Blue Reflection and Enjoying Easy Games

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I have a confession to make: I play games on easy mode whenever I play them. My best friend has teased me about this because he enjoys challenging himself when he plays games while I enjoy playing them to relax and focus on the story.

A game that’s really easy that I found is Blue Reflection. It was advertised on PlayStation’s “Big in Japan” sale back in April. It was love at first sight because the game was a magical girl game and had beautiful music in the trailer.


The game introduced me to the protagonist, Hinako, a high school girl who used be a ballet dancer, but is unable to after hurting her leg. She is struggling to find meaning in her life without being able to dance anymore.

She enters into a magical realm after talking with a girl who all of a sudden starts laughing manically like she is possessed by something.  After hearing a voice explain to her that she has powers, she transforms into a magical girl and she is able to move like she used to before her leg injury. After she fights some enemies and exits the realm, she finds that the girl has returned to normal. She then meets Yuzuki and Lime who are also magical girls and explain to her that she is a special fighter called a Reflector. They also tell her that if she fights she can have a wish granted, so she can wish for her leg to be fully healed.

The game is separated into various chapters made up of socializing with friends, exploring the magical realm, and fighting monsters that are causing high school girls emotions to go rampant. There are also a few major boss fights at the ends of some chapters.

Continuing Through the Game

As I progressed through the game, it never got challenging. The focus of the game is more about the story of Hinako finding meaning in her life through helping others rather than isolating herself and focusing on her inability to dance. The combat is fun and the music in the story is beautiful. The music sounds like dancing music so it fits with Hinako’s dream to dance again.

The major boss fights have a bit of challenge to them, but it is more because they last much longer than the mini bosses. The combat is still engaging with each girl using different weapons. My favorite was Lime because she fought with a teddy bear, but was the strongest girl in the game. It was really funny seeing her decimate enemies with a magical stuffed animal.

The strength of this game is the story. Seeing Hinako mature as a character and learning about why monsters are targeting high schools girls was interesting. The game has a lot of cutscenes and dialogue which may turn some players away, but it was fun for someone like me who enjoys games for the story. I would recommend giving this game a chance because it is a fun magical girl game.

Do you enjoy playing games on easy mode or challenging yourself?