Living for Now’s Favorite Game Places

Have you ever loved a place so much that it’s addictive? Well, that was me with the Tower of London a while back. And Laura with New York. And now computer game worlds are so immersive, they’re revealing themselves to have the same effect! So here are some of my personal favourite places in gaming.…

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I loved this article from Living For Now! Some of my favorite places are: Altissia in Final Fantasy XV because I loved that the city had canals and reminded me of Italy, Eryth Sea in Xenoblade Chronicles due to the beautiful sea and night sky,  and Persona 5’s Shibuya because I’ve always wanted to see Japan and I got to see it in this game! Check out the article here and let Amy know what your favorite places in games are!

Later Levels’ Thoughts on Odd Couples in Video Games

It’s Valentine’s Day, and gamers all over the country will be putting down their controllers in favour of red roses, soft music and candlelit dinners for two. But there’s no reason why video games can’t feature on this day of love for some of the most emotional stories ever known have been told through the […]

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Kim from Later Levels had some great points on why some of these couples just are not a good match! The weirdest one was The House of the Dead! I have no idea who thought that was a good idea to match those two in the first place, but that was a terrible idea! I also agree with Matt and Emily in Until Dawn because Emily was really bossy while Matt was more easy going. That would never work in real life! As for my own experiences, I’ve been thinking and honestly the couples that are in my video games do tend to go well together. Let Kim know here what couples in video games did you think made no sense together!

In Third Person’s Playing Multiple Games

From what I gather, Luigi’s Mansion 3 isn’t a particularly long game. And yet here I am, having owned it since launch, still just a fraction of the way through it. A lot of things arose in the last few months that got in the way. Running the Extra Life marathon. The holidays. Writing for […]

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In Jett’s post, he talks about his backlog and playing more than one game at once. I also have a backlog, but I am doing things a bit differently. Jett decided to get rid of most of his backlog while I do still have games to play, but I did trade some games in if I knew I was not going to play them. I have not picked up Luigi’s Mansion 3 as I still want to finish the first game. But, I am juggling Tokyo Mirage Sessions for the Nintendo Switch and Xenoblade Chronicles 3D for the 3DS. I have been trying to finish Xenoblade Chronicles 3D for a while and decided to try again after I heard news of the Switch port. I will not be getting the Switch port because I have 60 hours into Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and that’s just halfway through the game. It is really long! Let Jett know what games you have been playing and about the state of your backlog here!

McKenna Talks About Games’s Favorite Things in Games

When I first started planning out this series, it was intended to be one post. But I kept thinking of more and more things that could fit in it, and I decided I was going to need a few posts – and the list could get longer as I play more games. So I’ll call […]

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I loved this post by Mckenna and I am looking forward to part 2! It’s fun to think of the little things you like in games! I do also like looking at auroras in video games because I like looking at night skies in video games! I have always loved looking at the stars so it is fun for me to see them in fiction. Another thing I like looking at is animals especially if they are fictional ones. I generally enjoy nature in video games. I like fishing in video games despite not enjoying it in real life because I find it relaxing! Let McKenna know what your favorite things in video games are in her post!

Yuna: The Character That Defines Us Collab with Normal Happenings

We grew. We learned and overcame our circumstances. We managed to keep being true to ourselves while becoming stronger and putting ourselves first for the first time ever.

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I enjoyed this post by A Geeky Gal on Normal Happenings. I am somewhat familiar with Yuna from the time I’ve spend playing Final Fantasy X. I love that she uses healing magic to heal her party and is also a powerful summoner. I really enjoyed A Geeky Gal’s analysis of her and also how she related to Yuna. Read the post here and enjoy A Geek Gal’s perspective on Yuna!

Double Jump’s 2020 Games!

Happy Thursday! Also, belated Merry Christmas! This week is flying by and so did 2019. I was in a gaming slump for most of it and while we don’t know too much about what 2020 will bring us, there are a few games announced that I’m looking forward to. 215 more words

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Rachel from Double Jump posted a list of the 2020 games she wants to play! I am also excited for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The other games I am looking forward to are Cyberpunk 2077 and Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2! Check out Rachel’s post here and let her know what games you want to play in 2020!

Tales from the Backlog’s Memories of Majora’s Mask

Question. How do you terrify an eight year old into being afraid to touch a video game? If you are my older brother, just start up Banjo Kazooie. For me, it was the opening to Majora’s Mask. At the time, and maybe still to this day, this was one of the scariest openings that I […]

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I enjoyed reading Carlton from Tales From The Backlog’s post about Majora’s Mask! I actually did play the game as a kid once. When I was on vacation with my family, there was a N64 at the hotel because it was the popular console at the time. I remember playing Majora’s Mask and being terrified of it. I only played up until the flower puzzle, but I was so young I was struggling with it so I gave up. I remember being scared of the mask and I had not even seen the creepy moon yet! I got the 3DS remake so I can finally experience the whole game. Enjoy Carlton’s post here and let him know your memories of playing Majora’s Mask!

Adventure Rules Thoughts on Pokemon

Hobbits of Hyrule asks: what do I think of the Pokemon designs in each generation? Such a timely question as I make my way through Pokemon Sword!

via Pokemon Designs Throughout the Generations (Charming and Open) — Adventure Rules

I enjoyed this nostalgic post from Ian of Adventure Rules. I grew up with Pokemon: Red and also played Pokemon: FireRed so I have always loved the first three especially Charmander.

I do not remember much from the other titles especially since I never owned a DS. I bought the 3DS in college so I chose Fennekin as my starter in Pokemon: Y and Rowlett for Pokemon: Moon.

Finally for the Switch, I chose Scorbunny. Scorbunny was so cute and I tend to go for fire types. I think Rowlett was my only exception but that’s because I really like owls!

Check out Ian’s article here and enjoy looking back at the starters from your favorite Pokemon games!

Later Levels’ Lessons From Video Games On Self-Care

Pushing forward with the main quest and levelling up, while getting distracted by side-missions and conversations with non-player characters (NPCs) along the way. Am I talking about an RPG or real-life here? Things can get pretty hectic in both the digital and physical world, and sometimes it’s important to take time out for yourself. Self-care […]

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I love this post by Kim from Later Levels that focuses on self-care! I have anxiety so I try to practice self-care to keep myself calm. Combining self-care with video games is a really fun topic! I love doing several of these things like reading a book, hanging out with friends, and talking with friends really helps me with stress. Read Kim’s post here and let her know some of the self-care ideas you’ve learned from video games.

Backlog Crusader’s Analysis of Wolven Storm

Yennefer. Who is she, really? In the Witcher 3 we see her relentlessly pursuing her goals across multiple continents, taking down any obstacles in her way. Yes, she cares passionately for her love, Geralt, but he won’t distract her from her ultimate goals. Despite their closeness, she keeps extremely important secrets from the Witcher during […]

via Wolven Storm – Musings on Love and Feminism in Witcher 3 — Backlog Crusader

I love Angie’s analysis of this song! One thing I loved about The Witcher 3 was its portrayal of women like Yennefer and Triss because they were complex characters with their own stories and motives. I love how Angie analyzed this song and compared it to Yennefer’s character. I really enjoyed this article and you can read it here!