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I mostly talk about console and PC video games on here, but I also wanted to do a post on mobile games that are fun to play! I just recently found two new games so I decided to write a post on all the cell phone games I play! All the games on this list are free!

Another Eden

Another Eden is a mobile RPG . It resembles an old school RPG with 2D animation and beautifully designed backgrounds. I love the music in this game!

This game is one of the newest ones I have, but I am interested in the story. So far all I know is that two children were adopted by an old mayor and now they live in a quiet town and a twist occurs during the prologue that involves time travel.

I recommend this game because I love the art style and music and it looks like it will be a fun RPG on the go!

Bang Dream Girls Band Party

This is the other new game I just got. It caught my attention because it was recommended to me by Google Play and it was featuring Persona songs! The Persona campaign has ended, but it was a lot of fun!

This is a rhythm game featuring covers of original and anime songs! I love the song selection! I also love that it features a story that you can watch which unlocks more songs. It also has loading screen comics which you can read.

If you like rhythm games or enjoy anime songs, this game will be perfect for you!

Shin Megami Tensei Dx2 Liberation

I tried this game out because I am slowly getting into the Persona series after loving Persona 5! This is another RPG which consists of a story told mainly through dialogue followed by battles!

I enjoy that the demons are 3D and that there is a talk system which allows you to get more demons!

I played it recently when there was a Bayonetta collaboration going on and now Bayonetta is in my party which is so exciting!

I would recommend this game if you like Persona or the Shin Megami Tensei series!

Epic Seven

Oh look another RPG, can you tell I really love RPGS! This one is done in an anime style with gorgeous animation! The cutscenes are fully voiced and have detailed drawings. The fighting style consists of picking different skills which all have fantastic animations!

The story is interesting so far. I have not played too far, but currently I have unlocked the guardian mechanic which allows you to use a powerful ally that helps defeat strong enemies!

I recommend this game if you love RPGS or anime!

Harry Potter

I got this game as soon as it released because I grew up with Harry Potter! I picked Ravenclaw because Pottermore said that was my official house! The game does have an energy component to it so it cannot be played constantly unless you purchase energy which can make the game slow, but I do not spend hours playing mobile games so I do not mind waiting for the energy mechanic to refill.

Playing the game again to review it, I still love it! I just love being  part of the Harry Potter universe and I am also interested in my character’s back story! The driving force behind the plot of this game is that you have an infamous sibling and you want to find out what happened to him.

I recommend this game to Harry Potter fans! I would say give it a try if you like fantasy, but it is more for fans of Harry Potter so references might be confusing to those who do not know the books or films.

Honkai Impact 3rd

This is a fantastic game, it looks like a high quality video game! This is an action game consisting of female fighters! It’s similar to a magic girl game although it’s more technology then magic!

The fighting in the game is fast and reminds me of Bayonetta. I would recommend this game if you’re a fan of games like Bayonetta or action games.

Kingdom Hearts Union Cross

Another surprise to everyone, I’m talking about Kingdom Hearts again! I love this game because I can play Kingdom Hearts on the go! I also love the cartoony art style!

This game is a fun because you get to go to various Disney Worlds and unlock keyblades as you explore the worlds! It is also fun because it has a Colosseum in it and special events. The last special event I did allowed me to get a Moogle keyblade!

I would recommend this game if you like Kingdom Hearts or want to give the series a try!

Pokemon Go

This game is simple but fun! You can walk around and collect Pokemon. It encourages you to go out and exercise or just something fun to do while you are walking!

I love collecting Pokemon and seeing what Pokemon are around me! I also love that Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu transfers my Pokemon from Pokemon Go into the game!

I would recommend this game if you are a fan of Pokemon!

What games do you love playing on your phones?