Borderlands 2 and Games That Make You Laugh

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Borderlands 2 is a game that was recommended to me by Steam a few years ago. The game looked fun and seemed to not take itself seriously so I decided to get the game. It turned out to be one of my favorite games to play on my computer.

Picking a Character and Starting the Game

The game starts out by giving you various characters to choose from. I decided to choose Maya because she was a Siren which seemed to be a more magical based class which I thought that would be fun to play. I also loved her blue hair and how confident she looked.

The game starts with a train crash and I woke up to see a robot named Claptrap. Claptrap is known for being annoying. He is also very timid so he was not helpful at all when enemies would attack me because he would just run around and panic. So basically, he is the embodiment of my brain when it’s anxious!

He also got his eye taken by the first boss of the game, Knuckledragger. I love how all bosses are introduced by a big cutscene because the game wants you to know it is a “badass” game. He would throw ice and snow at me while Claptrap just ran around and ran into walls as I tried to get his eye back. After I got Claptrap’s eye back, I was introduced to the first open area of the game.

First World Area

I was first introduced to the voice of the main antagonist called Handsome Jack.  Handsome Jack made me laugh because he was so ridiculous. He buys a horse that is made out of diamonds? If that’s not weird enough, for some weird reason he names it Butt Stallion! Seriously?!

Next I meant Sir Hammerlock. He is a stereotypical gentleman hunter (think Nigel Thornberry from The Wild Thornberrys show). He made me laugh because he purposefully shocked Claptrap because he wanted Claptrap to shut up.

Later on, I meant bosses which I had to just stop and laugh at: Boom and Bewm. Yes that’s their names. They loved using explosions and I had to stop them while Claptrap did his usual helping of running around in sporadic circles. It was just funny seeing this two enemies running around finding every excuse to say “boom”. There’s great boss music that plays while you fight them so I enjoyed the ridiculous bosses with the battle music.

Enjoying the Game Further

The first open area in the game happens after you beat another ridiculous boss named Captain Flynt and go on a ship. I headed to the next open area to go to a place called Sanctuary.  I met other characters there such as Moxie and had to do more ridiculous quests with Sir Hammerlock. One of my quests involved him wanting to name a creature, but he could not come up with a name so she just started calling the creature childish names.

This game is full of humor and is a good game to play if you need a good laugh. Another part of the game I enjoyed was walking Tiny Tina’s dog which was an angry fire creature who I ended up taming and became my pet. I also enjoyed the bonus DLC where Tiny Tina basically turns Borderlands 2 into D&D.

My question for this week is what games do you play when you need a good laugh?