Virtual Bastion’s Nintendo Memories

With #NintendoSeptember coming to a close, it’s fitting that we should round things out with our favorite Nintendo memories. Since my days with the magical, gray block that was called the Nintendo Entertainment System, I’ve racked up quite a few of them, from playing pass-the-controller with my siblings as we valiantly tried to conquer Super […]

via A Trio of Favorite Nintendo Memories — VIRTUAL BASTION

Virtual Bastion listed their favorite memories in this post for #NintendoSeptember. I enjoyed this idea of listing some favorite memories so I will also share some of mine.

My favorite memories are:

  • Playing Majora’s Mask and Super Smash Bros with my brother while we were on vacation because the hotel had a N64.
  • Playing Pokemon FireRed on the GameBoy Advance and catching Pikachu and loving Charmander’s adorable sprite.
  • Buying a Nintendo 3Ds in college and playing Pokemon Y.
  • Exploring the sea on WindWaker HD for the WiiU.
  • Hearing “Jump Up, Super Star” while going through the pipes in New Donk City in Super Mario Odyssey on the Switch.

Check out Virtual Bastion’s post by clicking on the link here and let them know your favorite Nintendo memories!

Trying Board Games With Friends: Bargain Quest and Kodama: The Tree Spirits

playing cards on monopoly board
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My friends really like board games and I really wanted to give them a try! I am only familiar with the popular board games like Scrabble, Monopoly, Clue, and Life. I wanted to learn more about different board games and I got to play two with my friends!

Bargain Quest

Bargain Quest is a really interesting game where you play as a merchant selling armor to heroes who will fight three monsters. The winner has the most victory coins and money by the end of the game! I loved the twist of you being the merchant instead of the hero!

The board consists of a merchant shop where you have a display case where you can place one card that will attract a hero to your shop. Heroes have classes and the class of the hero must match the class of the item on the display case for them to visit your store. Once they visit your store, you can sell them your items as long as they have enough money and the items are the same class as your hero.

After that, the hero goes to battle with the monster. There are three stages of monsters in the game. They must have a higher attack and defense than the monster to both attack the monster and survive. A lower attack means no damage and a lower defense means the hero dies. The amount of times the monster needs to be attacked corresponds to how many people are playing the game. But, there is one more thing! You draw a situation card that affects your character like maybe their attack might increase or maybe nothing will happen. You can also buy cards with the money you earn that might help your character’s attack and defense.

I enjoyed being a merchant. I also enjoyed the art of the game because it has a cartoony art style! It was just a fun and light-hearted game. I would love to play the game again because it is so much fun selling to heroes and seeing how they do in battle with the items you gave them!

Kodama: The Tree Spirits.

This game is also really interesting because there’s no fighting or action involved. It is simply about building a tree for Kodama to live on.

You pick your trunk card and have to build branches from the trunk card. Branches must not overlap and branches can only contain a max of 10 points. Once a branch reaches 10, you need to start making new branches to build off of. Scoring comes from how many similar elements are on a branch like 2 caterpillars on a branch.

Scoring is divided into 4 seasons which each season having a different effect like mushrooms and flowers have the same score points so you can have a branch with mushrooms and connect that to a branch with flowers. Season scoring happens after every 4 turns.

You also get 4 Kodama to help you with scoring. At the end of each season, you pick a Kodama which affects scoring such as adding bonus points for how many branches are touching the trunk.

I loved how calming this was! I also loved that every 50 points, you got a Kodama to hang from your tree! The art style reminded me of Princess Mononoke especially the Kodama!

Thoughts on Board Games

I love how diverse board games are so far in terms of story and design! I am interested in playing more board games and seeing the different rules and strategy for the games!

Bargain Quest was fun because it involved a lot of strategy with making sure I had the right items that would help the heroes and me make money! Plus you could give the heroes fake items to make money off of if you really wanted to which was also funny!

Kodama: The Tree Spirits was relaxing! I enjoyed building a tree and trying to earn as much points as possible. It was nice to just spend time building a tree and making it look unique.

I loved the art for both games. I am interested in seeing more board game art because I love the different art styles! As for how I did, I did end up getting the lowest score for both games, but that did not matter to me because I was having so much fun! I hope to play more board games in the future!

What is your favorite board game?

First Time With Vampire: The Masquerade TTRPG!

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Vampire is a TTRPG where you play as different vampire clans. The game relies heavily on story and is based in real life settings. Instead of being in a fantasy world like D&D, you’re usually playing in a darker version of a city like Los Angeles. The game is very different from D&D so it takes time to get used to, but it is fun to play as a vampire.


The setting the GM picked is at a local college that most of the party went to so we are familiar with the area. The game only takes place at night since vampires can not be exposed to sunlight. Also the setting is slightly altered because my character owns a nightclub in the area called “Love Bites” (A Halestorm song reference)!

Character Design

Our characters our ourselves so the premise is that our vampire clans are based on how our personalities would change as vampires. Our characters are also only about a year old as vampires so we still remember being human and have some traits left over from when we were human.

My Design

I chose a Malkavian. Malkavians are able to see the future, but are also plagued by voices and hallucinations. This makes the Malkavians insane. I chose this vampire clan because I have a type A personality so I follow rules and I try to work really hard at everything I do. A Malkavian would not care about living so strictly so I figured it would be fun to play the opposite of myself! I also made her flirty since she is the head of a nightclub that she uses to get blood.

My character excels and intimidation and seduction. She is also good at brawling. She lacks willpower which means that she is impulsive. My character could Cloud Memory so people would forget the last few minutes. she can use Dementation so the person would become agitated, she has Silence of Death which makes her silent, and she had Awe which made people basically in Awe of her.

Story So Far

The party was summoned by The Prince, the leader of the Camarilla who maintains the vampire clans so vampires abide by rules so they can stay hidden from humanity, when I had a vision with butterflies, fires, and graves that showed the clans and the party’s names on them. We were put on a mission to find out what the vision meant. After searching around libraries while my character caused chaos, we found that the vision meant that bad things would happen followed by good. After we reported back to the Prince, an explosion happened outside of the building and we had to escape!

Upgrades to my Character

My character can now Rewire Memory so she can put memories into other people heads. I did a special Carna Reimagined Bond where I can choose who will become close with me and that bond will strengthen over time. Carna is part of a loresheet that you can use to create unique powers. Carna is part of the Anarchs, after breaking away from the Tremere because she saw them as misogynistic, and is against the Blood Bond that is used to make people enthralled by vampires if they drink a vampire’s blood. I also made my character more stealthy since she tends to cause trouble!

Overall, I highly recommend giving Vampire: The Masquerade a try because it is so much fun! I enjoyed the story and playing my character and I am excited to see more of the story!

Have you played the Vampire: The Masquerade TTRPG? What did you think of it?

Real Neat Blog Award!



Thank you to AK from Everything is bad for you for this Real Neat Blog award! AK has been reviewing the Cop Craft anime and you can find his latest review here!

The Questions

What’s your favorite game genre?

My favorite video game genre is RPGS especially JRPGS. I love the stories, the world that I can explore, and I do like when I am exploring the game with a party that I can interact with!

Is there a game genre you will never touch, no matter how much praise a game in that genre might receive? What puts you off about it?

I have not played a visual novel yet only because I would like to take part in the story instead of reading it. I do like to read, but I like an active part in video games where I can walk around, battle, and interact with the world around me. That’s not to say that I think visual novels are bad games, they just are not my type of game!

What’s your favorite controller?

I think my favorite controller is the Nintendo Switch JoyCons just because I like that they are versatile! They can be separated from the Switch and can be turned into a controller. They can also be used for multiplayer with friends where one person gets one JoyCon and the other person gets the other JoyCon. I just love how flexible the controller is!

What’s your least favorite controller?

Definitely the Wii controller! I tried it once after I got my Wii U so I could play Skyward Sword on the Wii U. Pointing the Wii remote at the screen to control it was not easy because the Wii remote had to be calibrated and you have to hold it straight so it can be picked up by the sensor but, it is really sensitive to movement which made the Wii remote difficult to control. Also, the nunchuck that came with it was broken because I bought them used at my local game store so it did not work and I could not make Link move. I ended up returning it and the game to my local game store and definitely do not want to try a Wii again!

What game would you like to see get a full-scale remake? Complete with any updated graphics, features, and game mechanics you’d like.

I would love to see an updated Ghost Master game. There was only one made in 2003 and I played it when I was a kid and played it again on Steam. I would love to see how the game would look updated and also what features they could add like maybe extra levels or more ghosts to collect!

How do you approach difficulty levels in games that offer that option? Do you like to jump into the deep end right away or take a more measured approach?

I tend to approach difficulty by choosing easy mode whenever I can. I just like to enjoy the story and want to relax.

How do you feel about the “casual/story mode” difficulty levels that are easier than the standard easy mode? Is there any situation in which you’d play a game in that mode?

I generally do not take this mode despite liking easy mode just because I like a bit of a challenge. Story mode usually would make the game a bit too easy. But, if the game was known to be notoriously difficult even on easy mode I would probably choose story mode.

My Questions

  1. What do you think about games that are designed to be difficult such as Dark Souls?
  2. What are your thoughts about lootboxes and the lootbox controversy in games?
  3. What do you think about games that have controversy leading up their release such as Borderlands 3? Would you still consider playing a game despite the controversies surrounding it?
  4. What game would you like to made into a TV show or movie like The Witcher?
  5. What game music would you like to be seen turned into a live concert such as the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra?
  6. What video game do you find the most comforting?
  7. what is your favorite part about the blogging community?

My Nominations

Thank you AK for the nomination!

AmbiGaming and Nostalgia

Nostalgia and games. Made for each other…?

via Games “Back Then”: The Benefits of Nostalgic Thinking — AmbiGaming

I saw this post from Athena from AmbiGaming and had to share it! Nostalgia is an intriguing concept. I have felt nostalgia when playing childhood games again. An example would be my Vita reuniting me with one of my favorite childhood games, The Emperor’s New Groove. It made me so happy to play my favorite game again. I remembered fond memories such as playing this game when I got home from school. I also used to occasionally play the game with brother. I did not realize how difficult the game could be was so apparently childhood me was much better at games then I am now! It can be nice to play old games and just remember being a kid. Check out AmbiGaming’s post on Nostalgia by clicking here!

Bayonetta and Embracing Femininity

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Bayonetta is one of my favorite characters of all time! She is my favorite character because I like how she is an extremely powerful witch who is also very feminine. I like that she takes on enemies wearing high heels and pokes fun at her enemies. She reminds me that being feminine is a strength.

Bayonetta as a Character

Bayonetta is an Umbran witch. In the first game she is trying to uncover her past. In the second game, she is trying to save her friend, Jeanne, from the Gates of Hell. Bayonetta wears a skin-tight body suit with high heels that have guns attached to them. She is known not only for her signature outfit, but also for being a feminine and sexy character. She does dances when she summons monsters to help her. She makes jokes about “pillow talk” when fighting one of the bosses.

Her character has gotten some critique for how she dresses and acts sexually, such as from Feminist Frequency’s video “Lingerie is Not Armor”. In this video Anita Sarkeesian describes how Bayonetta’s sexuality is supposed to be seen as empowering, but the target audience is a straight male so it is not actually empowering and she is being sexualized.

I do not see Bayonetta’s empowering sexuality to be a bad thing. While I understand that her character is sexy, I do not really see her as being sexualized. It’s how she owns her femininity and her looks. Bayonetta as a character wants to be seen as sexy. She wants the camera to look at her when she moves around. She enjoys being the center of attention and showing off how confident she is in her moves and strength. Her sexuality is part of her character and cannot be separated from her. Her sexuality also gives her power because she uses it to take down her enemies. She is both feminine and strong.

An example of a character that is sexualized that Anita Sarkessian brings up is Quiet. I see her as being sexualized because she isn’t dressing sexy because she wants to. She does it because she breathes through her skin. This allows the developer to sexualize her character and pass it off through this odd logic. I also noticed in this scene that the player is free to use the camera to stare at her body because Quiet is locked in a cage.   Bayonetta’s character is sexy and confident, Quiet has been forced to dress a certain way due to story elements and she is being sexualized by the player.

My Journey with Femininity

I always liked dressing in feminine clothes, but there were some things I did not want to do at first. When I was younger, I did not like wearing makeup or wearing revealing clothes. I felt that those were aspects of femininity that girls were being forced to do. So, I decided to not do it.

But, as I have gotten older, I have grown to love more feminine things. Makeup is super fun to play with! I just love taking the time to match my eyeshadow with my outfit. Or maybe add a nice red lipstick to make me feel bold and confident! Makeup has become like art to me. I am wearing it for myself and to make myself feel great, not for anyone else. If I want to have orange and red eyes so I look like a Pheonix, then I will do so.

I also do not mind wearing more revealing clothes. It feels better when I am wearing it to make myself feel good and I feel comfortable. So what if the top is backless? It provides me comfort when it’s cold out, but I do not want to overheat with a full sweater.

So that’s what I have found when it comes to my femininity or femininity in general. It’s all about you! Whatever makes you happy and comfortable, do it! If you want to wear makeup one day and not the next, do it! It’s your body so wear whatever makes you happy and don’t take pressure from others on what you should or should not be doing!

What Bayonetta Can Teach Us About Femininity

She teaches us that it’s not a bad thing at all to be super feminine if you want to be. She also teaches us that femininity can be a strength since she can still kick ass in heels! There’s nothing wrong with being too little or super feminine. What matters is that you’re happy and you’re dressing and acting in ways that make you happy! I do not mind that Bayonetta is portrayed as sexy because that’s how she shows her confidence. I like that she knows who she is and she is confident in her abilities!

What do you think of Bayonetta as a character?

This is art, not real life’s Analysis of Futaba and Mental Health

This article contains significant plot spoilers for Persona 5 Persona 5 is a game that I have quite a bit to say about. In the pipeline I am planning on publishing articles giving my impressions on the game as well as a deep dives into how they explore concepts of identity. I have not yet completed […]

via Mental Health in Video Games: Persona 5 — This is art, not real life.

Aaron from This is art, not real life wrote this thoughtful post on Futaba’s Palace in Persona 5. This was one of my favorite Palaces in the game because Futaba wants to change herself. I enjoyed how Aaron analyzed mental health in video games and looking forward to reading more posts on metal health in video games from him! Read the post here!