Friday Night Funkin’: A Fun Nostalgic Game

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This is different from the games I usually talk about as this is a browser game. Friday Night Funkin’ can be played as long as you’re on a laptop or computer so if you want to check it out, here it is! I found this game through TikTok. The videos kept appearing and I decided to see what platform it was on and found out it was a browser game. The game is still being worked on and new levels are being added. There is also a Kickstarter for the full game.

Story Mode

This game does not have cutscenes yet, but the story is basically that you are a boy in love with a girl and you must battle through music to impress her family and other characters in order to win her heart. Story wise and style wise it reminds me a bit of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Right now it only consists of levels and some dialogue that hints at a story.


This is where all the nostalgia comes in. I played Dance Dance Revolution a few times over at friend’s houses and this is essentially it. You use the WASD or arrow keys to match up to the “words” the characters are saying. They’ll make musical sounds if you time it right. The arrows show up on the screen so you know exactly when to hit them. This sounds easy, but it really isn’t. I played the story mode levels on Easy because I can barely handle Normal and Hard is a nightmare!


This is what really makes the game fun. The bosses are all very unique and have their own personalities. You see her dad who resembles a rocker and her gorgeous mom. There are also other characters like an anime boyfriend where they actually made the graphics look like those old Game Boy Advance games I used to love to play which made me smile! There’s also this creepy guy (I believe he is called the lemon demon as he has a lemon head) who is the only character that sings with words and he is really disturbing. He creeped me out because his face is creepy and he sings about wanting to kill you.

Dance Party!

This game is really fun if you’re a fan of rhythm games or just enjoy listening to a good beat. It’s fun to play and has great replay value! I’m excited to see more tracks released and look forward to the full game!

What is your favorite rhythm game?