The Last Guardian and Trico

black and brown short haired puppy in cup
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(Doesn’t look like Trico, but the puppy is still just as adorable as Trico! Besides Trico’s face kinda resembles a dog!)

The Last Guardian was the first game I got for my PlayStation 4 along with Final Fantasy XV. I got it because I wanted to learn more about Trico. I have always wanted a pet so having a pet on my PS4 was amazing!


Trico and I did not get off to a good start. Trico was wounded and hungry so he freaked whenever I went near him. I fed him and he eventually trusted me. I was able to remove the arrows from him and remove his chain that was tying him down.

Once Trico was free, he would respond to his name. I also spend a few minutes petting his head because that was his favorite spot. I felt bad that poor Trico was left abandoned and hungry so I wanted to make sure that he got lots of love and food from me. I tried to find every food barrel in the game to make him happy.

Trico and I started to trust each other more. I had to rely on him to solve puzzles in the game and he relied on me to give him food and pets. Trico especially loves having his head petted and I love spoiling him so we quickly became close.

Trico and Bonding

Trico and I are actually very alike. He was prone to panicking and I have anxiety. I began to pick up on what would make him panic and what would calm him down, just as I have picked up on what makes me panic and what calms me down.

Trico would panic when enemies would attack me or attack him. He would fly into a rage and take down the enemies. But, he would freak out for a few minutes afterwards until he received lots of pets and I removed the arrows from his body. Apparently if you wait he can calm himself down, but there was no way I was going to leave Trico alone while he was panicking. Besides, Trico does not like being left alone. If I went into a small hole, he would stick his head in the hole and paw for me and whine. I would feel so bad but I needed to do the puzzle so I had to leave him.

Because I gave Trico so many pets and we became close, training him was not too hard. You train Trico to do commands to help with puzzles. But, Trico is a wild animal. So he may not listen or he might do his own thing instead. I found that because I bonded with him early on he would listen to me and be more eager to help me out.

Trico and Friends

My friend that I mentioned in my first blog post came over my house so we could cook dinner, make our strawberry cake, and play games. I wanted him to play this game while he was at my house because I wanted him to meet Trico. He loved Trico just as much as I did.

When he played, it was actually at a part where we were high up and could easily fall. It freaked me out; most of the time I was hiding behind my friend or gripping his arm while he played because I was scared of us falling.

We both had to trust Trico and this is where things got interesting. At one point, we were stuck because we could not figure out how to get past a section and we kept falling. We would switch the controller any time we failed or got stuck. When I took control, we saw Trico jump and he just kept making noises. I had no idea what was going on, but my friend said that Trico was telling me to jump. I took a chance and he caught me at the last minute. My friend and I cheered and sighed with relief that we were safe.


Just like all adventures, eventually my adventure with Trico came to an end. I will not spoil the ending for anyone or major plot points because I encourage you all to play this game for yourself. I cried at the credits because I remembered my journey with Trico and I missed him already. I was happy to see the story reach a conclusion, but I was also sad it was coming to a close. I loved The Last Guardian and Trico! It is easily one of my favorite games on the PS4!

Have you played The Last Guardian? What did you think of the game?

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