My First Fire Emblem Game; Fire Emblem: Three Houses

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I decided to try Fire Emblem: Three Houses mainly due to a friend’s recommendation. My close friend is a huge fan of the Fire Emblem games. When I saw this game, I was intrigued by the story and the three houses concept. I liked the idea of being a teacher; it reminded me of Hogwarts and I am a huge Harry Potter fan! Here are my thoughts on the game!

Story So Far

The three houses come together to teach their students different styles of combat. You are offered a teaching position there after you aid the three leaders of the houses in combat and save Edelgard. I am currently on the first month where my mission will be to fight bandits.

Character Customization

I was surprised that there is some minor character customization! I knew about choosing the gender of my character, but I was also able to pick my character’s name. I decided that Azura would be a great name for my character and it reminds of the daedric princess in Skyrim!

I was also able to pick my birthday! I could have chosen my actual birthday but I liked the idea of the Pegasus moon because I love Pegasus so I chose February!  I enjoyed that I was able to add some personal touch to my character!


There are three houses to choose from. I went with The Black Eagles. They are known for their history as being the oldest empire. They are also magic users which I loved and I also loved their leader, Edelgard!

The second house I liked was The Blue Lions. They appear to be mainly knights and they fight more close combat. Their leader is Prince Dimitri Blaiddyd.

The last house called The Golden Deer was the youngest and does not have many nobles. This house stuck out the most to me when I saw the trailers. I liked that they followed their own rules. Claude was interesting when I met him since he was more informal than the other house leaders. They specialize in ranged combat which is why I chose not to go with their house. I thought magic could give me up close and ranged combat.


I have met three teachers so far. Manuela is interesting so far. She seems to love the spotlight. I also like that she has a flexible career. She is a teacher, a doctor, and a singer (or songstress as they are referred to in this game). I am interested in learning more about her as a character!

Hanneman knows about crests! He seems very knowledgeable and I would love to learn more from him! I hope he can teach more about crests throughout the game! I am also interested in why my crest is unique.

Jeritza is responsible for combat training. He is aloof for now. He does not appear to like conversation. I hope that I can learn more about him throughout the game. For now, he does not really want to talk to me!

Black Eagle Students

Some of these students I know more than others, but I hope to learn more about each of them soon!


Edelgard is the leader and also a student. She is next in line to rule the Adrestian Empire. She seems like she is trying to fit in as a student despite her prestige.


Hubert is loyal to Edelgard. He wants to protect her. He appears to also be aloof, but not as bad as Jeritza. I am hoping that he will connect with the other students as well because connection is important for teamwork.


Dorothea is also a songstress. I have not spent too much time with her. What’s most interesting about her is that she is the only commoner in this house. She is known for her singing and she appears to be really sweet! She is a magic user so I hope to increase her magic and hopefully she can learn healing magic.


I have not spent much time with them. He is a noble and acts like one with his manners. I do believe I gave him a team riding class and he did good. I think I may give him more riding lessons. Maybe he might be a good knight considering he reminds me of Prince Dimitiri of the Blue Lions. He is good with a lance so that would also make him a good knight.


I have taken a liking to her and really want to help her! She is very shy so she reminds me of me as a kid. I did put her out into combat during the battle against the houses to help build confidence. I’m hoping that she will gain confidence through my teachings!


Funny enough I keep thinking his name is Casper because the blue hair reminds me of Casper the ghost! He is way over confident! I am hoping he will mature throughout the game. Right now, every time he sees me, he wants to fight me because he think he can beat me! We’ll see about that. I did put him in one battle and he needs to work on his axe so I am hoping to make him a better fighter.


I love her violet hair! She has a really cool character design! She is the talk of the game so far due to her eye tattoo. She is really good with a sword as I also had her fight against the three houses. I love that she already does a double attack! She has a slight language barrier where she does mess up phrases, but she is really trying to learn the language! I hope to see her improve in up close combat with more powerful attacks!


I’m not sure what to say about him yet. He comes across as lazy and seems to prefer naps. I’m hoping that I can encourage him to be more studious and help him grow as a character! He also does really well with offensive magic so I hope I can teach him more offensive spells.


This was originally my least favorite part going into the game. I was not really sure I would like the style of combat with the movement squares and the top down perspective. However, I found that I really enjoy it!

I like that there are different types of terrain which helps me in combat. When you move to a square, you can see if the enemy can attack you. You can also view the whole map to plan out what you are going to do.

I like that there is a forecast on how my attacks will go so I can plan out my attack. I am really enjoying the strategy of the game. I also like the durability aspect so I am discouraged from constantly using combat arts. Combat arts do more damage, but take down the durability of a weapon.


I also saw a little bit of the teaching. I was able to do one lesson so I experimented. Your teacher level determines how many students you can teach at a time.  You can plan out which skills you want to improve. The group teaching allows two students to bond and also figure out a skill like horseback riding. I had Ferdinand and Edelgard do horseback riding. They did good, but it would have gotten better if they knew each other more. But, by the end of the week they did have a perfect score!

Students can also take tests to change classes and you can also do seminars for your character to raise skills!



Fishing was a mini game that was simple and fun. You can get fish for food for the dining hall. I was able to do it once as a tutorial


You can grow and cultivate plants for further recipes. I like that there is a relaxing section with gardening, but I do wish you could see your garden.


You can choose you to dine with your students. This allows you to bond with students and increase their motivation. I like that you can see the delicious food and can spend time with your students.


Another way to bond with students. Two students can sing together. I chose Dorothea because she loves to sing and it would improve her Faith magic.

What do I think of Fire Emblem now?

I really love this game so far and can see why it is such a beloved series! I cannot wait to see more of the game and maybe I will try other Fire Emblem games after this one! Overall, I am really impressed with the game and I enjoy how much strategy is involved with the game!

What do you think of Fire Emblem: Three Houses so far? Let me know in the comments!

Double Jump and Zelda Personalities

Fairly recently, we did a post titled, “Which Link Are You?” speculating which of the many versions of Link there are in the games would best represent ourselves. This post has a similar question, but uses a vastly different character as the star. Like Link, there are many versions of the princess — or queen…

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I loved this post by Double Jump trying to figure out which Zelda personality they were  similar to in the Legend of Zelda games. I believe I am the Wind Waker Zelda. I would love to explore the sea with a crew like she does! I loved how courageous and sassy she was as Tetra. Check out the post here and let Double Jump know what Zelda you would be!

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Update and Alternative Route

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I just got back into Fire Emblem: Three Houses last weekend after my friends playing it made me miss the game. It turns out that I was actually getting close to a major reveal so I am glad I decided to finish the game! I just started the alternative route before starting this post so I can also discuss it on this post!

Student Update

All of my students are now extremely helpful in battle since they have Master classes. Edelgard is a Warrior so she can solely use her axe in battle. Hubert is a Warlock whose focus is using dark magic in battle to defeat enemies. Ferdinand is a Wyvern Rider who uses an axe on a wyvern so he can fly and take out enemies. This also makes him incredibly strong. Lindhardt is a Bishop so he can use some offensive magic, but he mostly focuses on healing. Caspar is a Grappler who uses his fists in battle and can do multiple damage to an enemy. Bernadetta is a Sniper. She does not like fighting so it works that she just hits people far away with her bow. Dorothea is my Dancer which gives her really good offensive magic like Meteor, but also allows her to heal allies. Petra is an Assassin which allows her to use both her sword and bow in battle. She is my strongest fighter because she deals a lot of damage with her sword. Finally, my character, Azura, is the Enlightened One. I fused with the goddess so I now can heal, use magic damage, and use my sword in battle.


All of the big reveals started happening while I was playing so spoiler warning! First, I found out that the gentle librarian was actually Solon who wants to use dark magic. He can turn students into beasts and also massacres your home village.

Then, another betrayal happens. The sweet red-head student you don’t teach in the Black Eagles named Monica is actually this evil woman, who kinda resembles a mad clown, called Kronya. Considering that Monica was kidnapped by the Death Knight, it is possible that Monica actually died and Kronya is merely pretending to be her. Kronya kills Jeralt and then attempts to kill you as well.

This is when another reveal happens, although I saw this one coming. Solon uses his powers to send you to a dark realm which reminded me of Kingdom Heart 3‘s World of Darkness except there are no landscapes here. That’s when it is revealed that the green lady in your head is actually a goddess. You fuse with her to escape and gain a new class!

You then sit on the throne because Rhea wants you to and  find out that Edelgard is the Flame Emperor and she tries to stop Rhea. This goes into why I chose the alternative path.

I just don’t trust Rhea. She executes anyone who resists her. I found out that when my character was born, her mother died and the baby was abnormal and had no heartbeat. Rhea admits that she put the goddess inside of me. I’m guessing that means that the baby and the mother were supposed to die during childbirth so Rhea saved the baby by infusing her with the goddess. She probably really only did that because she wanted the goddess back on earth.

Alternative Route

It started around the beginning of month 2 when I approached Edelgard and she asked me to accompany her. She traveled to see her father so she could officially become Emperor. She uses her power to get rid of the Prime Minister who tortured her so she could get two crests.

She then uses this power to summon an army. She reveals herself as the Flame Emperor during the battle in the Goddess Tower. After defeating her, I had a choice to save her. When I did that, I really made Rhea angry. So angry in fact, that she turned into a giant Dragon called The Immaculate One. So turns out the demure goddess was actually a terrifying dragon. This means that she was hiding her true nature. So I am grateful I was able to choose this route.

After fleeing the scene, I am now at a hideaway with Edelgard. I was locked out of all school activities since I was no longer working there, but I can still interact with the students. Since Edelgard lives, she is planning an attack on Rhea and asking all kingdoms to join her. She is detailing all Rhea has done so the people will turn on her. I started the battle and defeated Rhea. I got to the time skip and I am now back at the school with the students.

Coming Towards the Finale

I am really looking forward to see the alternative route! I hope to defeat Rhea as I do not want her leading Fodlan. I am glad I went with the alternative route first and I plan to do the normal route afterwards. I just wanted to side with Edelgard because I trust her more than Rhea! I also spend so much time with Dorothea that a romance option came up so I’ll have to see what happens after the war is over!

Have you chosen the alternative route for The Black Eagles? Do you trust Edelgard or Rhea more?

Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge – The Perfect Scary Game for Halloween

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Here’s one more spooky post for the day after Halloween. Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge is a point-and-click mystery game from Her Interactive. I loved this game as a kid and still do! I think it’s the perfect game to play on Halloween because it blends mystery and horror together really well! There’s just enough scary moments in the game to make it scary, but the mystery part of the story helps lessen the horror of the game so it’s perfect for anyone who likes horror or can only tolerate a little bit of horror.


This game takes place in Japan at a traditional ryokan hotel. The game teaches you about Japanese culture since Nancy Drew games also serve as a way of teaching you about different subjects. You also get to solve some really fun number puzzles like Sudoku.


Nancy Drew gets an opportunity to teach kids Japan while also staying at a ryokan hotel. Just like any other time Nancy Drew goes on vacation in these games, something is wrong. In this case, the hotel appears to be haunted by the ghost of Kasumi who died at the hotel while taking care of it. Nancy Drew must figure out if there really is a ghost at the hotel or something more sinister.


Since this is a mystery game, it’s very important we look at the characters or the suspects of the case.


She is the youngest daughter of Kasumi. She is not the next in line to inherit the ryokan after her mother. But, she still wants to take care of the hotel as a receptionist. She seems to be really sweet although also shy.


She is the oldest daughter of Kasumi and so she is supposed to inherit the ryokan. But, she really does not want to. She works at a bento place in the city and lives away from the ryokan.


He is the boyfriend of Miwako. He stays at the hotel and helps repair the hotel. He is a bit clumsy and also eccentric. He gets really excited over anything to do with robotics. He also bought a robotic cat for Miwako.


Takae is the grandmother of Miwako and Yumi. She is traditional and wants the hotel to go to Yumi, not Miwako. She enjoys teaching about Japanese traditions at the hotel and also appears to genuinely believes the hotel is haunted by Kasumi.

What makes the game scary?

This game is scary despite the simple 3D graphics and being a point-and-click adventure game. The horror comes from the atmosphere as well as the ghost itself. The ghost resembles the typical Japanese ghost like The Grudge. 


This game is my favorite not only for the Japanese theme, but also for the puzzles. There’s Sudoku, renograms (make a consecutive chain of numbers from 1 – 25 or more in a box, and nonograms (making pictures based on the numbers of squares you are supposed to fill in within a box). You can practice this puzzles through books with Rentaro and they later appear as much harder puzzles in the game.

There also is the major puzzle or mystery of whether the hotel is actually haunted which is fun as well! The game does have you guessing whether there is really a ghost or not which makes it really fun!

Spooky Fun

I highly recommend this game especially if you like point-and-click games, horror, or mystery games. It is really fun to solve the mystery and figure out who or what is responsible for the ryokan haunting. The story also allows you to learn more about Japanese culture. I love this game so much, I replayed it several times!

What games did you play on Halloween? Have you ever played a Nancy Drew game?

McKenna Talks About Games: Scary Moments in Video Games

It’s almost Halloween and lots of people (including me) are playing and talking about horror games. I love the supernatural, spooky, creepy, eerie concepts in all forms of media, but I didn’t start playing horror games until much more recently in my life. I found these things in many of the non-horror video games I’ve […]

via Spooky Things in Non-Horror Games — McKenna Talks About Games

I love this post by McKenna Talks About Games because it’s about scary moments in video games that are not horror.

I remember playing Ocarina of Time 3D on my 3DS and being terrified of the monster in the well. Also ReDeads in any Zelda game scare me so much!

Bioshock Infinite also scared me when it decided to have a level in an insane asylum with these monsters called the Boys of Silence. Basically you need to avoid them because if they see you, they’ll scream and alert the asylum patients to attack you. There’s also a few jumpscares in this level that got me too.

Finally, in Horizon: Zero Dawn, seeing and realizing I had to fight a Snapmaw. They are the largest enemy in the game and they are basically like a T-Rex. I was so scared and basically won after several tries by hitting him with long distance arrows or use traps and then running away.

Check out McKenna’s post here and let her know what are some of your scariest moments when playing a game!

What I Have Been Doing For This Month’s Halloween!

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I love Halloween so I’m dedicating this post to what I have been doing this October and what I will be doing on Halloween!

Films and Shows I’ve Watched

Hocus Pocus

This movie is considered a 90’s classic and somehow I missed it growing up. So I decided to watch it on Freeform! I enjoyed the three witches the most. I think my favorite witch was Winifred! I loved how she led her sisters and some of her quotes made me laugh such as “I AM CALM!”. I thought it was an enjoyable film!

The Witch Files

This is an interesting film I found on Netflix. It’s about a bunch of women who gain powers by joining a coven and it is a found footage film. I enjoyed the plot and thought it was a great film if you love witches!

Scream Queens

This is a horror comedy show from Fox and I am watching it on Hulu. There are two seasons and I am still on the first one. I saw the first two episodes on TV when it first aired, but lost track of the show because of being busy with college classes. I am now hoping to finish it because I love the characters and I am enjoying the story.


Party Monster 

This album was made by The Haxans which has Ash Costello from New Years Day as the lead singer. I was interested in this album because I love her voice. This is the perfect album for Halloween because it is a horror themed album. My favorite song on this album is “Dirty Magic”!


I am not planning to play any horror games. I am just enjoying the ones I have been playing!

Dragon Quest XI S

When I last played, I had just gotten Sylvando in the party. I am excited to see more of the story! I think my favorite character is Sylvando now just because he’s a really sweet character. He just wants to make everyone happy!

Borderlands 3

I am on Promethea. I am still early in the game, but so far I am really liking the story. The event that led me to travel to Promethea (I will not spoil it) led me to really want to defeat the Calypso twins!


I went to Spirit when it opened to pick out a costume early! I am going as Kairi from Kingdom Hearts 2. I love that the costume has a hood if it rains. I also love that they also had a keyblade so now I have my own keyblade!

What have you been doing for the month of Halloween? Are you going to dress up as a character?


Ropobon Sun: My Favorite Weird Game Boy Color Game

high angle photo of robot
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So what is Ropobon? Well it’s basically Pokemon replaced with robots. This game also had a really big cartridge that I distinctly remember sticking out of the Game Boy Color and it really stuck out when I got the Game Boy Advance. As for how I got this game? I honestly don’t remember. It’s possible I may have picked it out, or my parents got it for me.


Pretty much just like Pokemon. You get a Robopon named Sunny from your grandfather and you are supposed to collect Robopon to fight the Legend 7. The only difference is you also inherit your grandfather’s business.


Basically Pokemon that are robots. Sunny looks very similar to Pikachu. You find them in the wild like Pokemon and they have different types like Pokemon. The main difference is that you use computer parts to heal them or upgrade them.


This is my favorite part and why I loved the game. My favorite is the main theme that plays when you boot up the game. It would always make me smile as a kid and that’s why I loved playing it so much!

How far did I get?

Just like the Pokemon games, I struggled to get very far in the game as a kid. I remember something about getting stuck in a cave level that was not too far into the game. So I never got to take on the Legend 7 or finish the game.

Would I recommend it?

Hard to say as I am relying only on my memory of playing it when I was very young. I do remember thinking the music was unique. I also did like some of the Robopon like Sunny. I think I would recommend it if you really want to play a game like Pokemon. As for the versions, Sun is the only one that was released in the U.S. which is why I have that version. It’s also the one with Sunny on the cover of it which is why I loved the art on the cartridge!

Have you ever played Robopon?

Cilla vs. Games Review of Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

First posted at DigitallyDownloaded.net Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch first broke onto the scene in the west in 2013. The lovechild of Level-5 and world-renowned animation studio Studio Ghibli, Ni no Kuni combines traditional JRPG fare with a whimsical storyline that comes to life with the easily recognisable Studio Ghibli aesthetics and […]

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Cilla Vs. Games wrote an excellent review on Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the Witch. I just got this game recently as I am a big fan of Studio Ghibli films. I enjoyed her review and looking forward to playing the game and learning more about the story. Check out her review of the game here!