Question of the Month: Ultimate Video Game

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This is my first Question of the Month. The question is by Ian from Adventure Rules.

You’ve been tasked with making the Ultimate Video Game, but there’s a catch – you can only piece it together from parts of other releases. You can choose separate titles for visual design, sound design, storytelling, and gameplay. What four games would you use to make the Ultimate Video Game?

This is a question that required a lot of thought and I enjoyed the challenge. I wanted to incorporate aspects from games that I love and thought would work well together. These are my picks for making the Ultimate Video Game.

Visual Design: The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD

I love that this game looks like a cartoon and I would want my game to look like this. I also love the bright color schemes that make the world colorful and beautiful to look at. I  like how the characters are designed because they have comical facial expressions!

Sound Design: Final Fantasy XV

I love Yoko Shimomura’s compositions! I would love to have beautiful piano pieces and orchestral pieces. The music tends to be emotional, dramatic, or soothing depending on the scene or whether your character is in a battle.

Storytelling: Okami HD

I would love to have an animal protagonist going on an adventure! I also would love to have a story that features mythology. Although it does not have to be Japanese mythology like in Okami HD. I also like how the story is told like it is a mythological tale.

Gameplay: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

A massive open world with Okami HD story would be an amazing combination! It would also allow for more side quests. It would also be great to have different types of magic and fighting types so the combat style would depend on player choice.

Ultimate Video Game Decisions

I was torn between using Okami HD for story or art style, but I went for story because I love its story. That’s why I chose The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD so I could still have a unique art style because I would want my game to be more artistic rather than realistic.

I love Skyrim’s gameplay so I would want to have that in any ultimate video game and I also love Yoko Shimomura’s music so having her music in an ultimate video game would be amazing!

Thank you to Adventure Rules for coming up with this Question of the Month. It was a fun challenge to figure out which games could be used for each category!

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