Okami HD and Relaxing Gaming

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Photo by Nextvoyage on Pexels.com

Okami  looks like a traditional Japanese painting and you control a magical brush that changes the world around you. You are Amaterasu, or Ammy,  the sun god in dog form and you and your tiny companion Issun must go on a journey to get magical brush techniques and fight to restore color back to the world.

Kamiki Village

The first village in Okami is Kamiki Village. The village starts out with the people being turned to stone. But as soon as Ammy draws the sun the people in the village return to normal.

The village becomes bursting with life. It feels relaxing to explore the town and help the people with tasks like fixing the windmill or causing trouble by competing with a child’s dog to dig up the most turnips. It is clear from this village that the game will be filled with humor and be light hearted.

When I got the bloom ability later on, I was able to also bloom all the little trees in the village and bring more life to the village. The village is a major part of the story so I came back to this village several times and enjoyed hanging out with the people there.

Shinshu Field

This area is the first large area in the game. At first, it starts out grey and devoid of life. I had to bloom a large Guardian Sapling tree in order to bring the area back to life. Every time I bloom a Guardian Sapling tree, a cutscene plays that shows life and color being poured into the area while beautiful music plays. After that, there was a large area to explore and lots of animals to feed in the game. There were also parts of the field that I could not get to but it hinted at future brush techniques I would learn, like the various cat statues in the area. It was so soothing to help create a beautiful world and take care of the animals in that world.


I thought Orochi was supposed to be the big final boss of the game. He was the source of all the color being drained from the world. The dungeon started out funny because all the guards in the dungeon wear masks so I had to draw a mask. I drew a funny face so that Ammy would look absolutely ridiculous wherever she went.

Orochi was a tough boss. Orochi has nine heads and a bell. First you have to get the heads drunk and destroy the bell and then you have to knock out all of the nine heads. After that, there is a cutscene where you defeat each of the heads with a brush stroke. After all of that you think the game would be over, but there was still a large chunk of the game left to explore.

It’s Not Over Yet

The game continued to take me to new worlds and help out other people and animals while helping bring the world back to life. It was relaxing to play the game and change the world around me by helping out others. Okami is a long game with my game taking over 80 hours to complete. There is even a new game plus option where you can have Ammy look like different dogs so the game can be fun to replay. Okami is the perfect game to play when you need to relax because it is such a calming game.

My question for all of you is what video games do you find the most relaxing?