Fun Moments in Gaming This Week

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This week I played a few games and just wanted to share some of my favorite moments from the games I’ve played! I played Super Mario 3D All Stars, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Super Mario 3D All Stars

This weekend I played Super Mario 3D All Stars and posted an impressions post on it.

Super Mario 64 is really fun. My favorite part so far is all the hidden secrets. I was about to go into the ice level when I saw this hole in a wall so of course I try to go in there. I’m greeted to water level where I have to collect 8 coins to get a star which was really fun! I also used stars to open a section of the castle where I had to jump through a Peach window and go down a slide to learn about hidden levels.

Super Mario Sunshine is my favorite due to how unique it is. I love being on an island shaped like a dolphin. Most of the enemies so far are either weird or cute. I love the little paint Octopus enemies even though they are annoying. The weirdest one that had me laughing was this bird with a little butt that show out brown paint like they really made that an enemy?! The award for pain in the ass goes to the whirlwind with glasses as I can only stun it; not defeat it. It made collecting the red coins in the first level even trickier than it already was.

Speaking of cute, Super Mario Galaxy’s Luna are so adorable! I love the little stars and it’s so cute when they’re hungry and you feed them! I also loved when they turned into bunnies. This game is so fun seeing all the different planets on just one level!

Vice City

I did not know Judas Priest’s music was in this game so I was so happy and excited when “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming” started playing. I definitely am loving all the 80’s music! I did not get too far as I was on “Guardian Angels” and it honestly took me almost 10 tries because the two people I was supposed to protect kept dying. I also am so confused by this game’s pedestrians because they have a habit of jumping in front of cars. I also started up the game one day, exited the apartment after hearing a crash to see a car accident that caused a massive pileup of cars and people running around panicked. I barely started playing the game and the pedestrians were causing chaos!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

I am on the Bloody Baron storyline so it was mostly very serious, but the side quests made everything funny!

First, an unintentional funny moment. I was participating in the fighting tournaments where I was talking to someone to start the match and this one NPC kept hiccupping loudly in the speaker behind my left ear. I’m trying to talk to this guy while this NPC kept interrupting the conversation with hiccups so I just started laughing!

Then, I met Trollololo again. I love that troll! He loves to sing although he’s not great at it. Then I found out that I draw worse than a troll. Basically he asked me to bring him paint. Then he had a problem: he has the paint but how does he paint? He doesn’t know how. I decided to tell him to do it this time around to see what would happen. He called the bird ugly, but it was a beautiful bird! I tried to recreate it and mine looked terrible because I can’t draw.

Your Favorite Gaming Moments?

Now that I’ve told you all the things that excited me and made me laugh this week, please tell me some of yours! This weekend I’m going to be continuing these three games as they just make me smile!

Random Events I’ve Seen in GTA Games So Far

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Being an open world game means that you see some really strange stuff exploring the different cities in the Grand Theft Auto games. Some stuff happened in missions, others were while I was just exploring looking for missions or things to do.

Vice City

Right away my favorite car was an Infernus because it was very fast and I loved the look of it. I found it because it was being driven by other drivers in the area.

The civilians in this game have dived out in front of my car several times like they’re trying to do insurance fraud. One guy dived underneath my car while I was parked and then got stuck so the other NPCs in the game started hitting my car. Cars have the same issue. I’ve been driving and they will swerve into me even if I am driving straight.

My favorite radio stations so far are Flash FM for 80’s pop and V-Rock for the 80’s rock. I also learned that cars on the side of this road do not mean free as taking a motorcycle conveniently placed next to a mission turned into a police chase.

My favorite dumb death of mine has to be me at the beach. I wanted to explore the beach and go into the water because I could do that in Grand Theft Auto: V. Nope, I drowned and it was barely up to my head.

Hardest mission for me so far was the worker’s riot mission as I was very quickly overpowered by the workers whether I drove in or walked in. I won by fleeing in a vehicle and watched them getting taken down by the police or the terrible drivers in Vice City.

I’m currently on the mission where I was told to destroy a building because the character who hired you wanted the real estate. I did not realize he meant use a tiny remote controlled helicopter to do that.

San Andreas

Confession time: I’ve never got past training wheels as a kid riding bikes. My biking skills are still awful in this game. I kept falling off during the very first mission in the game just like I did as a kid. I also messed up the tutorial because when I crashed the bike I landed on the car chasing me. The game did not realize that anyone would crash on top of a moving car so the car pursuing me just kept driving around in circles with me on top until it fell on it’s side exhausted from the effort of trying to shake me off. I also got stuck in the skateboard park on this bike and that was awful trying to get out of! I just could not jump out of the hole. It was a tough tutorial for me!

I am enjoying the RPG like mechanics. I manged to get lean by trying to get out of the skateboard park and failing a few times. Also the food you eat and how much you exercise affects your character. I did manage to figure out the gym mini game and decided to keep trying to build muscle until the game decided that I was done exercising my character for the day.

My favorite thing I bought for my character was a leopard cowboy hat. I bought it because I was trying to get a weird accessory, but he honestly looked great in the hat!

Grand Theft Auto: V

When I started playing as Trevor, I witnessed the police chasing a car driving recklessly but the guy got away. I was afraid to help because I did not want the police chasing me next. The drivers in this game are just as terrible as they were in Vice City. I also learned to not go into the desert without a car because I kept getting killed by cougars. So far with Trevor I can’t tell who is more deadly; the cougar or Trevor and his friends.

As Michael, I wanted to drive the red sports car parked in front of his house, but as soon as I started to get in, one of the kids took off with it!

While playing as Franklin I saw a mime, but I could not interact with it and then a bank robbery happened, but I was too slow. I did do well with Franklin in the tow truck missions except the car I was towing accidentally bumped someone while I was taking it into the towing lot. I ended up failing the mission because the guy was chasing me so I could not drop the car off and ran out of time. All because the towed car slightly bumped him!

I loved having a dog as Franklin. His name is Chop. The game noted that I could train him if I got the mobile app. I did try, but I struggled understanding the phone mini games and I kept losing and Chop started disliking me in the app (which would cause him to dislike me in the game) so I gave up on that. I appreciate walking and playing fetch with him!

What are some memorable events that you have seen in any open world games you have played?


Giving The Grand Theft Auto Series a Try

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The Grand Theft Auto games were originally a game that I did not want to give a chance. They’re known to feature criminals as protagonists and are also known for controversy.  But, after seeing them on sale on the PlayStation Store I decided to give the games a chance.

Why Give Chance

Besides the games being on sale, I am also really missing normal life. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, San Andreas, and V are the closest I can get to reality. I get to drive cars, hang out with people, get a haircut, watch TV.

I also softened up to them after playing Saints Row The Third on the Switch and Saints Row IV on Steam. I’ve also seen a YouTuber called Call Me Kevin play San Andreas and Vice City and they seemed like weird and funny games.

What Do I Think Now?

I really like them. I find them to be funny due to their satire. Nothing is safe in this series. My favorite satire so far is in Grand Theft Auto: V  which has a website for a teen clothing store. The store advertised cheap perfume being filtered in through the store and also that their clothing sizes are 4x too small so if you fit in a 0 you should probably seek medical attention. I remember going to one of those stores for jeans in real life and also finding out that the sizes were way too small so the game was super accurate!

I also love the side quests in Grand Theft Auto: V. My favorite is the “Exercising Demons” runner who you meet near a beach. You walk up near her, she starts swearing furiously so Micheal asks her why she is angry. She then yells at Micheal saying “I’m not angry, I’m EXERCISING!” and then you have to race her. I just love how she was just the angriest person when she was exercising. I would hate to be at a gym near her!


I haven’t gotten too far in the games as I have been distracted by Persona 5: Royal.

For San Andreas, I am now on to Big Smoke’s missions. My favorite part so far was the famous meals that Big Smoke orders and it made me laugh especially with how the other characters were looking at him. Also CJ is interesting because he wants things to be different but a cop forces him to continue being in a gang so the cop can get money.

In Vice City, I finished the crazy lawyer’s introductory missions. I would not want that guy to be my lawyer. He is neurotic and in his words he “could not even intimidate a child”. Not to mention he’s the lawyer of a mafia group. Tommy so far is a quieter protagonist  so I do not know what I think of him yet. The soundtrack is so much fun with the 80’s music.

For V, I am having the most fun since there is a lot to do in the game. I love Strangers and Freaks featuring side characters like the running woman. I also admittedly do like that it lets me skip missions if I get too stuck. The only mission I skipped was a race because I have trouble with the fast cars in this game. They tend to get out of control quickly when making turns and trying to brake while making a turn can sometimes lead the cars to spin out of control. I am currently working with Lester in this game.


I really like these games. They’re weird and funny. The critique is my favorite part because I love how satire is used in this game from radio stations talking about violence to ads making fun of typical ads. The music is also great in these games!

One thing that is unique about San Andreas and Vice City on the PlayStation 4 is that it lets your see their original PlayStation 2 manuals which I enjoyed reading! I miss manuals and how fun they were, showing off areas of the game and setting the tone of the game before you even start playing! I loved reading the manuals for my computer games before I played them.

I am really going to enjoy playing these games despite how I am so far not too great at them. Vice City has been the hardest one for me to play so far.

What game or game series did you give a try? Were you surprised at how much you enjoyed it or did it end up not being your favorite?