Yakuza Kiwami: Majima Everywhere

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Note: This is not a full review because I only played Yakuza Kiwami for a little bit last week, but I wanted to discuss how fun the game is so far.

Yakuza Kiwami has a unique feature called Majima Everywhere. I loved Majima in Yakuza 0 so this feature is a part of what makes the game fun!

What is Majima Everywhere?

Majima Everywhere is similar to Mr. Shakedown in Yakuza 0 where Majima randomly appears in the street and chases you, but you earn moves instead of money. So, by fighting Majima you earn more moves for a fighting style called Dragon Style.

Majima also has a rank bar that starts at G and increases in rank as you fight and interact with him more.  The higher the rank goes, the tougher Majima gets so it can be a challenge. He also has different fighting styles so you are not facing the same Majima fighting style every time. For instance he might fight with a bat, and then later he might fight you by breakdancing.

Majima Everywhere also unlocks fun side quests with Majima. He can appear and cause havoc anywhere. I have had him photobomb my pictures or just decided to go bowling with me. He has also fought me after I ate at a fast food restaurant to get my health back up.

Best Moments

Majima Everywhere is full of hilarious moments so far. I am on rank D and I have had funny phone calls or emails that lead to hilarious interactions.

I was told to go to a cabaret club. The girl who wanted to see me was called Goromi. She was Majima dressed in a tight hot pink outfit with fishnet stockings, high heels, and wearing a blond wig with makeup and earrings. It was funny because instead of fighting Goromi, Kiryu has a nice date with Goromi and they have an honest talk. You learn a bit more about Goromi and talking with Goromi increases a flirtation meter that is normally shown at the cabaret club when you interact with the cabaret women. Unfortunately, you still have to fight Goromi who can fight extremely well in high heels. Ultimately, it was fun just going on a date with Goromi and then fighting someone who can handle heels much better than I can!

I got an email saying that Majima’s crew could not find Majima. All of a sudden, giant shaking traffic cones started showing up. I interacted with all of them and suddenly one triggered Majima. He stood up and complained that I took so long. When I beat him, he told me he had a leg cramp from being stuck in there so long! I love the idea of Majima hiding underneath a giant cone for hours until you find him. It’s so ridiculous!

I needed to get my health up so I decided to go to a nearby restaurant which happened to be a fast food place that sold cheeseburgers. After eating, a cutscene triggered with Majima wanting to fight me. He told me that he prefers to eat at fast food joints because “Junk food is the source of [his] power.” That quote made me laugh so hard that I shared it with my friend who also loves junk food! I then had to fight him outside the restaurant and only because Kiryu told Majima that they could not fight in a public restaurant.

Is Majima Everywhere Worth Putting Time Into?

I definitely think so. It is funny and it makes you laugh. Honestly, it just makes me happy when he randomly appears and I love getting emails telling me to go somewhere. I always wonder what Majima is going to do when I go to whatever place he wants me to go.

It also is not easy even on easy mode. Majima is tough to beat because he is a great fighter! He also gets harder as he goes along. I am currently at rank D and he is really taking my health. He also has a lot of health so he takes a while to beat.

I will give a full review of Yakuza Kiwami when I am finished playing! If you have played Yakuza Kiwami, what did you think of Majima Everywhere?

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