Favorite Creatures in Video Games

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I love really adorable fictional animals! So I decided to make a list of some of favorite video game creatures! I will group them by series!

Final Fantasy


They look so fluffy! I love their little faces and the pom-poms on their heads! Definitely my favorite creature from Final Fantasy!


I just love that they are basically giant chickens you can ride. They also look super soft and the baby chocobos are adorable!

Harry Potter Games


I love how royal they are. They only let you ride them if you show them respect first. I would love to ride them and I got to in The Prisoner of Azkaban for PC!


I love the symbol behind the phoenix being able to rise up from its ashes. I also love that they are fire birds. They are also loyal to their owners.

Kingdom Hearts

Dream Eaters

They are all so adorable! My favorite it the Meow Wow because it is both a cat and a dog! I also love that they are bouncy and I love the little squeaks they make.

The Last Guardian


I have talked about how cute Trico is before! I definitely treated Trico like he was my real pet and gave him lots of affection! I would love to have my own real life Trico!

Xenoblade Chronicles


They look almost like big bunnies and I love that they are really intelligent. They only thing that can get on my nerves in their voices. They can get a bit irritating, but mostly I adore them.

Who’s The Favorite of Them All?

It’s between Trico and the Moogle, but I’m going to go with Trico! I had a lot of time to bond with Trico in The Last Guardian and since that was one of the first games I got for PlayStation 4, I do have fond memories with the game!

What are your favorite creatures in video games?


1 Year of Blogging!

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At the end of May, my blog turned 1! I have now been blogging for a full year and I am super excited for the future! I would like to say thank you to the blogging community for being supportive of my blog! I am glad that I have met new friends through blogging and I enjoy reading all of your posts! Thank you for your support and I am looking forward to writing more about video games and why we play them!

Managing Anxiety at Concerts

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I went to a concert this year to see a band I liked. I had not been to a concert in a long time because I got sick from going to an outdoors concert a few years ago because it was so hot outside. Now that I have been diagnosed with acid reflux, I was anxious about going to another concert because I was afraid of getting sick again.

But, I had a fun time at the concert without getting sick and I wanted to share some tips on how to manage concerts when you have anxiety like I do!

Bring a Friend

This is the most important rule for me! Going with someone made the concert really fun and helped me stay calm! I asked a friend to go who I am really close with and helps me with anxiety and panic attacks. Having them there helped me feel calmer and allowed me to enjoy the night with a close friend!

It does not matter if they know the band or not. My friend did not know anything about the band I saw and we still both had a good time!

Protect Your Ears

I brought headphones that were sound proof and had foam ear muffs. The foam helped my hearing because it made the noises at the concert at a perfect level so it did not hurt my ears. Make sure to bring ear plugs or headphones to protect your ears.

I would also note that you should take time to adjust to the bass. The bass at concert can feel uncomfortable at first because it thumps against your chest. But, you get used to the feeling especially when you’re surrounded by good company!

Don’t Get Too Close

It can be tempting to want to stand in the front, but you can get squished. It can also feel like it’s hard to breathe and the crowd tends to squish together really tight so you can feel like you are trapped.

This time I stayed in the back! This allowed me space to move around and to not be crowded. There were TV screens in the back so I could clearly see what was going on in the concert and I still had a good view anyways even though I was far away.

Wear Proper Clothes and Drink Water

When planning to go to a concert, make sure you wear clothes for the right weather! When I went to the concert, it was still cooler out so I had jacket on to stay warm, but I could also take it off if I got too warm since concerts can get hot.

Water is also important to drink so that you stay hydrated and cool while you are standing and listening to a concert for hours.

Hope these tips help you and leave any other tips you have about going to concerts in the comments!



Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter everyone! This is just a short post wishing everyone a Happy Easter! I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday!  Every Easter my family gets together for Easter dinner.

I plan on watching the new Netflix show, Rilakkuma and Kaoru, because it looks adorable and I am a big fan of stop motion! My first stop motion film was Corpse Bride and ever since then I have been a fan of the hard work that goes into making stop motion!

I am also planning to play Xenoblade Chronicles 3D for the Nintendo 3DS and maybe Oblivion for the PC!

Let me know what you plan on doing this Easter and what are your Easter traditions!

#LoveYourBacklog: My Backlog

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Later Levels and Livid Lightning came up with #LoveYourBacklog where you display a badge of how many games you own and discuss some of your backlogged games!

So here’s my badge of backlogged games!


I do not have too many games backlogged, but I do have a lot of games I need to finish!

Game Most Likely to Never be Played

All of them I have played a little bit of so I’ll go with the one I will most likely have trouble finishing. That would go to Pokemon Y because that was my first Pokemon game on the Nintendo 3DS and I have actually never finished a Pokemon game!

Shortest Game

This is a tough one because I am a fan of RPGs so a lot of my games on my backlog are super long! I believe my shortest is Luigi’s Mansion for the Nintendo 3DS because it is supposed to be short!

Longest Game

Again another tough one because I love RPG’s. I’lll go with Xenoblade Chronicles 3D for the Nintendo 3DS! It definitely feels long because I actually had to restart playing the game. I had unfortunately not spent enough time trying to learn the mechanics and made the game super hard on myself. I decided to restart and focus more on leveling up my character and learning the mechanics so I would not get stuck in the game!

Game Which has Spent the Most Time on the Backlog

This also goes to Pokemon Y for the Nintendo 3DS! I played a lot of this game since it was my first game for the Nintendo 3DS, but Pokemon games are so long that it may take me a while to beat it. I also keep getting distracted by other games!

The Person Responsible For Adding the Most Entries to Your Backlog

This would be my college best friend! He has recommended a lot of games to me that have added to my backlog! It’s nice to have someone to discuss games with!

I just realized as I finished my list that all these games are from my Nintendo 3DS! I really love the system and this one was my first venture into playing handheld console games since the Game Boy Advanced I had as a child which was a long time ago!

Share your love of your backlog by participating in #LoveYourBacklog!

Fun Resolutions for 2019

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This is just a short post I wanted to do on some fun resolutions I made for this year!


  • Finish more games in my backlog
  • Finish Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey on the PlayStation 4
  • Finish The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch
  • Finish The Legend of  Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D on the Nintendo 3DS
  • Play and finish Kingdom Hearts 3 on the PlayStation 4


  • Read and finish The Witcher books
  • Read books I have also backlogged from my bookshelves and Kindle


  • Watch more anime this year
  • Watch more Studio Ghibli films

What are some of your fun resolutions? Also are there any games, books, or anime you are looking forward to this year?


Games I Loved This Year

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I wanted to start the new year by talking about the games I loved that were released in 2018

Nintendo 3DS Games

Detective Pikachu

I loved this game! It was a lovely puzzle game that made me smile! I also loved Detective Pikachu as a character and even got the cute amiibo at launch! I am hoping that this game gets a sequel!

PlayStation 4 Games

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

I got this as soon as I finished Assassin’s Creed: Origins. I love the RPG mechanics and getting to choose the events of the story. I can see why this game is loved and I am looking forward to finishing it this year!

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

I have always wanted to play the Spyro games so I was really excited to play this game! I am still on the first game, but I love it so far! It’s so much fun and just a joy to play! I love Spyro’s personality and the game is adorable!

Yakuza Kiwami 2

This game had a really amazing final boss! I also enjoyed the twists that the story took and the hilarious substories!

Yakuza 6

I enjoyed seeing the end of Kiryu’s story! I also loved the substories in this game such as rescuing all the stray cats so they could live at a cat cafe and be fed by Kiryu! The game had an emotional finale that brought the story to an emotional conclusion.

Nintendo Switch Games

Bayonetta 2

While this game is a port of an older game, I still consider it to be a 2018 release especially since this was the first time I was able to experience the game! I enjoyed seeing more of Bayonetta and loved the story!

Just Dance 2019

I loved this game because I enjoy dancing and was excited for it after playing Just Dance 2018! I enjoy playing it when I feel dancing and find it to be a fun and relaxing game!

Octopath Traveler

I also still need to finish this one, but I have loved what I have played so far! I think it is a visually stunning game with a great soundtrack! I also enjoy that every character has their own story you can follow! I look forward to seeing everyone’s story as I play more of the game!

Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu

I love what I have played of this game so far! It is different from previous Pokemon games, but I do not find the differences that were made such as an emphasis on catching Pokemon instead of fighting them! I am hoping to beat all the gym leaders with my Pikachu!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

This was the perfect game to play during the Holiday weekend. I have unlocked a lot of the characters but still have more to go! I have played through World of Light, but mostly enjoy Classic mode! I am looking forward to playing this game with friends! I showed my family this game and they were enjoying it!

The World Ends With You: Final Remix

I knew nothing about this game before I played it, but it was phenomenal! I loved the story and the unique soundtrack! This was an amazing game to play and I highly recommend playing this game if you have not played it yet!

PC Games

Shining Resonance Refrain 

This game is a lot of fun! I love music and dragons so it was a match made it heaven for me! I am still playing through the story, but so far it is a fun game that makes me smile!

Bonus: Getting a Wii U in 2018

I was really glad I got a Wii U! Yes I have the Switch, but I also wanted a Wii U! I really wanted to play The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. I am also enjoying Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE!

Game of the Year

This year I am going to split this one in two. Because one game I have completed and the other game still needs to be finished.

The game that I finished that wins Game of the Year is Yakuza 6 for it’s gripping story and substories!

The game that I still need to be finished that also wins Game of the Year based on what I have played is Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey for being an amazing RPG with a rich world and intriguing story where I can choose the outcomes of the story!

What games did you love playing in 2018 and what is your Game of the Year?