Later Levels’ Lessons From Video Games On Self-Care

Pushing forward with the main quest and levelling up, while getting distracted by side-missions and conversations with non-player characters (NPCs) along the way. Am I talking about an RPG or real-life here? Things can get pretty hectic in both the digital and physical world, and sometimes it’s important to take time out for yourself. Self-care […]

via Self-care ideas from video games — Later Levels

I love this post by Kim from Later Levels that focuses on self-care! I have anxiety so I try to practice self-care to keep myself calm. Combining self-care with video games is a really fun topic! I love doing several of these things like reading a book, hanging out with friends, and talking with friends really helps me with stress. Read Kim’s post here and let her know some of the self-care ideas you’ve learned from video games.

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