Adventure Rules’ Top Tabletop Characters

Luna from Gamers United asks: what character do I like to play the most in tabletops?

via Ranking My Tabletop Characters and Their Classes: A Charming and Open Top Five — Adventure Rules

Adventure Rules wrote an interesting article recently about his tabletop characters! I loved this article because I have started getting into tabletop games! My friend convinced me to try D&D a couple of years ago and I am currently on my second session! I have played three characters!

  1. A Druid who could turn into animals and had a direwolf. I made her personality like mine except she was more bolder than I am.
  2. A Phoenix Sorceress who was a femme fatale
  3. A Half-elf Fey Warlock Monk. I made her a shy, intelligent goth who is working for Sherlock (played by another person in our campaign and yes the character is based on Sherlock Holmes!)

I think my favorite was my Druid because I loved being able to turn into animals, but I am slowly loving my Warlock Monk as well since I really developed her as a character so I could get better at role-playing!

You can check out Adventure Rules article here!



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