First Time With Vampire: The Masquerade TTRPG!

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Vampire is a TTRPG where you play as different vampire clans. The game relies heavily on story and is based in real life settings. Instead of being in a fantasy world like D&D, you’re usually playing in a darker version of a city like Los Angeles. The game is very different from D&D so it takes time to get used to, but it is fun to play as a vampire.


The setting the GM picked is at a local college that most of the party went to so we are familiar with the area. The game only takes place at night since vampires can not be exposed to sunlight. Also the setting is slightly altered because my character owns a nightclub in the area called “Love Bites” (A Halestorm song reference)!

Character Design

Our characters our ourselves so the premise is that our vampire clans are based on how our personalities would change as vampires. Our characters are also only about a year old as vampires so we still remember being human and have some traits left over from when we were human.

My Design

I chose a Malkavian. Malkavians are able to see the future, but are also plagued by voices and hallucinations. This makes the Malkavians insane. I chose this vampire clan because I have a type A personality so I follow rules and I try to work really hard at everything I do. A Malkavian would not care about living so strictly so I figured it would be fun to play the opposite of myself! I also made her flirty since she is the head of a nightclub that she uses to get blood.

My character excels and intimidation and seduction. She is also good at brawling. She lacks willpower which means that she is impulsive. My character could Cloud Memory so people would forget the last few minutes. she can use Dementation so the person would become agitated, she has Silence of Death which makes her silent, and she had Awe which made people basically in Awe of her.

Story So Far

The party was summoned by The Prince, the leader of the Camarilla who maintains the vampire clans so vampires abide by rules so they can stay hidden from humanity, when I had a vision with butterflies, fires, and graves that showed the clans and the party’s names on them. We were put on a mission to find out what the vision meant. After searching around libraries while my character caused chaos, we found that the vision meant that bad things would happen followed by good. After we reported back to the Prince, an explosion happened outside of the building and we had to escape!

Upgrades to my Character

My character can now Rewire Memory so she can put memories into other people heads. I did a special Carna Reimagined Bond where I can choose who will become close with me and that bond will strengthen over time. Carna is part of a loresheet that you can use to create unique powers. Carna is part of the Anarchs, after breaking away from the Tremere because she saw them as misogynistic, and is against the Blood Bond that is used to make people enthralled by vampires if they drink a vampire’s blood. I also made my character more stealthy since she tends to cause trouble!

Overall, I highly recommend giving Vampire: The Masquerade a try because it is so much fun! I enjoyed the story and playing my character and I am excited to see more of the story!

Have you played the Vampire: The Masquerade TTRPG? What did you think of it?

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