AmbiGaming and Nostalgia

Nostalgia and games. Made for each other…?

via Games “Back Then”: The Benefits of Nostalgic Thinking — AmbiGaming

I saw this post from Athena from AmbiGaming and had to share it! Nostalgia is an intriguing concept. I have felt nostalgia when playing childhood games again. An example would be my Vita reuniting me with one of my favorite childhood games, The Emperor’s New Groove. It made me so happy to play my favorite game again. I remembered fond memories such as playing this game when I got home from school. I also used to occasionally play the game with brother. I did not realize how difficult the game could be was so apparently childhood me was much better at games then I am now! It can be nice to play old games and just remember being a kid. Check out AmbiGaming’s post on Nostalgia by clicking here!

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