Borderlands 3 Hype

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I am so excited that Borderlands 3 is coming out in September so I decided to do a Sunday mini hype post! I played Borderlands  on the PC a couple of years ago and loved it! I enjoy the fun story, the bosses, and the side quests in this game.

There is some current controversy surrounding Borderlands 3 being exclusive to the Epic Store for 6 months. This is resulting in the games getting negative reviews on Steam. This is unfortunate because it is causing the Borderlands series to have negative attention. I think Borderlands is a fun series even though I only played Borderlands 2 so I do encourage everyone to give the games a try if you haven’t played them yet regardless of the current controversy.

I am really excited for Borderlands 3 and I cannot wait to know more about the villains and the plot of the game! I am also looking forward to the humor and the fun side quests!

Are you excited for Borderlands 3? What games are you excited for this year?