Final Fantasy XV and My First Console Game

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I was introduced to Final Fantasy XV when I started watching someone play it on YouTube. I had never grown up with consoles as a kid, but the game was so beautiful and I loved the beginning of the game. Plus, there was a Christmas deal going on where I could buy the game and a matching PS4.  At the time, I was finishing up my senior year of college and commuting from home, so I begged for one for Christmas. Because I am known for being responsible, I got one for Christmas.

First Time Booting Up the Game

The game started up by playing an instrumental version of “Somnus”. The song was so beautiful that I just sat there and listened to it. Then I started up the game and was even more in awe.

The opening cutscene with the King and Noctis blew me away. They looked so real and lifelike. I was not used to games looking so real. I thought of the last games I played and how the characters looked cartoon-like such as Borderlands 2 on the PC. Then the game changed to Noctis and his friends pushing the car with “Stand By Me” playing.

First Area

First I was introduced to Cidny and started laughing because my mom was a huge car person so I showed my mom her and we both laughed over how much they both loved cars. After that, I was left to explore the area.

While exploring the area, I got to know the characters. Noctis was serious, Prompto was goofy and adorable, Gladiolus was a very tough character, and Ignis was serious and a big fan of cooking. Any time I camped, Ignis would make me hungry with his delicious looking meals.

I also loved using a controller. I loved pressing the buttons and seeing how my character reacted and that I could sit on the couch while I played the game. It was also really cool how the controller would rumble sometimes when I dealt damage or got hit. The buttons were easy too because they were so close together unlike a keyboard.

Final Act

Yes I am skipping to the end after the beginning but, this was another big moment for me. There will be spoilers!

So at this point I had seen the characters mature and their bonds grow. Noctis was much more than a grumpy kid, he had grown into a mature man. Prompto was much more than just a goofy character, he acted that way for a reason. Ignis showed how kind he was and how much he wanted to help Noctis. Gladiolus showed his loyalty and how much he cared for Noctis as well. These four characters had grown into their own tight knit family and they were faced with their final challenge.

The final area of the game is where Somnus comes back, this time with words in Latin. You also see Noctis’s home town destroyed with monsters all around. The game gets challenging here with all kinds of hard bosses so I ran to the end instead of fighting them. At one point Noctis has to go alone and it is emotional seeing him separate from his friends. Then the game has you battling the main antagonist. The battle involves you flying around and it is challenging. But, I eventually beat the main antagonist.

Then the game gets really sad.  After all this fighting, Noctis has to die. It is the only way to save his town and defeat the main antagonist. The game ends with the dialogue from the car pushing and the credits playing “Stand By Me” again as you watch the pictures you have taken appear. It reminds you of all the time you have spent with Noctis, Prompto, Gladiolus, and Ignis watching them bond and grow together. They have really “stood by you” the entire game.

Funny enough, this was the first game my friend also played the first time he got a PS4 so that made the game even more special. The friend that has “stood by me” in college was also playing the exact game I had on the PS4.

My question for you guys is what was your first console game?