AmbiGaming’s 12 Days of Blogmas Collaboration

On the first day of Blogmas, the gamers asked of me….

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AmbiGaming has started a collaboration called Blogmas which celebrates gaming over 12 days! I love this idea and I look forward to reading all 12 days! Check out the first day here!

Holiday Traditions

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I wanted to do a short post on what I did for the Holidays this year and I invite you all to comment your Holiday traditions!


I like watching a movie the week of Christmas. The movie I watched this year was Rent.

Rent is a film that I sometimes enjoy watching over Christmas and New Years because Rent takes place around that time period. I love the emotional story and it is one of my favorite films and plays!


This year I played Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch on Christmas. I have been playing through the game and slowly unlocking all of the characters! My favorite character that I have unlocked so far is Bayonetta!

Christmas Day

My family opens presents in the morning then we have Christmas dinner with my grandparents every year. I love spending time with my family and enjoying dinner together.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Christmas is my favorite time of  year because I love seeing the joy on everyone’s faces when they open presents and I enjoy having dinner with my family!

What holidays do you all celebrate in December and what did you do for your holidays?



Adventure Rules’ Top Tabletop Characters

Luna from Gamers United asks: what character do I like to play the most in tabletops?

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Adventure Rules wrote an interesting article recently about his tabletop characters! I loved this article because I have started getting into tabletop games! My friend convinced me to try D&D a couple of years ago and I am currently on my second session! I have played three characters!

  1. A Druid who could turn into animals and had a direwolf. I made her personality like mine except she was more bolder than I am.
  2. A Phoenix Sorceress who was a femme fatale
  3. A Half-elf Fey Warlock Monk. I made her a shy, intelligent goth who is working for Sherlock (played by another person in our campaign and yes the character is based on Sherlock Holmes!)

I think my favorite was my Druid because I loved being able to turn into animals, but I am slowly loving my Warlock Monk as well since I really developed her as a character so I could get better at role-playing!

You can check out Adventure Rules article here!


Assassin’s Creed: Origins – A Journey Through Egypt

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I got Assassin’s Creed: Origins after it came out and also after enjoying Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. I really enjoyed the emotional story of this game! I also enjoyed exploring Egypt and seeing the pyramids!


The story revolves around Bayek the Medjay, a protector. Bayek’s son was murdered and he seeks revenge on those who murdered his son. The story is fantastic and keeps you hooked until it’s conclusion!

Changes from Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

  • Perception is done through an eagle that explores the area
  • A horse or camel that Bayek owns can be used to travel around the world as well as ships

I loved the use of an eagle to look around areas, I loved being able to control an eagle and see the world from an eagle’s perspective! I also loved being able to ride a horse or camel around town because I actually did horseback riding when I was younger! I never competed, but I enjoyed taking time to take care of horses and learn to ride them at a local barn.

 Favorite Moments

Meeting Cleopatra

Meeting Cleopatra was amazing! She was a fun character to interact with and I loved the scenes that she was in! The only time I stopped liking her was towards the end due to plot reasons that I will not spoil.

Meeting Caesar

I was also surprised that I was meeting Caesar in this game! I enjoyed being a part of his story! I was also surprised that I was part of a major historical moment that I will not spoil, but it was really interesting to see how the game twisted the story to fit with the plot of the game!

His depiction was interesting and I ended up not liking him at the end again for plot reasons! I made a joke to my friend during this revelation that I liked Caesar salad better than Caesar because I love corny jokes!

Bayek’s Character

I really enjoyed all of the interactions with Bayek and learning more about him as a person. I found him to have a great amount of both courage and honor. He also genuinely wants to help the people of Egypt.

What Makes This Game So Special?

This is something I will not spoil, but will only elude to so skip this section if you want to. This games takes place at the earliest timeline in the Assassin’s Creed series. A major reveal happens and I loved it! It changed how I saw the logo of the game and I loved that!

Journey Through Historical Egypt

I really enjoyed this game and how much it focused on one character’s personal journey! I also loved the emphasis on exploration with the questions marks on the map. I loved the side quests where I could help the people of Egypt.

Aya, Bayek’s wife, also had a couple of scenes that focuses on combat on ships. I struggled with this combat a bit, but I still enjoyed those little sections as well!

This game is fun for anyone who has wanted to see a depiction of Ancient Egypt or just wants an emotionally gripping story!

Have you played Assassin’s Creed: Origins? What did you think of the game?

Real Neat Blog Award Nomination

really-neat-blog award

I was nominated by the Real Neat Blog Award by Fitzy Game Time! I am so happy that this is my first Real Neat Blog Award and second blog award nomination! I am also happy that my blog is considered “neat” because I really do want to use my blog to talk about video games and why they are so special to me and other gamers! Thank you to Fitzy Game Time and you can check out a post I like of Fitzy’s here!


Fitzy noted the rules of the blog and I will do the same here! The rules are:

  1. Show the logo
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their blog
  3. Answer the questions
  4. Nominate 7-10 bloggers
  5. Ask them 7 questions

The scenario and questions I have are:


Scenario: You wake up to find yourself strapped to a cold metal table. You glance around and notice a lot of fancy technology but a bunch of stuff that bears a striking resemblance to video game consoles.  You see a bunch of moving things in the corner of your eye. They turn to look at you as you quickly look away from them. You spy a window and quickly realise that you are flying through space. Then it dawns on you, you’re aboard an alien spaceship.


1. From the darkness you hear the things conversing with each other. It sounds eerily similar to a made up language you’ve heard in a video game. What games language do they sound like?

The language that this being is speaking is Hylian from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD on the Wii U. I love the way the language sounds and I also love the writing system of the language!

2. One of the moving things starts shuffling towards you, as it gets closer you start to make out its shape. You can’t believe it but it’s a being that you know from video games. What is it, from which series and why does that particular being terrify you? 

A terrifying being would be a xenomorph from Alien: Isolation on the PC. I played that game and every time I played it that terrifying alien would appear in my dreams! I do not like that it cannot be killed and that it is super fast and quiet and can appear anywhere!

3. The being realises that it has startled you. It clicks a button and begins talking to you in English. It explains that a translator has been activated and that it can still sense your duress. It says it wishes to play a song for you, a song of your choosing from video games to help calm you down. Which video game song do you pick?

I pick “Somnus” from Final Fantasy XV on the PlayStation 4. That song has soothed me since I first picked up the game. My friend also learned it on the piano and plays it for me when I am anxious.

4. After you calmed down, the being clicks a button and you are released from the table. The being explains that it has been watching Earth for a long time and their race has a fascination with Earth’s video games. They wish to join Earth in its gaming culture and the being explains that they love local competitive video games. The being requests that the two of you play a friendly match together. It requests that you pick any game that has existed on any gaming system (PC included) but that the game must include alien races, as the beings find the exclusion to be upsetting to them. It doesn’t need to their species but something beyond Earth. The being suggests that if you win the game, it will show you around the ship. Realising that this may be your best chance to escape, what game do you pick that you feel confident in winning?

I do not play many competitive games so this one will be tricky. But, I do have one that does include an alien and I would be good at as long as it is on easy. I would pick Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch. The alien races in this games are Goombas and the Toads and Bowser looks alien enough! Super Mario Party would give me an advantage when it comes to the minigames because I know some of the minigames so I should be able to beat them in the minigames! I would also have an advantage of playing the game beforehand so I would know how to win the game.

5. After you win the match, the being praises you to all its fellow crew. They rejoice and hail you as Earth’s champion. The alien then requests you follow it around the ship. As you walk through the long corridors, you come across a wall of familiar weapons. On the wall is dozens upon dozens of weapons from video games. But, the weapons are half and half. The being explains that something went wrong and all the weapons were split in half and then merged with a random weapon. They all worked though and the beings liked the results so they kept them. Amongst the weapons you spot a weapon ideal for your current situation. You lunge for the weapon and proceed to go through with the act of escaping. What weapon fusion have you chosen and why? (For the sake of the following questions, it can’t be a weapon that would get you off the ship.)

The weapon is a fusion of the Monado from Xenoblade Chronicles 3D for the Nintendo 3DS and Bayonetta’s Scarborough Fair guns from Bayonetta for the Nintendo Switch. The Monado is a sword that can cut through robots so it would be powerful against the xenomorphs. Bayonetta’s Scarborough Fair weapons would be able to hurt the xenomorphs from a distance and they are magical so they should definitely be able to protect me from the xenomorphs!

6. After your altercation with the being, you make a dash in the opposite direction from where you woke. As you run you hear a blaring noise and realise that the alarm has been sounded. You enter a new room and before you you see an escape pod. You go to enter the shuttle but quickly realise that you best prepare yourself first. At the back of the room and spy a row of containers, each with a spacesuit. The beings have created fully functioning spacesuits from video games. Each one with the abilities of their video game counterparts and fully stocked with oxygen. How convenient, you think! Which spacesuit do you take and why?

The spacesuit I choose would look like Bayonetta’s. I love the costume design from the first Bayonetta for the Nintendo Switch. It looks comfortable and like it would be fun to wear! I also find it funny to imagine someone creating a spacesuit that has heels!

7. After suiting up, you enter the pod. Before you is a mouse, keyboard and a display screen. The screen prompts you to press the Esc button to launch the shuttle. So you do just that. The escape pod breaks away from the ship and hurtles through space. The screen prompts you to type in your destination. EARTH you type. ‘Insufficient fuel’ the screen unfortunately tells you. The display then prompts a list of choices for you in the vicinity. It details a bunch of prototype worlds that the beings had set up. Each world has been created to resemble a video game world and has Earth’s atmosphere implemented on it. On the list you spy a place that you recognise from your games and you decide that that *Blank* Planet  is ideal for you. What planet is it and why?

Oh this is a tough one! There are so many video game world I would love to visit! I think I’ll go with Skyrim from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch. This is my choice because the world is so vast I have yet to explore all of it! I am still playing through the game mainly focusing on side quests. I would choose this world because I would love to build a house there and try Sweet Rolls and explore the world and make friends with the various people of Skyrim. Plus, I would love to see a dragon! Although from a distance, not destroying whatever town I am living it! I find Skyrim to be so peaceful and sometimes like to play it when I am stressed because it calms me to be in a different world. I could easily imagine myself settling down in a house I build with a family and working in one of the villages!

Questions and Nominations

Scenario: You wake up to start your day going to school or work. Except this isn’t your bed and this room is not your room. On a closer inspection you do begin to notice that this room is familiar to you. You rise to get dressed and leave the room.


  1. You step outside to find out you are in the world of the game that you most recently played! What game would that be?
  2. An ally approaches you to help you find out how you were transported to this game. The problem is this ally happens to be the most annoying video game character you can think of. Who is it why are they so annoying to you?
  3. You and your ally venture out to find out why you have become trapped in another world. But, before you leave you need something to fight with? What weapon do you choose from a video game?
  4. After journeying for a while you come to a strange glitch. It seem that the last video game you played has turned into something terrifying. It has turned into the scariest video game you have played? What game would this be and why is it so terrifying?
  5. The person who transported you here is in this world. His motive is he wants to take over the human world by removing the humans from the human world and transporting them to various video game worlds. This villain is also the most powerful video game villain you can think of. Who is this villain?
  6. You’re really struggling to take down this villain and your annoying ally really is not helping things. At least they seem to be annoying the boss! They annoy him so much that you manage to sneak away while the boss is distracted and pick up an item that allows you to call another ally. Which ally do you really want on your side? Pick your favorite video game character that you think can take down this boss!
  7. After successfully defeating the boss, it is time to return home. You find the machine the boss built to transport humans to the video game worlds and you decide to destroy it after you set it up to return you home. But, first you decide to visit your favorite game from your childhood? What childhood game do you decide to visit? 

My nominees are:

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Thank you to Fitzy for my Neat Blog Award nomination!

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life – A Thrilling Conclusion to Kiryu’s Story

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I was so excited to play Yakuza 6 after beating Yakuza 0!  I wanted to see how Kiryu’s story would end!


The story starts out peacefully. Kiryu has returned home after serving time in prison. But, the girl he raised named Haruka is missing. After searching for Haruka and finding out that not only does she have a son, but someone is trying to kill her and her son, Kiryu goes on a journey to find the father of Haruka’s son and also find out who is after Haruka and her child!

Rock the Controller!

This was one of the funniest parts of the game! Because Kiryu is taking care of a small child, you do sometimes have to take the child out on walks and stop to comfort him. You have to physically rock the controller up and down and from side to side like you would an actual baby! I felt ridiculous rocking a PlayStation 4 controller, but I did manage to soothe the baby and maybe the controller felt soothed as well!

Cat Cafe

One of my favorite side quests! A man wants to own a cat cafe, but he does not actually have any cats because cats don’t like him. So Kiryu must feed stray cats and take them to the cat cafe. I loved helping stray cats! I also loved that you got to visit them and they would be happy to see you! You can also feed the cats at the cafe!

Spear Fishing

I loved the fishing side quest although I did not finish it! It was fun to explore the ocean and catch fish even thought the path was linear. I also loved that you could collect treasure and there was a big fish to fight and catch at the end!

Favorite Side Quests

I Hiji

This one was so creepy! It was like my worst nightmare imaging AI trying to take over the world! But, it was also funny that Kiryu finally gets a smart phone and now his smart phone has been invaded by intelligent AI! He was so confused!

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

I loved this movie so it was so cool to see it referenced in my favorite video game series! The side quest was entertaining and a treat to anyone who knew the movie it was referencing!

The Curse of Onomichi

This was a really cool and spooky side quest. The Yakuza games tend to be as realistic as possible so it was fun seeing ghosts in the game and fighting ghosts!

Oh No! It’s Ono Michio!

This one deserves a big heading because it is my top favorite moment in the game! This side quest had me crying from laughter and I loved telling my friend about what I was seeing!

So Kiryu is convinced by a desperate man to be a mascot and he has to be cute like a mascot so he has to say things like “oh no” and strike a cute pose! It was so funny seeing this tough character just say “oh no” especially when kids were hitting him! The other funny part was that one of the kids had a voice actor that was definitely not a child so he sounded much more grown up than the other children did!

My second favorite part was you have to do a talk show. One of the questions was what does Ono Michio like to eat? Now you are supposed to talk about ramen because he has a ramen hat on his head, but there was an answer you could pick about liking sexy women so I picked that! It was so funny seeing the kids and adults react to a child’s mascot saying something inappropriate!

Thrilling Conclusion

The story has many twists, my favorite was who Haruka’s father was and an unexpected betrayal that occurs withing the story that I will not spoil. I also will not spoil the ending but I did like the ending! The ending was not what I expected would happen, but I found it to be fitting for Kiryu’s character.

Yakuza 6: Fun For Everyone

I highly recommend playing the conclusion to the Yakuza games featuring Kiryu! There are so many fun things to do in the game like karaoke and the cat cafe. I also loved the story and some of the side quests!

Have you played Yakuza 6? What did you think of the game?

The Well-Red Mage’s The Christmage Collab

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. -Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

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The Well-Red Mage is doing a Christmas Collaboration post with other bloggers! It will be a fun way to count down until Christmas and I look forward to reading the posts! Check out the list here!