Ghost Master: A Perfect Game to Play on Halloween

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Ghost Master was one of my favorite childhood games. My brother was the one that got the game but I ended up playing it more than he did, even though I was a bit young for the game! I found Ghost Master again on Steam and this version even includes a bonus level that I never played before! So what is Ghost Master? It’s in the title, you are the “ghost master” and you control ghosts to scare mortals.


I would describe this game as a unique puzzle and strategy game. Each level in the game has an objective which can be as simple as make everyone flee or challenging like a level called “The Calamityville Horror” (this game is full of puns) where you need to lead people to find the dead bones in the house they bought to free the ghost’s souls. This level really makes you terrified of previous home owners!

Before you begin a level, you must assemble a team before haunting the house. The game gives you a recommended team. The team consists of ghosts that are different fetters like some can go outside and some can go electrical systems. The ghosts each have different powers like tremble can be used both for fear and for puzzles. The team is useful for fulfilling the goal of the level as well as unlocking the other ghosts in the game.

The levels also require strategy. You start out with a certain amount of plasma. This plasma is used to both summon ghosts to a house and lets them use powers. Each power costs plasma and the greater the power, the more plasma it costs. If you go over the plasma, an alarm will trigger letting you know you’re in trouble. If you ignore the alarm or do not act quickly enough, it’s game over. So how do you raise plasma? All you have to do is scare people.

Now I will tell you about some of my favorite levels!


I love this level just because of the puns. Your goal is to free the “poultrygeist” who is attached to a little girl. The poultrygeist is there because the mortal’s house was built on an “ancient chicken burial ground”. Yep, you read that right! The goal of this is fun because it is simply a game where you have to scare everyone away from the house to set the poultrygeist free. But, there is one problem. The mortals will summon a medium to stop you so you have to be careful that she does not capture your ghosts and you have to scare her away as well.

Facepacks and Broomsticks

This is a continuation of an earlier level. In the tutorial level, you scare away girls at a sorority. Well, they have come up with a plan. They bring witches to the sorority and these witches have placed a circle to protect the sorority girls. First, you have to disable their circle by binding ghosts to the objects they placed in the circle. Next, you have to scare the witches and the sorority girls. Just like the medium, the witches have the power to banish your ghosts. So, you have to scare them while making sure they do not capture your ghosts.


This is a fun one! So when you scare mortals, you affect three parts of their personality. There is the terror aspect which is how scared they are. There is the madness aspect which is how much you have driven them insane. Finally, there is the belief aspect which is how much they believe in ghosts. For this level, all you have to do is make one man believe in ghosts. But, it’s the game also encourages you to scare everyone else. It is also unique that this level takes place on a boat which is a bit more cramped than the other areas, but it is still fun. I found it fun that the entire level was based around getting one guy to believe in ghosts!

Next, the levels that are not so fun.

Class of Spook’em High

This is the bonus level. It is the toughest level in the game, but that’s because the game sometimes relies on luck which is a problem due to its age. The story is the home your ghosts have lived in has been taken over by the ghost breakers, or a parody of ghost busters. They have placed a bomb in the house so the level is timed (the only level that is timed) and they have put up astral wards so you cannot enter the home. The problem is you have to entice a ghost breaker to let you in the ward with the bomb using a gift that has a ghost attached to it. But, anyone can pick up a gift because who doesn’t want a free present?! Plus, the mortals do what they want so they will not always enter the room you need to go into.

What Lies Over the Cuckoo’s Next

Same issue here! The story here is that you want to free a powerful ghost called The Darkling. But, he is surrounded by astral wards build by a mad doctor that kinda resembles Albert Einstein. To get into the ward, you need the one doctor that enters his ward to pick up a present with a ghost attached to it. But, everyone wants the present and only one person can have it. This person also does not like to leave the ward so it can take forever for him to get the present. It is rewarding to finally take down the wards and scare everyone, but it takes patience.

Spooky Hollow

This is challenging in a different way. The story here is that a farm has been haunted by The Dragoon (headless horseman). The Dragoon is being summoned by one mortal and to stop him, you must lead the other mortals to this person and have them witness the ceremony that summons Dragoon. If you do this, you get Dragoon in your party and complete the level! The problem is leading the other morals to the man and that The Dragoon easily terrifies them and can make them flee if he shows up too many times.

Final Thoughts

This is one of my favorite games from my childhood and I still enjoy it today! It is fun and can be a good stress reliever since it makes you laugh! I think it should be a fun game to play on Halloween because instead of being chased by ghosts, you control them! I recommend you give this game a chance. Due to its age, it is currently only $5 on Steam!

Have you played Ghost Master? What is your favorite game to play on Halloween?