Skryim and Escaping Anxiety

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I have always been anxious. I was an anxious kid and as an adult I now have acid reflux from being anxious. My brain needs an outlet to help it relax. Video games are a great way for me to relax my brain because I get to explore other worlds. Skyrim was a game I have heard about but did not have a chance to play. When I heard it was coming to the Nintendo Switch, I decided to try it. It sounded like a great idea; I could play Skyrim on my TV and on the go. It turns out the game would also be a much needed outlet to help me relax when life gets stressful.

Skyrim Intro and Riverwood

When I started up Skyrim and chose my character, I immediately went for the Khajiit because I could be a cat woman which sounded cool! After I got past the introduction and into the first town, Riverwood, I was in awe of all the things I could do. There were side quests I could start so I picked up as many as I could in the first area. I also found a man named Hod who gave me a job chopping wood. It was an easy way to make money and I found it relaxing. It was relaxing watching my character get paid to chop wood surrounded by the peaceful scenery of a quiet town.


After exploring Riverwood, I decided to follow the main quest to go to Whiterun. There I found even more side quests which I took the time to complete all of them. I also found an orphan, Lucia, who I befriended. I was told I could adopt her after I found a house.

I bought Breezehome after completing a side quest for the assistant to the Jarl of Whiterun. I then furnished the house and found that relaxing to find that once I was done the house looked beautiful, although small. It was a small wooden house with two floors.

Lucia was happy to have a home and called me Mommy. It was sweet to explore Whiterun and Lucia would be there and she would want to play games with me and I would bring her gifts. It was nice to load up the game and hang out with my video game child.

Building My First House

After progressing through the game further, I found out that I could build my own home after befriending the Jarl of Falkreath and earning the deed to build Lakeview Manor. The house has to be built from scratch and there are several rooms you can build.

As I chose what rooms to build I found myself making my dream home with a library and a greenhouse. It was soothing to spend time crafting the materials to build the outside of the house. I had to build the foundation and the walls and the roofs. I looked forward to slowly working on the house each day.

After I built the house, I had to furnish the house. It was fun getting to pick items to build like tables or chairs or bookshelves. It helped me take my mind off my stress because instead I was focusing on building and furnishing my dream home. After all the hard work was done, I was able to admire my work and live in a house that I had took the time to build all on my own.

The Journey Continues

I am still continuing to play the game slowly. I am exploring the world and doing all the side quests and have not continued the main quest yet. I enjoy helping other people with their problems and seeing how happy they are when they see me after I help them.

The game has helped me relax when I am stressed because I am in a different world and role playing as a different character because obviously I am not a cat lady in real life. What games help you relax when you are feeling stressed?

5 thoughts on “Skryim and Escaping Anxiety

  1. Excellent! I also played Skyrim as a khajiit, a guy named Ra’zirr. It was part of my Year of the RPG, so I played him as Lawful Evil, which didn’t leave much room for befriending children, which is sort of sad now that I know that’s an option…

    Anyway, I can definitely see how Skyrim gives you (or anyone) a chance to “get lost” in a world that isn’t their own, and tackle urgent issues that IRL aren’t that urgent at all. As for me, I’m a huge Dragon Age fan, so I usually reach for Dragon Age: Origins if I’m really looking for some comfort gaming, but any DA game or Mass Effect game usually makes me pretty content (haha). I’m a sucker for an engrossing story, what can I say?


    1. My khajiit’s name is Do-Aziraya (I wanted to pick a name that sounded khajiit and the Do prefix means warrior) and I tend to try to play her as chaotic good. As for befriending children, adoption is part of the Hearthfire DLC. The Switch version automatically comes with all the major DLC in the game.

      As for Dragon Age, I recently purchased Inquisition because it was on sale and so far it’s a great game! I thought it would be fun to play a game that tries to be more inclusive and I like the idea of the war map so I can lead the party like a ruler and choose what kind of ruler I want to be. I’m looking forward to slowly exploring the world and learning more about the story!

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      1. That’s a good name for a khajiit, I think! I played on Playstation 3, so no luck for included DLC haha (at least I don’t think so).

        Inquisition is a very good game! I hope we’ll hear all about your adventures; I had a blast playing through it, and am planning on going through it again soon 🙂


  2. I also really enjoy “Skyrim”. I had heard about the video game before but it took me a long time to actually play it. I found it here: and when I first launched the title, I was mesmerised by the design. “Skyrim” is also a chill game that I can play without feeling the need to rush the narrative.


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