Community Collab: Video Game Literary Classics 101: Okami — A Cat’s Library

My dear friend Angie of tossed out this challenge to the WordPress Gaming Community. The mission: It’s the year 2050. You are an educator in a high school teaching Video Game Literary Classics 101. You are teaching some of the greatest video game classics of all time to your students. We needed to choose […]

via Community Collab: Video Game Literary Classics 101: Okami — A Cat’s Library

A Cat’s Library wrote a wonderful post analyzing Okami. I played it on the PlayStation 4 and I adored this game! I enjoyed learning more about the art style and the characters featured in the game. I also did not know that Okami means both wolf and god! Read the post here and learn more about this amazing game!


Meghan Plays Games Examines Ocarina of Time

Foreword This article was written as a part of a Community Colab, by Angie @ Backlog Crusader called “Video Game Literary Classics 101.” You can find her original post here. This write up will be a bit more formal/essay-like in structure, in order to explore the question “Which video game title(s) would you choose for literary […]

via The Philosophy of Ocarina of Time — Meghan Plays Games

Megan Plays Games wrote a fantastic post that closely looks at the major themes in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I really enjoyed her analysis! I played the game for the first time in college on my Nintendo 3DS and I did not really think of how much emphasis there was on childhood and growing up. I could not have played the game at a better time considering I was transitioning to adulthood in college! Check out Megan Plays Games post here and enjoy her analysis of The Legend of Zelda; Ocarina of Time!

Siobhan’s Thoughts on Gaming Companions

I have recently started playing Fallout 4, I’ve only played the beginning of the third Fallout and just didn’t get on with it. I don’t know why…but anyway. I have really gotten into Fallout 4, which is no surprise as I absolutely adore Bethesda’s other open world adventure, Skyrim. The one thing that has surprised […]

via Companions in Games: Help or Hindrance? —

I enjoyed this post on companions by Siobhan!  My favorite companion is Trico from The Last Guardian! Trico needs to be trained and does not always listen so he may seem like a strange pick. But, I enjoyed his company and I liked that the more affection I gave him, the better he responded to my commands. I also loved having a pet as a companion and we got along well because I kept petting him and finding treats for him. Let Siobhan know what your favorite companions are here!

Double Jump’s Favorite Game Boy Color Games

Happy Friday everyone! Being the 30th anniversary of the Game Boy, this week I dug into my bucket of handheld games from ages ago to find my modest collection of Game Boy Color games. Here are some of my favorites! Disney’s Tarzan When my parents — rather, =the Easter Bunny — surprised me with a […]

via Friday Favorites: Game Boy Color Games — Double Jump

Kris from Double Jump discusses her favorite Game Boy Color games! My favorite games were Robopon: Sun Version and Tom and Jerry: Mouse Hunt. Check out the article here and let her know what your favorite Game Boy Color games are!

Upon Completion’s Backlog Attack

With April just finishing, I’ve just completed my fourth game in Khinjarsi and mine’s backlog challenge. Read on, to see how I got on!

via Backlog Attack- April Challenge Update. — Upon Completion

Thero159 wrote for Until Completion about working through their backlog. They managed to finish Her Story. This post reminded me about trying to finish my own backlog. I am currently attempting to finish all of the Xenoblade Chronicles games I have.

I do love these games, but they are long open world games which is why I get distracted. I love the stories and the world building. Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 both take place on living beings with Xenoblade Chronicles 3D taking place on organic robots and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 taking place on Titans. Xenoblade Chronicles X is set on an alien planet which is also a really intriguing setting.

I have not been too successful because I get distracted by other games. I recently got distracted by Tales of Berseria and Oblivion which are both on the PC. It will take some time to get through the Xenoblade Chronicles games, but I am excited to finish them! Check out Thero159’s post on Until Completion here!

LeeksEverywhere’s Guilty Pleasure Games

I’m sure I am not alone when I say that I have games in my collection that I am slightly embarrassed to say I have played at one point or another. I guess you could say they are more guilty pleasure games. When I started writing this post I was thinking more around games I […]

via Games I Don’t Tell People I’ve Played — LeeksEverywhere

LeeksEverywhere has a list of games that she usually doesn’t admit to playing. I also have games that I would not tell other gamers I have played. These are mainly PC games from my childhood. You can check out LeeksEveywhere’s list by clicking here!

Disney Games

My first venture into gaming was mainly Disney games. I loved them and enjoyed playing them! They were a lot of fun. My favorite out of all of them was definitely 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue. I would constantly play it on my PC when I was a child and have fond memories of the game!

Movie Games

These were all movie tie-in games that were not owned by Disney. My favorite from this list was Shark Tale. The PC version was so much fun and I remember loving that it had a music dancing video game because I got to listen to new music! I also loved the stealth missions in the game.

Pet Games

I never owned any pets besides fish so I had a ton of PC games dedicated to owning pets instead! I remember Petz 5 the most because I loved playing in the different environments and watching my pets grow up. I also loved that I could pick them up and pet them and give them treats!

Most Recent Guilty Pleasure Game

Nintendogs + Cats for the Nintendo 3DS. I always wanted to play one of these games as a kid, but at the time I did not have a Nintendo DS to play them. Now that I have the Nintendo 3DS, I got the game which now includes cats! I enjoy the game because it’s really cute! My version is the one with the Golden Retriever in it!

Let LeeksEverywhere know what your guilty pleasure games are!




OverThinker Y’s Thoughts on Skyrim’s Popularity

I first picked up Skyrim on the day it came out: November 11th, 2011. I remember ‘cos there was that super badass advert with the ‘huh, hoh, hwaaaaah‘, and at the end the 11-11-11 turned sideways and turned into SKYRIM and it was awesome. (Note, having gone and looked for that trailer: I may have […]

via The Enduring Success of Skyrim: All Things to All People? — OverThinker Y

Chris from OverThinker Y wrote about how Skyrim is successful and discusses how people play the game! Skyrim is a game that is extremely popular! When I started getting back into gaming in college, I kept hearing how I should play it. When I received the Switch and Skyrim was announced I decided it was finally time to try the game out!

As for how I am playing, I am actually playing it exactly how Chris first played it. I am attempting to do everything. That’s why it’s taking me so long to play the game because I go to towns and do all the side quests and I have barely even touched the main story!

I did some minor roleplaying with my character where I choose a name that sounded like it would be from the Khajiit, Do’ Aziraya. I did imagine her personality so I would know what choices to pick in quests. She is a warrior that does use stealth and she has a loving wife and family. I decided that she would fall in love with Aela after training to be a member of the Companions and that she adopted one child who she met on the streets and another child who was in an abusive orphanage.

Generally my character is chaotic good so she tends to try to make good decisions, but she can just be completely chaotic in both choices and combat.

Read the article here and let Chris know how you play Skyrim!