terrible as they were in Vice City. I also learned to not go into the desert without a car because I kept getting killed by cougars. So far with Trevor I can’t tell who is more deadly; the cougar or Trevor and his friends.

As Michael, I wanted to drive the red sports car parked in front of his house, but as soon as I started to get in, one of the kids took off with it!

While playing as Franklin I saw a mime, but I could not interact with it and then a bank robbery happened, but I was too slow. I did do well with Franklin in the tow truck missions except the car I was towing accidentally bumped someone while I was taking it into the towing lot. I ended up failing the mission because the guy was chasing me so I could not drop the car off and ran out of time. All because the towed car slightly bumped him!

I loved having a dog as Franklin. His name is Chop. The game noted that I could train him if I got the mobile app. I did try, but I struggled understanding the phone mini games and I kept losing and Chop started disliking me in the app (which would cause him to dislike me in the game) so I gave up on that. I appreciate walking and playing fetch with him!

What are some memorable events that you have seen in any open world games you have played?


Giving The Grand Theft Auto Series a Try

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The Grand Theft Auto games were originally a game that I did not want to give a chance. They’re known to feature criminals as protagonists and are also known for controversy.  But, after seeing them on sale on the PlayStation Store I decided to give the games a chance.

Why Give Chance

Besides the games being on sale, I am also really missing normal life. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, San Andreas, and V are the closest I can get to reality. I get to drive cars, hang out with people, get a haircut, watch TV.

I also softened up to them after playing Saints Row The Third on the Switch and Saints Row IV on Steam. I’ve also seen a YouTuber called Call Me Kevin play San Andreas and Vice City and they seemed like weird and funny games.

What Do I Think Now?

I really like them. I find them to be funny due to their satire. Nothing is safe in this series. My favorite satire so far is in Grand Theft Auto: V  which has a website for a teen clothing store. The store advertised cheap perfume being filtered in through the store and also that their clothing sizes are 4x too small so if you fit in a 0 you should probably seek medical attention. I remember going to one of those stores for jeans in real life and also finding out that the sizes were way too small so the game was super accurate!

I also love the side quests in Grand Theft Auto: V. My favorite is the “Exercising Demons” runner who you meet near a beach. You walk up near her, she starts swearing furiously so Micheal asks her why she is angry. She then yells at Micheal saying “I’m not angry, I’m EXERCISING!” and then you have to race her. I just love how she was just the angriest person when she was exercising. I would hate to be at a gym near her!


I haven’t gotten too far in the games as I have been distracted by Persona 5: Royal.

For San Andreas, I am now on to Big Smoke’s missions. My favorite part so far was the famous meals that Big Smoke orders and it made me laugh especially with how the other characters were looking at him. Also CJ is interesting because he wants things to be different but a cop forces him to continue being in a gang so the cop can get money.

In Vice City, I finished the crazy lawyer’s introductory missions. I would not want that guy to be my lawyer. He is neurotic and in his words he “could not even intimidate a child”. Not to mention he’s the lawyer of a mafia group. Tommy so far is a quieter protagonist  so I do not know what I think of him yet. The soundtrack is so much fun with the 80’s music.

For V, I am having the most fun since there is a lot to do in the game. I love Strangers and Freaks featuring side characters like the running woman. I also admittedly do like that it lets me skip missions if I get too stuck. The only mission I skipped was a race because I have trouble with the fast cars in this game. They tend to get out of control quickly when making turns and trying to brake while making a turn can sometimes lead the cars to spin out of control. I am currently working with Lester in this game.


I really like these games. They’re weird and funny. The critique is my favorite part because I love how satire is used in this game from radio stations talking about violence to ads making fun of typical ads. The music is also great in these games!

One thing that is unique about San Andreas and Vice City on the PlayStation 4 is that it lets your see their original PlayStation 2 manuals which I enjoyed reading! I miss manuals and how fun they were, showing off areas of the game and setting the tone of the game before you even start playing! I loved reading the manuals for my computer games before I played them.

I am really going to enjoy playing these games despite how I am so far not too great at them. Vice City has been the hardest one for me to play so far.

What game or game series did you give a try? Were you surprised at how much you enjoyed it or did it end up not being your favorite?

What I’ve Been Doing

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Finally done with the extra overtime for work so I have more time to write! So I decided to start with what I’ve been doing while I was focusing on work.


I just finished a graphic novel called Teen Titans: Raven which I really enjoyed! It was a YA adaption of Raven which allowed me to learn more about her character. I mainly know her from the Cartoon Network version of Teen Titans.

Shows and Films

I am currently watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and I plan on reading the comics. I love seeing a darker, more mature version of Sabrina as I grew up with the live action kids show.


I’ve gotten a few games. The first surprise would be GTA games. I did not think I would like them as you’re mainly playing a villain. But, I miss ordinary life from being quarantine. So when Vice City and San Andreas went on sale on PlayStation, I decided to give them a go. Vice City is a hard game for me for some reason, but I am enjoying Miami in the 80’s. San Andreas is really funny. I also got Grand Theft Auto: V. It’s about the most normal I can get because I can get a hair cut, go driving, go ride some amusement rides, do some running.

After giving these games a chance, I surprisingly like them. I like the humor and the critique of modern society. I like that they point out ironies or make fun of things like reality TV or clothing ads directed towards teens.

I also have Persona 5: Royal which is really fun! There’s surprisingly a lot of changes and I love them! My favorite is that the character icons in the text have more emotions on them. I also love the new dungeon mechanics.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has also been fun to play! It’s so relaxing and it’s like a nice island vacation.

Finally I got the 2013 reboot of Tomb Raider. It was free on Steam because Square Enix decided to release it for free for a couple days. I decided why not and I love playing as Laura! I love the climbing, I love her character! It’s just a really fun, but intense game.

What have you all been doing during this quarantine? Have you found any new games to play?


Real Neat Blog Award

Thank you to Tales From the Backlog for The Real Neat blog award! Tales From the Backlog is a gaming blogger who recently wrote about Animal Crossing: New Horizons! It is such an adorable game!

The Rules

  1. Display the logo
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their blog
  3. Answer the questions
  4. Nominate 7-10 bloggers
  5. Ask these bloggers 7 questions

Questions and Answers

Yes or No?

Yes? I have no idea what I am answering yes to, but sure!

Do you experience any aches or pains in your body?

Sometimes I get shoulder or neck aches from working at a desk or just tension from anxiety. But, that’s about it.

If you could create a new type of sport, what would it be or similar to?

I’m not much into sports, but I do like figure skating. I wonder if there was a way to maybe make a figure skating obstacle course and the skaters get graded based on how well they did and any tricks they did during the course.

What is a game that is generally received as bad but is your guilty pleasure?

I’m not sure if I have one that has been generally received as bad, but I do have one that is obscure that I love! Ghost Master. My mom bought it for my brother when he was a kid, and then I got it and I love that game so much! I was really happy when Steam reunited me with it! Basically it looks like The Sims and you scare people using ghosts!

Do you prefer writing with a pencil, pen, or keyboard?

I prefer a keyboard, but that’s because I am left handed and have terrible handwriting. Sometimes I don’t even know what I wrote! So, it’s better for me to type everything.

When was the last time something made you laugh so hard?

For Persona 5: Royal I had to name my phantom’s thieves group. I had named them last time when I played Persona 5, but decided to let my friend name them. He said “Hmmm”, but then did not reply back. It was getting late and I had to get up for work so that’s now the name for my Phantom Thieve’s. It’s appropriate as the main character does say “hmmm” a lot!

Do you play an instrument? If so what is it? If not, do you have an interest in learning how to play one?

I play piano and I am currently learning guitar! I really love rock and metal music so I decided to start electric guitar about 2 years ago.

My Nominations

  1. Brink from the Brink of Gaming
  2. Ry from It’s Dangerous to Go Alone
  3. The Dragon’s Tea Party
  4. Joe from Game FES
  5. Skyler-Mei from gamergal.exe
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  8. Lloyd from Uncapt

My Questions

  1. What is your favorite video game genre?
  2. What is your favorite music genre?
  3. What games do you play when you want to relax?
  4. What are your favorite hobbies?
  5. What shows or movies are you watching right now?
  6. What is your favorite video game and/or TV series?
  7. What helps you feel calm?



Staying Positive

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This quarantine period has not been easy. I am extroverted and like being around people. All I can do is currently is work and then go home. I know it hasn’t been easy for everyone else as well so I thought I would make a post of things that are helping me stay positive and I hope that you can find some things or use some of these things to help you find positivity as well!


These artists help me stay positive with their upbeat or fun music!

  • Ninja Sex Party (A comedy band)
  • Panic at the Disco (rock)
  • Walk the Moon (rock)
  • Lil Nas X (rap)
  • Halestorm (metal)
  • New Years Day (metal)
  • The Haxans (goth pop)


I recommend reading some old favorite series or new series that will last you a few days. I am going to read the Fallen series by Lauren Kate. I have read the first book, but I never finished the whole series.


I recommend these channels to help cheer you up!

  • Call Me Kevin (love his Harry Potter game playthroughs)
  • Game Grumps and The Grumps (Their Mario, Zelda, and Phoenix Wright series are really funny and The Grumps have 10 minute episodes where they will sit and do something like bobbing for apples or making Nintendo pancakes)
  • Gab Smoulders (I love her playthroughs of Fatal Frame because she teaches you Japanese)

I am going to watch the playthrough of the Desperate Housewives game by KPopp because that looks like it’s going to be a really funny and dramatic game.

TV Shows

I would recommend comedies or feel-good series here like:

  • Queer Eye on Netflix
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race on Hulu
  • Derry Girls on Netflix
  • Scrubs on Hulu (an old favorite show of mine!)
  • How to Keep a Mummy (an adorable anime)


I would recommend anything with a party mechanic or social aspect.

  • Dragon Age: Inquisition 
  • Persona 5 (Cannot wait for Royal!)
  • League of Legends
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Can’t wait to play today!)


Here are some relaxing activities you can try:

  • Yoga at home
  • Meditation
  • Drawing
  • Writing or Journaling
  • Taking walks outside
  • Playing or Learning an instrument
  • Skype friends and do online hangouts
  • Spend time with family, people you live with, or pets

Spread the Positivity

I encourage everyone who reads this post to post something you do to stay positive in the comments or on the Tweet. I would like this to be a way for us all to help each other be positive or stay calm. I hope this helps you all and stay safe! You could also make your own post on staying positive if you want!

Living for Now’s Favorite Game Places

Have you ever loved a place so much that it’s addictive? Well, that was me with the Tower of London a while back. And Laura with New York. And now computer game worlds are so immersive, they’re revealing themselves to have the same effect! So here are some of my personal favourite places in gaming.…

via 5 of My Favourite Places in Gaming — Living for Now

I loved this article from Living For Now! Some of my favorite places are: Altissia in Final Fantasy XV because I loved that the city had canals and reminded me of Italy, Eryth Sea in Xenoblade Chronicles due to the beautiful sea and night sky,  and Persona 5’s Shibuya because I’ve always wanted to see Japan and I got to see it in this game! Check out the article here and let Amy know what your favorite places in games are!