HannieBee Games’s Post on Toxicity in Gaming

As many probably know by now, one of the most anticipated games of the year, Red Dead Redemption 2, comes out tomorrow. The early reviews have dropped today, and with the average Metacritic score sitting at a 97, it is on track to become one of the most highly-reviewed games of all time. Ultimately, however, I am not […]

via The Toxic Effect of “You’re Not a Gamer” — HannieBee Games

HannieBee Games wrote about a a quote that was retweeted by Metacritc that insinuated that you are not a gamer if you do not play this game. We both do not like how this was phrased. I believe that you can call yourself a gamer if you do not want to or have not played certain games.

That was honestly one of my fears starting a blog at first. I did not know much about the blogging community and , being a young woman in my 20s, I did not know how accepting other gamers would be of me. I have not played all of the classic games like I have not played any Tomb Raider games. But, I honestly do not think that should matter. I like playing video games therefore I can call myself a gamer if I want to. Luckily, this community also believes that. You have all been accepting of me and my blog as well as other bloggers! Check out HannieBee Games post here and thank you HannieBee Games for the insightful blog post!

The World Ends With You: Final Remix – First Seven Days

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I have been wanting to play this game, but decided to wait until The World Ends With You: Final Remix released on the Nintendo Switch. I did not know much about this game before playing it, I only knew the characters from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.


The story follows Neku who has to play The Reaper’s Game for seven days or else he will die permanently. He has to complete assignments each day with a partner. His first partner is Shiki, a fashionable girl who is outgoing and tends to look at her cellphone. Neku initially comes off as rude because he believes that it is not necessary to reach out to people or get close to people. But, Neku has so far slowly developed as a character throughout the game. He is slowly trying to understand people.


I love how this game emphasizes music! Music is great in this game and the music also has a unique sound. My favorite so far has been the music on the Main Menu. The first time I heard it, the dissonant piano mixed with the other instruments was jarring, but I grew to love it quickly!

TV versus Handheld Mode

This game can be played in either TV or handheld mode. In TV mode, you play with one JoyCon which acts as a pointer. The pointer controls where Neku goes and what pins he uses. Handheld mode relies on touchscreen so you use your finger guide Neku and use the pins. I prefer this mode because it was easier for me to control Neku. It was also fun to control the game with my fingers!


You fight with pins in this game. Each pin does different things like fire or slashing an enemy. You also have partner pins that summon a partner to help you fight. The pins need to recharge so you cannot keep spamming the same moves to win. There is also a sync meter that will trigger a powerful move with your partner when you use it.

The combat can be adjusted through difficulty. This is where the game encourages you to challenge yourself even if you usually play on easy like I do! The trick to getting the best pins in the game is to play the game on Normal or Hard and lower your level so enemies are tougher. You will get better  pins if you fight on Normal at level 1 than you would on Normal at your current level, like level 10.

The First 7th Day Boss

I took on the Game Master who turned into a wolf. I enjoyed that this boss meant you had to learn how to time your attacks by listening to what the boss said before he attacked. The boss defeated me the first time because I took too many hits, but I beat him the second time by being patient and uses the 100% sync special move that took away chunks of his health! Then the game took a sudden twist and I decided to play more of the game the next time I had free time.

Should you play it?

So far I definitely think this game is worth it! I enjoy playing it and look forward to playing it when I am not busy with grad school homework! I enjoyed the game so much, I bought my friend the DS game because he does not own a Switch and I knew he would also love the game! I enjoyed the first 7 days learning about Shiki’s story and seeing Neku slowly evolve as a character. I am interested in seeing why the game took the twist that it did (I won’t spoil it for you!) and I am interested in seeing how the story will develop!


Later Levels Video Game Items Collab

I may have already written a response post to a very kind Sunshine Blogger Award from Ian over at Adventure Rules in response to his question about endings and beginnings. But he asked another one of his nominees that deserves some consideration: which magical item or technological marvel from a video game would you use […]

via Video game items that need to exist in real life — Later Levels

Later Levels recently did a collaboration with other bloggers about what video game items they would want to have in real life! I really enjoyed reading this collaboration! I would pick a brush similar to the brush in Okami HD to have in real life! It could be so helpful! You could help the environment by watering plants and growing trees. You could also use it to bloom trees or plants. If used wisely it could help the environment and people! Check out the article here and let Later Levels know what video game items you would want in real life!

Halloween Celebration Post

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It feels like fall because it is finally getting chillier! I love Halloween and the fall so I decided to do a fun personal post on ways I will celebrate Halloween this year!


Hot Chocolate

I love hot chocolate so I love an excuse to drink it when it’s cooler outside! The fall weather gives me an excuse to drink hot chocolate more often!

Apple Cider

Another drink I love! Apple cider is sweet and I have been enjoying the taste since I was little! I also love apples because of how sweet they taste!


“Spooky Scary Skeletons (Remix” by The Living Tombstones

I love listening to this song on Halloween! It just makes you want to get up and dance!

“Skeletons on Parade” by Ludo

Ludo is one of my favorite bands and this song is a fun rock song! The song is about skeletons rising up and going on march to a local town.

“Emperor’s New Clothes” by Panic! at the Disco

Panic! at the Disco is another one of my favorite bands! I love this song and also the music video for this song!


Corpse Bride

This was one of my favorite films as a child! I love using Halloween as an excuse to watch it again!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

I also love this because it is done with stop motion animation like Corpse Bride. I also love that it can be watched both on Halloween and Christmas!


I am currently reading Bridge of Clay by Markus Zusak. The book came out this month and it’s by my favorite author! He has not written a book in a long time so I am very excited to read his next book after enjoying The Book Thief!


The World Ends With You: Final Remix for the Nintendo Switch

I love this game so much I cannot stop playing it! I am not sure if I will have it finished by the end of the month because I have no idea how long it is, but I am certainly enjoying the game and I am excited to see how the story progresses!

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D for the Nintendo 3DS

I have not played this game yet and have decided to start playing it in October because it is the perfect game to play around Halloween. It looks like it is going to be a creepy game so far so I decided to start playing it now! I am currently finished with the first dungeon.

Enjoy your Halloween!

Halloween is fun because of how people decorate their houses and everything is spooky. It’s also fall and chillier so I enjoy watching the leaves fall and enjoy fall weather. My family and I decorate the house every year for Halloween and some family members with little kids come every year so the family can hang out with us and have their kids get candy on Halloween!

Let me know some of your Halloween activities!

AmbiGaming’s Thoughts on Surviving Horror Games

Do you think you could survive a horror game? Probably not, if we’re being honest.

via A Question of Survival: Could You Survive a Horror Game? — AmbiGaming

AmbiGaming wrote a thought provoking post on if we could actually survive horror games. I agree with her that it is easy to think you would. Of course you won’t run back into the house if you know the murderer was there or of course you would not go into a dark environment in a horror game. Or at least you’d like to think that. I certainly would. But, I know I probably would not survive a horror game if real life if I really think about it. As much as I would like to believe I would be rational, the truth is I would get anxious and be prone to be being irrational instead. I could easily make the same mistakes that people in horror games typically do! Check out the article here and let AmbiGaming know your thoughts on whether you think you would survive a horror game!

Ghost Master: A Perfect Game to Play on Halloween

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Ghost Master was one of my favorite childhood games. My brother was the one that got the game but I ended up playing it more than he did, even though I was a bit young for the game! I found Ghost Master again on Steam and this version even includes a bonus level that I never played before! So what is Ghost Master? It’s in the title, you are the “ghost master” and you control ghosts to scare mortals.


I would describe this game as a unique puzzle and strategy game. Each level in the game has an objective which can be as simple as make everyone flee or challenging like a level called “The Calamityville Horror” (this game is full of puns) where you need to lead people to find the dead bones in the house they bought to free the ghost’s souls. This level really makes you terrified of previous home owners!

Before you begin a level, you must assemble a team before haunting the house. The game gives you a recommended team. The team consists of ghosts that are different fetters like some can go outside and some can go electrical systems. The ghosts each have different powers like tremble can be used both for fear and for puzzles. The team is useful for fulfilling the goal of the level as well as unlocking the other ghosts in the game.

The levels also require strategy. You start out with a certain amount of plasma. This plasma is used to both summon ghosts to a house and lets them use powers. Each power costs plasma and the greater the power, the more plasma it costs. If you go over the plasma, an alarm will trigger letting you know you’re in trouble. If you ignore the alarm or do not act quickly enough, it’s game over. So how do you raise plasma? All you have to do is scare people.

Now I will tell you about some of my favorite levels!


I love this level just because of the puns. Your goal is to free the “poultrygeist” who is attached to a little girl. The poultrygeist is there because the mortal’s house was built on an “ancient chicken burial ground”. Yep, you read that right! The goal of this is fun because it is simply a game where you have to scare everyone away from the house to set the poultrygeist free. But, there is one problem. The mortals will summon a medium to stop you so you have to be careful that she does not capture your ghosts and you have to scare her away as well.

Facepacks and Broomsticks

This is a continuation of an earlier level. In the tutorial level, you scare away girls at a sorority. Well, they have come up with a plan. They bring witches to the sorority and these witches have placed a circle to protect the sorority girls. First, you have to disable their circle by binding ghosts to the objects they placed in the circle. Next, you have to scare the witches and the sorority girls. Just like the medium, the witches have the power to banish your ghosts. So, you have to scare them while making sure they do not capture your ghosts.


This is a fun one! So when you scare mortals, you affect three parts of their personality. There is the terror aspect which is how scared they are. There is the madness aspect which is how much you have driven them insane. Finally, there is the belief aspect which is how much they believe in ghosts. For this level, all you have to do is make one man believe in ghosts. But, it’s the game also encourages you to scare everyone else. It is also unique that this level takes place on a boat which is a bit more cramped than the other areas, but it is still fun. I found it fun that the entire level was based around getting one guy to believe in ghosts!

Next, the levels that are not so fun.

Class of Spook’em High

This is the bonus level. It is the toughest level in the game, but that’s because the game sometimes relies on luck which is a problem due to its age. The story is the home your ghosts have lived in has been taken over by the ghost breakers, or a parody of ghost busters. They have placed a bomb in the house so the level is timed (the only level that is timed) and they have put up astral wards so you cannot enter the home. The problem is you have to entice a ghost breaker to let you in the ward with the bomb using a gift that has a ghost attached to it. But, anyone can pick up a gift because who doesn’t want a free present?! Plus, the mortals do what they want so they will not always enter the room you need to go into.

What Lies Over the Cuckoo’s Next

Same issue here! The story here is that you want to free a powerful ghost called The Darkling. But, he is surrounded by astral wards build by a mad doctor that kinda resembles Albert Einstein. To get into the ward, you need the one doctor that enters his ward to pick up a present with a ghost attached to it. But, everyone wants the present and only one person can have it. This person also does not like to leave the ward so it can take forever for him to get the present. It is rewarding to finally take down the wards and scare everyone, but it takes patience.

Spooky Hollow

This is challenging in a different way. The story here is that a farm has been haunted by The Dragoon (headless horseman). The Dragoon is being summoned by one mortal and to stop him, you must lead the other mortals to this person and have them witness the ceremony that summons Dragoon. If you do this, you get Dragoon in your party and complete the level! The problem is leading the other morals to the man and that The Dragoon easily terrifies them and can make them flee if he shows up too many times.

Final Thoughts

This is one of my favorite games from my childhood and I still enjoy it today! It is fun and can be a good stress reliever since it makes you laugh! I think it should be a fun game to play on Halloween because instead of being chased by ghosts, you control them! I recommend you give this game a chance. Due to its age, it is currently only $5 on Steam!

Have you played Ghost Master? What is your favorite game to play on Halloween?

A Geek Girl’s Guide’s Favorite Witches

I love a strong female character. I love a complex female character. And I also love a magical female character. So I wanted to share some of my favorite witches from fiction since we are officially in the spookiest of seasons.

via Favorite Fictional Witches — A Geek Girl’s Guide

A Geek Girls Guide recently posted about her favorite witches for Halloween. I loved that the witches from Harry Potter were included because I love Harry Potter! When I was a child, I wanted to be like Hermionie Granger! I wanted to be confident and intelligent like she was. As I have gotten older, I still relate to Hermionie Granger, but I also love Professor McGonagall! I love how she developed over the stories and her wit! I would love to be as witty as she is! Check out A Geek Girls Guide’s article here!

A Celebration of the PlayStation Vita

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I saw the news that the PlayStation Vita is being discontinued. I have only had mine for about a year, but I love taking it with me everywhere! It is my favorite handheld to take with me on vacation. I decided to dedicate a post all about how I love my Vita and why I think it is a great handheld!

Perfect Travel Size

I love how small the PlayStation Vita is! I can take it with me anywhere because it fits perfectly into my purse. I took it with me on vacation and played it on the plane. I also love the way it was designed! Due to its small size, I am able to easily hold the Vita in my hands and the buttons line up perfectly with my hands like a PlayStation 4 controller!


I love this feature so much! It has allowed me to play childhood games again! I played a few Disney games on my computer as a kid and I was happy to find my favorite childhood games on the Vita! I was able to play The Emperor’s New Groove, Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue, and Lilo and Stitch: Trouble in Paradise.

I can also play games that I never got to play because I did not grow up with a PlayStation. I was able to get Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, and Final Fantasy IX so I can play more Final Fantasy games!

Game Library

My favorite part about this system is I love that is has a lot of RPGS on it! I have a few RPGS on my Vita such as Final Fantasy X/X2 HD, Persona 4: Golden, and Tokyo Xanadu. There are plenty of other games on the PlayStation Vita besides these ones!

Should you get a Vita?

I think so! I get to play great games on the go! I love the large amount of games that the PlayStation Vita has. I also love that it is so easy to travel with because it is small and light!

Do you have a PlayStation Vita? What do you think of the Vita?