Saints Row The Third and Saints Row IV: The Art of Crazy Fun

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I bought Saints Row The Third: The Full Package on the Nintendo Switch and Saints Row IV: Game of the Century Edition on Steam last weekend! Both of these games are really fun and they make me laugh and have a good time! They’re both just good games that help you relax and feel good.

Both Saints Rows Games

Character Customization

These games have the best character customization I have ever seen! Basically they literally let you be whomever you want. I also love that you can play as non binary characters because your sex does not constrict what your character wears or looks like. I chose to play a female character who wears feminine clothes, but you do not have to do that if you do not want to!

You can also choose your compliment, taunt, and voice that allows you to interact with NPCs or other players if you do co-op. There’s a unique voice option where you can spend the game playing as a zombie. While it was funny to see how the zombie talked in the customization menu, I went with a female voice.

Car Customization

Once you own a car in the game, whether it be driving it to a garage in Saints Row The Third or just simply pressing a button in Saints Row IV, you can customize them to suit how you want the car to look! You can make them faster, add spoilers or decals, and change the color or how the car looks. They also have radios with really fun music ranging from rap to rock to classical music.


The combat is these games is really funny. The combat consists of different weapons like typical guns or melee weapons. But, it can also have really crazy ones like Saints Row The Third on the Nintendo Switch gave me a weapon that allows me to summon sharks called Shark-O-Matic! I also have the Dubstep Gun which fights enemies with dubstep in Saints Row IV!

Saints Row The Third

Story So Far

After gaining fame and riches, The Saints decided to steal money from a rich bank. Their plan fails when the bank is owned by a powerful group called The Syndicate. The Syndicate takes away all their money and fame and they must fight back against the Syndicate

Funny Moments

  • The opening where I had to fly down on a parachute to save Shaundi.
  • Finding out that the AI cannot drive in this game. They are always getting into accidents and causing havoc such as cars exploding.
  • Hearing the zombie voice for the first time. I could not stop laughing!
  • Signing fan autographs on the street.
  • Seeing that the police in this game tend to cause more havoc than good. There have been times where I have seen the police attack other NPCs in cars because of car accidents.

Saints Row IV

Story So Far

After saving the United States from a nuclear bomb, you are now the President of the United States! You are also terrible at your job. Aliens come to Earth and decided to take over Steelport. They have trapped you in a simulation world and you have to get out and fight aliens to save your country.

Funny Moments

  • Disabling a nuclear bomb to “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith.
  • Being able to sign a bill called “Fuck Cancer”.
  • Nolan North is now the unique voice option instead of zombie.
  • The 50’s sitcom simulation where you walk around in an exaggerated happy walk.
  • Climbing my first huge tower in Steelport.

Simulation and Powers

This game is really enjoyable because Steelport is a simulation. Characters and cars will sometimes change to looking like they are simulated. The water is obviously fake and looks like it is simulated as well.

Because the world is fake, you can get super powers like running and jumping! This allows you to maneuver the world fast and finding data clusters allows you to unlock more powers.

Let’s Have Fun

Both of these games are really fun to play! They are filled with so much fun that I tend to spend time exploring the world and finding new cars or clothes. I have been distracted by how much fun I am having so I need to play through the story. But, if the side quests and the story that I have seen so far lets me know that Saints Row The Third: The Full Package  and Saints Row IV: Game of the Century Edition are going to be crazy, funny, and keep me entertained!

Have you played Saints Row The Third or Saints Row IV?

Childhood Games: Chicken Run

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I wanted to end on Chicken Run after my Stop Motion Series since this game is based on a stop motion film. I consider this one of my scariest childhood games because it is the only game I can remember scaring me as a child. If you’ve seen the film, it might sound odd since it’s not that scary. But, the game over screen was too scary for me when I was young!

This is also a game that I did not finish and the first game I’ve talked about here that I just did not like. When I got this game, I would have been around 6. I played this on the PC and struggled with it due to it being scared of it. Let’s take a look back at Chicken Run!

Plot and Design

The plot of this game follows the film so it’s basically about chickens trying to escape their farm before their turned into pies!

This game was primarily a stealth game which is why it was tricky for a small child. You had to sneak around enemies, lights, and try not to make any noise as you collected items. If you were caught, the items were returned and you had to go back and find them again.

You had a danger meter. The meter would change colors to indicate danger with green meaning safe and red meaning Danger, Run! There were also platforming sections and mini games to change up the gameplay.

Why I Didn’t Finish

Mainly because it scared me! When you get caught, the screen goes black, the enemy fills up the screen, and it plays intense music like you really messed up. Look up “Chicken Run game over” on YouTube and you’ll see why that was scary to me at 6! The worst was the dogs which were the most common enemy to get caught by because they would growl menacingly at you. Also the first time I played this, I remember it being dark outside which made the game overs much worse!

The other reason why was because it was tricky. I struggled to complete the levels before walkthroughs existed. Then, I hit a wall towards the end of the game where you had to complete mini games in the final game to prepare the chickens to escape such as collecting eggs from the chickens. I struggled to beat them in time due to being young and just could not beat the game.

Childhood Nightmares

I do actually remember being afraid to sleep after playing the game the first time because of the dog game over. I was so slow playing the game because I needed courage to play it! It seems funny now to be that scared of Chicken Run as a kid, but that game over still freaks me out a bit.

Would I recommend this game? I’m honestly not sure because I haven’t played it in at least 15 years. I would say fans of stealth might like it. Just don’t get caught because you do not want to see that game over screen or get your items taken away!

What games do you remembering scaring you as a kid? Let me know!


Siobhan’s Thoughts on Gaming Companions

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I enjoyed this post on companions by Siobhan!  My favorite companion is Trico from The Last Guardian! Trico needs to be trained and does not always listen so he may seem like a strange pick. But, I enjoyed his company and I liked that the more affection I gave him, the better he responded to my commands. I also loved having a pet as a companion and we got along well because I kept petting him and finding treats for him. Let Siobhan know what your favorite companions are here!

Managing Anxiety at Concerts

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I went to a concert this year to see a band I liked. I had not been to a concert in a long time because I got sick from going to an outdoors concert a few years ago because it was so hot outside. Now that I have been diagnosed with acid reflux, I was anxious about going to another concert because I was afraid of getting sick again.

But, I had a fun time at the concert without getting sick and I wanted to share some tips on how to manage concerts when you have anxiety like I do!

Bring a Friend

This is the most important rule for me! Going with someone made the concert really fun and helped me stay calm! I asked a friend to go who I am really close with and helps me with anxiety and panic attacks. Having them there helped me feel calmer and allowed me to enjoy the night with a close friend!

It does not matter if they know the band or not. My friend did not know anything about the band I saw and we still both had a good time!

Protect Your Ears

I brought headphones that were sound proof and had foam ear muffs. The foam helped my hearing because it made the noises at the concert at a perfect level so it did not hurt my ears. Make sure to bring ear plugs or headphones to protect your ears.

I would also note that you should take time to adjust to the bass. The bass at concert can feel uncomfortable at first because it thumps against your chest. But, you get used to the feeling especially when you’re surrounded by good company!

Don’t Get Too Close

It can be tempting to want to stand in the front, but you can get squished. It can also feel like it’s hard to breathe and the crowd tends to squish together really tight so you can feel like you are trapped.

This time I stayed in the back! This allowed me space to move around and to not be crowded. There were TV screens in the back so I could clearly see what was going on in the concert and I still had a good view anyways even though I was far away.

Wear Proper Clothes and Drink Water

When planning to go to a concert, make sure you wear clothes for the right weather! When I went to the concert, it was still cooler out so I had jacket on to stay warm, but I could also take it off if I got too warm since concerts can get hot.

Water is also important to drink so that you stay hydrated and cool while you are standing and listening to a concert for hours.

Hope these tips help you and leave any other tips you have about going to concerts in the comments!



Stop Motion Show: Rilakkuma and Kaoru

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Rilakkuma and Kaoru is the last stop motion entertainment I have watched that inspired me to start the series. The show is about Kaoru living in an apartment with Rilakkuma and his friends.


The show takes place in Japan mainly at Kaoru’s apartment or his job. The show highlights the beauty of Japan especially with a scene that had beautiful cherry blossom trees. It also shows Japanese culture such as festivals and food.


Kaoru is in her 30s working at a job that under pays her and lives with Rilakkuma, Kolirakkuma, and Kiiroitori. She is kind but struggling to find what she wants to do in life.

Rilakkuma is lazy and prefers to sleep. He also loves to eat. Kolirakkuma also loves to eat and loves to play. Kiiroitori is a bird that enjoys cleaning and is the most active out of Rilakkuma’s friends.

Episode Format

I genuinely enjoy how the episodes are set up. I watched it with English subtitles. It would start off with a Japanese title that I could not read and the whole episode would focus on the theme of that title with the title reappearing with English subtitles at the end of the show.

An example would be an episode revolving around jobs. The episode showed the title in Japanese and then the episode showing Rilakkuma and his friends trying to find a job to help Kaoru. “It’s enough to do what you can in return” was the title of the show that was not revealed until the end of the episode.

Favorite Episodes

  • “Cherry Blossom” for the gorgeous cherry blossom scenes
  • “Fireworks” which highlights that it’s okay to have periods of indecisiveness.
  • “Getting a Job” which shows the animals trying to help Kaoru out
  • “Hawaii” which was a cute episode where Kaoru wants to go to Hawaii so her Rilakkuma and his friends recreate Hawaii and become famous from her filming them
  • “Moving out” where the animals must move out and it has an adorable picture book scene

A Beary Good Show

I loved this series! The show is adorable with adorable short intros like Kolirakkuma playing with a toy. The show is also perfect for adults and kids! Kids will love the cute animals where adults will appreciate Kaoru’s struggles being an adult and wanting to have a good job and find someone to be with.

The animation is beautiful! Rilakkuma, Kolirakkuma, and Kiiroitori  look like real stuffed animals. Their fur appears to be soft and built like a stuffed animal’s fake fur. Some scenes were beautifully animated like the cherry blossom scene when the leaves started to fall.

The show was also funny with scenes that made me laugh like when Kiiroitori fought against mushrooms that were growing in the apartment.
Overall, I  highly recommend this series because it can be enjoyed no matter what age you are and it puts a smile on your face whenever you watch it!

Have you watched Kolirakkuma and Kaoru? What do you think of the show/

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Stop Motion Films: The Nightmare Before Christmas

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I watched this on ABC Family before it became Freeform a few years ago and I loved the film and bought the Blu Ray for it! It is my second favorite stop motion film after Corpse Bride.


Jack Skellington, The Pumpkin King, is tired of doing the same job every year. He accidentally stumbles upon Christmas Town and after that he wants to take over Christmas for a year!


The setting is a mix of horror and Christmas. Halloween Town is dark and has creepy characters like Oogie Boogie Man. Christmas Town has bright colors with adorable characters such as elves with rosy cheeks.

Favorite Character

Sally. I love how creative she is and how she refuses to be locked in a tower with Doctor Finklestein. She is in love with Jack and genuinely tries to help him stop making foolish decisions.


I also love the music in this film! My favorite song is “This is Halloween” because it is a fun introduction to the film. I also love the singing and the orchestral tracks.

Favorite Parts

  •  Intro
  • Seeing Christmas Town for the first time
  • “Poor Jack”
  • “Oogie Boogie’s Song”

“I Am Jack, The Pumpkin King!”

I love this film! I love how the characters are designed and how much detail was put into the settings in the film. I love watching this film on Halloween, but I also think it is appropriate for Christmas!

What do you think of this film? Do you watch this film on Halloween or Christmas, or both days?