Upon Completion’s Backlog Attack

With April just finishing, I’ve just completed my fourth game in Khinjarsi and mine’s backlog challenge. Read on, to see how I got on!

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Thero159 wrote for Until Completion about working through their backlog. They managed to finish Her Story. This post reminded me about trying to finish my own backlog. I am currently attempting to finish all of the Xenoblade Chronicles games I have.

I do love these games, but they are long open world games which is why I get distracted. I love the stories and the world building. Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 both take place on living beings with Xenoblade Chronicles 3D taking place on organic robots and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 taking place on Titans. Xenoblade Chronicles X is set on an alien planet which is also a really intriguing setting.

I have not been too successful because I get distracted by other games. I recently got distracted by Tales of Berseria and Oblivion which are both on the PC. It will take some time to get through the Xenoblade Chronicles games, but I am excited to finish them! Check out Thero159’s post on Until Completion here!

Stop Motion Films: Corpse Bride

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Corpse Bride was the first film that really got me interested in stop motion films! I first watched it around middle school so I would have been around 12. I have only seen a couple of films and one show that uses stop motion, but I wanted to discuss these films and show. Corpse Bride is still my favorite stop motion film!

This film started my love of stop motion because I was impressed by the aesthetic of the film and the Special Features section revealed the hard work that went into creating characters, scenes, and shots. It could take hours to do one scene.


Victor has an arranged marriage with Victoria who he ends up falling in love with. But, Victor is nervous and starts to make several mistakes during his wedding vows. He goes out into the forest to learn his vows, does them perfectly, and puts the ring on a branch which turns out to be Emily’s corpse. Emily is the corpse bride who takes him to the land of the dead and now he must escape the Land of the Dead to be with Victoria.


There are two main settings in the story: The Land of the Living and The Land of the Dead.

Land of the Living

The color schemes in this setting have a purposefully dull look to them with an emphasis on grey almost like a black and white film. This shows how the Land of the Living is dull and lifeless. The people are focused on behaving in a strict Victorian fashion and are not really living at all.

Land of the Dead

This world is colorful and vibrant with colors such as blue and green. This shows the the Land of the Dead is full of lively characters. Everyone is free to be themselves and have a fun time now that they are free from society’s rules.


The character design in this film is interesting because it changes depending on setting. The Land of the Living has characters with a simple color scheme of greys and blacks. The Land of the Dead has colorful characters who all have blue skin so it is easy to tell that they are dead or they are skeletons.

My favorite design is Emily’s wedding dress. I love the floral design, the long veil, and the delicate lace. She is also my favorite character. She is so sweet and caring. I related to her when I was a child because I felt misunderstood like her at the time.


I love the music in this film! I quickly memorized all of the lyrics since I watched it so many times when I was younger.

My favorite piano piece is “Victor’s Piano Solo” because I love how beautiful it is. It reminds me a bit of “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven. My favorite song in Corpse Bride is “Remains of the Day.” It tells Emily’s story with a big jazz number. I love the singing and the jazz instruments in this song!

Favorite Parts

  • “Victor’s Piano Solo” scene
  • “Remains of the Day’ scene
  • Scene where Victor sees his dog again
  • Emily dancing in the moonlight scene
  • Wedding Prep Scene in Land of the Dead
  • Wedding Scene
  • Finale

Why it Started My Love of Stop Motion

I was enthralled by the beauty of the scenes especially the scene where Emily dances in the moonlight and the finale. The lightning and design in this scenes impressed me. I was also impressed by the time and care that goes into making a stop motion film. Overall I think Corpse Bride is a beautiful film with an emotional story that still holds well today!

What is your favorite stop motion film? What did you think of Corpse Bride?


Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter everyone! This is just a short post wishing everyone a Happy Easter! I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday!  Every Easter my family gets together for Easter dinner.

I plan on watching the new Netflix show, Rilakkuma and Kaoru, because it looks adorable and I am a big fan of stop motion! My first stop motion film was Corpse Bride and ever since then I have been a fan of the hard work that goes into making stop motion!

I am also planning to play Xenoblade Chronicles 3D for the Nintendo 3DS and maybe Oblivion for the PC!

Let me know what you plan on doing this Easter and what are your Easter traditions!

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and Second Chances

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I got Xenoblade Chronciles 3D shortly after I got my new Nintendo 3DS XL which was in college. I did really enjoy the game, but I got stuck and eventually got frustrated. I decided to replay it after I got Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and now the game is much easier and more enjoyable!

What Caused the Problem?

The major issue was grinding. I was very under leveled and only beat Xord because the game bugged out and froze the boss! These games make grinding super easy, all you have to do is do the side quests. But, I was rushing to see the main plot and that left me under leveled and not prepared for anything.

These games also all involve strategy which I forgot about quickly. First you need to know how attacks will affect an enemy. You also need to pay attention to leveling up your skills and putting gems in equipment to make your equipment stronger.  I completely forgot that I was supposed to level up skills and that I could create gems! It was just me though, the game has a manual and tutorials that are built to help you if you get stuck!

How far did I get?

I stopped when I was supposed to rebuild Colony 6 because from there the side quests got so difficult because I was so under leveled that I really could not progress.

Second Chance

Taking the game slow is going so well. I love it so much more now! I love all the side quests and I love just taking the time to explore all of the areas in the game!

The game is not that hard when you try to understand it! Doing the side quests, leveling up your skills, and making sure you’re making gems that will help you makes the game so much easier.

Also I love the side quests because when I do them, I help the people in the colonies get along better! The games focuses on bonds so leveling up the bonds between the colonies and your party through quests or combat is crucial! I love that about the game!

How far am I now?

I am slowly getting to where I was. I beat Xor although it took 3 tries at the correct level! But, I realized I forgot to level up my skills before the fight so after I did that, he became much easier!

I have also completed all of the side quests that I could! I got introduced to adorable characters and fought some challenging optional bosses which were so much fun!

Second Chances

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D definitely deserved a second chance! When you take the time to play it and explore it, the game is so much more fun than rushing it! I am loving it so much more now that I am not rushing to finish the main plot of the game. Sometimes giving something a second chance is a great idea!

Have you ever given any games a second chance? Did you start enjoying the game the second time around?

LeeksEverywhere’s Guilty Pleasure Games

I’m sure I am not alone when I say that I have games in my collection that I am slightly embarrassed to say I have played at one point or another. I guess you could say they are more guilty pleasure games. When I started writing this post I was thinking more around games I […]

via Games I Don’t Tell People I’ve Played — LeeksEverywhere

LeeksEverywhere has a list of games that she usually doesn’t admit to playing. I also have games that I would not tell other gamers I have played. These are mainly PC games from my childhood. You can check out LeeksEveywhere’s list by clicking here!

Disney Games

My first venture into gaming was mainly Disney games. I loved them and enjoyed playing them! They were a lot of fun. My favorite out of all of them was definitely 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue. I would constantly play it on my PC when I was a child and have fond memories of the game!

Movie Games

These were all movie tie-in games that were not owned by Disney. My favorite from this list was Shark Tale. The PC version was so much fun and I remember loving that it had a music dancing video game because I got to listen to new music! I also loved the stealth missions in the game.

Pet Games

I never owned any pets besides fish so I had a ton of PC games dedicated to owning pets instead! I remember Petz 5 the most because I loved playing in the different environments and watching my pets grow up. I also loved that I could pick them up and pet them and give them treats!

Most Recent Guilty Pleasure Game

Nintendogs + Cats for the Nintendo 3DS. I always wanted to play one of these games as a kid, but at the time I did not have a Nintendo DS to play them. Now that I have the Nintendo 3DS, I got the game which now includes cats! I enjoy the game because it’s really cute! My version is the one with the Golden Retriever in it!

Let LeeksEverywhere know what your guilty pleasure games are!




Is Xenoblade Chronicles X Still Worth Playing in 2019?

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This is what I was thinking about when I was considering getting Xenoblade Chronicles X on my Wii U. I knew it was a massive open world game. I also knew there was an online component with Blades, but I did not have to participate in it if I did not want to because the game can be single player. I was interested in it since I have Xenoblade Chronicles 3D on the Nintendo 3DS and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the Nintendo Switch.

I decided to get it on Monday after I received a GameStop gift card for my birthday last week! So here are my impressions after spending some time with the game.


Humans had to escape earth after aliens attacked their ship. They land on a foreign planet and are trying to survive in the new planet and look for survivors. The Blades are responsible for helping with survival on Earth with 8 divisions.


I chose the Interceptor division because I thought it would be best for single player because it mainly involves fighting enemies and completing missions.

The other divisions range from exploration, to fighting, to collecting materials, to installing data probes, and helping with teamwork. This is where the multiplayer aspect comes in, but I have set my game currently to be as private as possible so I cannot comment on the multiplayer. I just like playing by myself since I am not used to playing multiplayer games and the game will easily let you play single player if you turn off social settings!

Character Customization

I loved that in this Xenoblade Chronicles game you can customize your character! You can choose how their face looks, the color of their hair, skin, and eyes, makeup, and their voice. I made my character have red hair with purple tips, purple eyes, black eye makeup that looks like a mask, and a warrior style voice.


I recommend reading the manual to better understand combat and the game in general, but so far it is fun! I like that you can target on different parts of enemies. I also love that you automatically get a ranged and a melee weapon so you can switch from fighting far away to fighting close.

The combat music is also really good! The music in general is great in this game! I also love exploring and fighting various enemies as you explore.

Things I Like

  • Character customization
  • The combat is fun and engaging
  • I love the various enemies I have seen especially since some enemies are huge and I cannot wait to fight them
  • The music is really great, I love the music style in this game
  • Massive world that should be really fun to explore
  • Learning about the story and progressing through the story

Minor Things I Noticed

  1. The disc version of the game which I have comes with free DLC to make it load faster. Getting all of the DLC packs took up a lot of space which I did not mind because I do not want to get any games online for the Wii U. These only make the game take less time to load and there is only one essential pack to get so only getting the essential pack will save up space on the Wii U.
  2. Miiverse is gone so Blade Reports are unavailable for new gamers such as myself. Since I am not a fan of multiplayer games, this does not bother me, but I do think it is worth mentioning to new players.

So Is It Worth Playing?

Definitely! It’s so much so far and I am only on Chapter 3! The game has been fun and engaging. I love the combat, I love that I can create my own character, I love the massive open world I can explore! I cannot wait to play more of this game!

Have you played Xenoblade Chronicles X? What did you think of the game?



Borderlands 3 Hype

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I am so excited that Borderlands 3 is coming out in September so I decided to do a Sunday mini hype post! I played Borderlands  on the PC a couple of years ago and loved it! I enjoy the fun story, the bosses, and the side quests in this game.

There is some current controversy surrounding Borderlands 3 being exclusive to the Epic Store for 6 months. This is resulting in the games getting negative reviews on Steam. This is unfortunate because it is causing the Borderlands series to have negative attention. I think Borderlands is a fun series even though I only played Borderlands 2 so I do encourage everyone to give the games a try if you haven’t played them yet regardless of the current controversy.

I am really excited for Borderlands 3 and I cannot wait to know more about the villains and the plot of the game! I am also looking forward to the humor and the fun side quests!

Are you excited for Borderlands 3? What games are you excited for this year?


The Elder Scrolls 25th Anniversary!

I am a new fan of The Elder Scrolls games. I first got Skyrim on my Switch last year and I just got Oblivion on my PC last weekend so I could play the previous games! This post is dedicated to why I love this series so far!



The theme in this game is amazing and really hyped me up to begin the game! Besides the theme, I love the soothing overworld theme that makes you feel like you are on a peaceful adventure. It calms me to hear the overworld theme as soon as the game loads!


Skyrim is full of mountains and beautiful cities. There are some snowy areas, but there are also beautiful houses next to water. I love finding the new houses in the game so I can live in the different environments in the game! I love having a house with a large backyard by a body of water like Lakeview Manor!


Character creation is detailed so not only can I choose the race of my character, I can also choose what they are going to look like. I spent several minutes figuring out what to make my Khajiit look like; her face, her marking, any earrings.

I also like that you can roleplay your character to be whoever you want them to be. The races help figure out roleplaying like a Khajiit tends to be sneaky so I know that my character would be stealth based. I also tried to play her as a chaotic good character so she mostly tries to do the right thing


Skyrim can be pretty much whatever you want it to be! It does have a main story to follow, but I also like just relaxing in the game. I remember saving up money to buy a horse by chopping wood for a while and I thoroughly enjoyed just relaxing and chopping up wood so I could buy a horse!

You can also choose a home to live in and have a family. I decided to get married in the gmae and get a house because I found an orphan in Whiterun named Lucia that really needed a home. I wanted her to have a good life so I went to find someone to marry and found a home with a children’s room so she could live a happy life. I also enjoy bringing her gifts and playing hide and seek with her so I know that she’s happy!


I love the quests in this game! I love that you can just walk around town and find quests. Currently I am trying to figure out what caused a fire to happen in Morthal. My favorite quest so far was “A Night to Remember” where I met Sam who was actually the daedric prince of debauchery. He told me to drink and my character blacked out and I had to find out everything that I did. He rewarded me for my troubles with the Sanguine Rose!



I also love the overworld music in this game! The music also soothes me and relaxes me while I play. The combat music is intense and really prepares you for a fight!


I love the lush green hills and the big cities so far. The game is older, but it still beautiful! It feels like you are in the countryside or like the landscapes in The Lord of the Rings.


Character creation is limited, but it is nice to have fewer options sometimes. This time I decided to play as a Redguard. I also decided to use lighter armor instead of heavier armor. I am also playing a sneak style character since I started with The Thieves Guild right away although I still need to finish all of the quests in the storyline.

Story so far

So far I have been exploring towns so I do not know much of the main quest. I was told to find Uriel Septim’s heir and give him an heirloom.


My favorite quest so far was Paranoia. I went to a town to find a specialist in Ninroot and was immediately greeted by an elf who told me that he was being followed. So I earnestly decided to help. I spoke with the person he told me to follow and she said that the elf was really nice but was following her. I then was approached by a guard who told me that the elf was crazy. I decided to go along with his scheme so I could report him to the guard. Well good thing I agreed because he was so paranoid he wanted to hurt the people he thought were following him! I reported him to the guard and that was the end of the paranoid elf!

I loved that the side quest could easily be done multiple ways especially if you believed him! I genuinely enjoyed how creative the quest was!

Happy Anniversary

I love this game series so far! I find the games to be relaxing and a joy to play! I love that you can roleplay as multiple characters and pick different choices. I also love that the games are filled with lore from dialogue or from reading books. It’s clear that a lot of thought went into the lore and story of these games! Overall, these games are a great way to relax and explore an expansive fantasy world!

Have you played any Elder Scrolls games? What do you think of the series?