Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! A Delightful Remake From My Childhood!

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I played Pokemon: Fire Red on the Game Boy Advance as a child.  I remember liking the bright colors and the colorful Pokemon like Charmander. When I found out Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! was coming out and that Pikachu would be my main companion, I was super excited to play it!

Why I Chose Lets Go: Pikachu

I honestly chose this version because I have always adored Pikachu ever since the anime and games came out! Pikachu is one of my favorite Pokemon! I love Pikachu so much, I got the Build-a-Bear plush Pikachu when it came out!


So far, Pikachu has been adorable! I love petting Pikachu and find that this makes the game very relaxing! I also like the cute outfits although I only have one so far! It’s very adorable that Pikachu is always on my shoulder wearing whatever outfit I put on him. I found the introduction to Pikachu to be really cute when I caught him and he took off in the ball and I had to find him!


The catching mechanic has changed, but I like it! I am used to battling the Pokemon to catch them, but I did not mind the throwing minigame. I find that it encourages me to want to catch all the Pokemon when I usually just pick out my favorites. It is also nice that all the Pokemon show on the screen so I know who I am catching instead of having to walk around in the grass waiting for a random battle to occur.

I also like that the Pokemon in your inventory have the same pixelated look and also make the screeching sounds like the old games did. It reminded me of Pokemon: Fire Red and really made me smile!

Trainer Battles

This is where Pokemon will battle each other now. I love the titles the trainers are given in all the games like Bug Catcher when they are wearing bug catcher gear. I also love that they have tougher trainers for a big of a challenge. I always loved fighting trainers in Pokemon so it is nice that they are still around!

Gym Leaders

I have no idea how many I beat in Pokemon: Fire Red, but I do not think I got too far. I remember being more interested in catching Pokemon, then fighting the gym leaders when I was young.

In this game, I have beaten one gym leader, and will be close to taking on the second gym leader! The games does make gym leaders easier because it stops me from progressing if I do not have the right Pokemon. So I could not get my ass kicked by Brock for not thinking of bringing a grass Pokemon this time! I did like the warning, but I could understand that this might turn off veterans since the game will not let you progress if you are not prepared. I loved Brock because he calls his Pokemon “rock-hard”, apparently my humor has not changed since I was a kid!

Favorite Moments

I have always loved naming Pokemon in this game because I am honestly terrible at naming things. My highlights include:

  • an Oddish named Raddish
  • a Bulbasaur named Lettuce
  • a Magikarp named Floppy because it just flops around
  • a Zubat named Batman
  • a Geodude named DUUUUUDE

My other favorite moment was naming a Clefairy after my friend who also likes Pokemon! I picked Clefairy because he loves to sing! I have a Giant Clefairy named after my friend following me around and I tell my friend what the Clefairy does like if he helped me find something or splashed himself with a fountain!

My final favorite moment was the joy of getting a Butterfree. I caught a Metapod and kept it in my party so it would level up and evolve into a Butterfree! I was so happy that I managed to evolve my Metapod!

A Chance to Relive Your Childhood

It was really nice to relive my memories of Pokemon: Fire Red on the Game Boy Advance while playing this game! I enjoyed playing it and cannot wait to play more! I will definitely get farther than I did as a kid because I remember being more interested in catching Pokemon than fighting gym leaders.

I love having Pikachu as a virtual pet that is also a super powerful Pokemon! I also cannot wait to get to the Let’s Go park so I can transfer my Pokemon to Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu!

Have you played Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu or Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee? What did you think of these games?



The World Ends With You: Final Remix – A Fascinating Journey

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I wrote a previous post on the first 7 days of The World Ends With You: Final Remix. In this post, I will give a full review of the main story of the game.


The story gets more and more intriguing in the second and final parts of the game. The second part focuses on Neku’s past while the third part focuses on an apocalyptic twist which I will not spoil because it was a fantastic and creepy twist! The final part of the story ties together all of the characters from the previous parts. The story was intriguing and honestly kept me hooked up until the very end! I wanted to play the game until I finished it and enjoyed the story every time I played more of it!

Neku’s Other Partners


Joshua was my least favorite personality wise, but this is done on purpose in the story. You are meant to be wary of him for reasons I will not spoil. In terms of gameplay, he was a really great partner because he could easily take enemies out once he got leveled up enough!


Beat was stubborn but he was also loyal to his friends. I liked learning about his character over the final part of the game. He was the hardest for me to control gameplay wise. I had to drag my finger over enemies and I struggled to use the dragging mechanic perfectly. This made the last part of the game challenging, but I also forgot to grind because I was so interested in the story so…. that was my other problem!


The final arc really kicked up the plot! Things started to crazy and Neku had to save Shibuya. The story had an amazing twist and I really enjoyed the ending of the game! The game ended really sweetly and made me feel really good at the end despite all that Neku and the other characters had been through!

Final boss

The final boss was a big snake! The final boss was not too bad but that’s because I switched to easy mode because the bosses were starting to get too tough! This is probably because I should have grinded more instead of obsessing over the story so much!


I thought the game was phenomenal, I highly recommend it! I loved the twists the story took, although some were predictable. The game has amazing music and I loved the use of touchscreen for combat! I also loved that you had to focus on partners and teamwork so you and Neku both learn how important it is to trust others which is a good message!

Have you played The World Ends With You? What did you think of the game?


The World Ends With You: Final Remix – First Seven Days

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I have been wanting to play this game, but decided to wait until The World Ends With You: Final Remix released on the Nintendo Switch. I did not know much about this game before playing it, I only knew the characters from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.


The story follows Neku who has to play The Reaper’s Game for seven days or else he will die permanently. He has to complete assignments each day with a partner. His first partner is Shiki, a fashionable girl who is outgoing and tends to look at her cellphone. Neku initially comes off as rude because he believes that it is not necessary to reach out to people or get close to people. But, Neku has so far slowly developed as a character throughout the game. He is slowly trying to understand people.


I love how this game emphasizes music! Music is great in this game and the music also has a unique sound. My favorite so far has been the music on the Main Menu. The first time I heard it, the dissonant piano mixed with the other instruments was jarring, but I grew to love it quickly!

TV versus Handheld Mode

This game can be played in either TV or handheld mode. In TV mode, you play with one JoyCon which acts as a pointer. The pointer controls where Neku goes and what pins he uses. Handheld mode relies on touchscreen so you use your finger guide Neku and use the pins. I prefer this mode because it was easier for me to control Neku. It was also fun to control the game with my fingers!


You fight with pins in this game. Each pin does different things like fire or slashing an enemy. You also have partner pins that summon a partner to help you fight. The pins need to recharge so you cannot keep spamming the same moves to win. There is also a sync meter that will trigger a powerful move with your partner when you use it.

The combat can be adjusted through difficulty. This is where the game encourages you to challenge yourself even if you usually play on easy like I do! The trick to getting the best pins in the game is to play the game on Normal or Hard and lower your level so enemies are tougher. You will get better  pins if you fight on Normal at level 1 than you would on Normal at your current level, like level 10.

The First 7th Day Boss

I took on the Game Master who turned into a wolf. I enjoyed that this boss meant you had to learn how to time your attacks by listening to what the boss said before he attacked. The boss defeated me the first time because I took too many hits, but I beat him the second time by being patient and uses the 100% sync special move that took away chunks of his health! Then the game took a sudden twist and I decided to play more of the game the next time I had free time.

Should you play it?

So far I definitely think this game is worth it! I enjoy playing it and look forward to playing it when I am not busy with grad school homework! I enjoyed the game so much, I bought my friend the DS game because he does not own a Switch and I knew he would also love the game! I enjoyed the first 7 days learning about Shiki’s story and seeing Neku slowly evolve as a character. I am interested in seeing why the game took the twist that it did (I won’t spoil it for you!) and I am interested in seeing how the story will develop!


Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance – A Fun Game with Fun Memories!

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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance was recommended to me by my friend who loves Kingdom Hearts! I fell in love with the game immediately as soon as I started it and the theme music played! I also love the 3D cutscene that starts before the main menu! The game was so much fun to play! I have fond memories taking this game everywhere with me! I would take it with me especially on Fridays when I would hang out waiting for my friend to be done with his undergrad classes after my classes were over!

Fun Beginning!

This game starts with a fun tutorial after the game’s beginning cutscene ends. The story revolves around Sora and Riku competing to become Keyblade Masters with a Mark of Mastery exam. This also involves a timed mechanic in the game because you play as Sora and Riku and switch between their characters when a timer runs out. This is done so you will play as both characters instead of only focusing one character at a time. The tutorial revolves around you defeating Ursula on a raft while learning the controls of the game! I love getting to fight Ursula because I loved her in The Little Mermaid. After the tutorial and a few more cutscenes, my first dive into another world began!

Dive Sequences

These could be hit or miss with me depending on how tough they were. Bosses could be really fun except for one big problem! You cannot heal during dive sequences so they could drop me down to no HP before I could finish the fight. This would be frustrating when I was stuck on a boss and could not get into the next world. The stars were easier to collect then the bosses for me. Mostly this section was fun and could be appealing to those who want a challenge.

Dream Eaters

I loved them as both enemies and allies! They were so cute and adorable and I love cute things! My absolute favorite that I always had in my party was Meow Wow. I loved that it was both a cat and a dog that had bouncy attack moves! I also loved that I could name them. Meow Wow was named “Cotton Candy” because of the bright colors. I also had the Tama Sheep which I named “Fluffy” because the sheep looked so soft. I enjoyed that I could pet them to upgrade their abilities because I love having virtual pets! I do not have pets so having virtual ones are amazing! I also enjoyed fighting the nightmare enemy forms because they were so bright and colorful!

La Cite des Cloches World

I loved this world because it reminded me of my friend! He loved The Hunchback of Notre Dame and would sing music from the movie frequently. This world was impressive looking because it looked just like the movie! I also loved the boss here! Sora and Riku both fight the Bullet Gargoyle although Riku fights him while the bell tower is on fire! It was an epic first boss fight because the boss is flying and I was trying to hit him!

Symphony of Sorcery World

I also loved this world because my friend and I had taken a music class together and this world featured classical music! I loved how bright and colorful the world was! The only frustrating feature that took me a while to get was the timing of the “Melody Catch” touch screen mini game. I remember struggling to grab the note in time and even asking my friend for advice until I finally figured it out.

Sora and Riku fight different bosses in this section. Sora fights Spellcan who I first had to chase on an ice sliding area until I reached the final boss area. I remember the boss being slightly frustrating because he flew around, but he was still a fun boss.

Riku fought Chernabog who was tough because the game switched to Dive rules. I had to dodge fire and reach him to hit him and try not to get hit and lose all my health. It was worth it to fight this boss especially with the orchestral soundtrack playing which made the boss fight so fun!

The World Ends That Never Was: Riku’s Hard Final Boss Moments

Riku has to save Sora by fighting a few bosses. Ansem was memorable because at one point he is protected by a black guardian with lots of health. I had to take down his health while keeping my health up. He had powerful attacks so that was really hard to do! The boss fight was challenging but was nothing compared to Young Xenahort

Young Xenahort was a hard boss. The fight was challenging , and I was barely keeping up when a clock appeared. I hate that clock! The mechanic is you have to destroy the clock really quickly with a Reality Shift using the touch screen or else Young Xenahort gets health back. If you succeed then you have to beat the clock while multiple Young Xenahorts try to stop you and quickly take out your health so he will again not regain health! I eventually beat him and the clock, but it was hard!

closeup photo of gray cat
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(I felt like this cat trying to fight the Young Xenahort boss!)

Hype for Kingdom Hearts 3

I wanted to talk about this game after all the news for Kingdom Hearts 3. I was thinking about it because I have not talked about it yet on the blog. I beat it a couple years ago so this is not a recent review!  My friend and I are both excited for Kingdom Hearts 3. Any time a trailer comes out, we start talking about it. We are also both concerned for Aqua! I am excited for the Toy Story world because I loved that movie as a kid! Kingdom Hearts 3 is just months away and I am so excited!

What did you think of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance? Are you also excited for Kingdom Hearts 3?

Horizon Zero Dawn and Appreciating Aloy’s Character

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I finished Horizon Zero Dawn a few months ago. I picked it up because of Aloy and my love for strong female protagonists. I ended up relating to Aloy which made me enjoy the game!


The game introduced me to Aloy’s origins. I learned that she is an outcast of the land. I also learned the mechanics of the game with Aloy’s father figure, Rost. He teaches Aloy how to take care of herself. This is an interesting way of teaching the game mechanics because it flows with the story instead of being a separate section of the game.

Next I learned that I can choose Aloy’s personality. She has set ways in which she will act, but there are dialogue options that allow me to influence her character. The first incident involved her being harassed by kids for being an outcast. I loved that they had this option because it really made me think. My gut reaction was to sometimes use the more aggressive options to fight back against how Aloy was treated, but I ultimately would always choose kindness.


After the tutorial, the story begins with Aloy wanting to learn more about her past and why she is an outcast by proving herself at the Proving. At the Proving houses, I was given another chance to show how Aloy would handle opposition. It was not easy picking what I know is right. I did not like how people treated Aloy for being an outcast, but I knew that it was better to treat those who treated her wrong with kindness rather that fighting them. I could relate to her being bullied because I have been bullied, but as an adult I believe that kindness is the better option.

At the proving, I loved how Aloy was portrayed. She was an athletic character despite her small size. She could take enemies down with spears. She could easily climb up structures like mountains and climb across thin ropes or rappel down surfaces.

Aloy is also cunning. She is able to track down enemies using her Focus. She can easily craft arrows and think of multiple ways to take down an enemy. I was awed by how inventive she was and how intelligent she was.

Journey Outside

The Proving turned out to be a massacre and Aloy is sent out as a Brave to find out who caused the massacre and why machines are being corrupted. Once I moved outside the introduction area, I found new monsters. I had to learn how to take them each down with the help of Aloy’s wits. The worst was a giant dinosaur like monster that took forever to defeat and was tough.

I also needed Aloy’s cunning and her athletics to gather collectibles in the game such as Vantage point that are on hard to reach and tall spaces. I had to climb up and try not to look down because the vantage points were very high up. Aloy did not care, she was not afraid of the heights or climbing because she knew she would land safely if she relied on her wits.

Why I Love Horizon Zero Dawn

I was so happy to play Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn. I enjoyed her story and watching how her character developed and how I was able to influence her character through the dialogue options.

I also like the armor in the game. Aloy’s armor was realistic. It looked like real armor for the time period. It was not armor that tried to sexualize her character. It was just there to protect her from the elements or from the machines.

I enjoyed that Aloy felt like a real person because she was someone I could easily relate to. We are both strong willed people that try to be brave. We also always try to do the right thing, at least in my portrayal of Aloy. I loved how much thought the developers put into creating Aloy’s character which is clear in how easy it is for me to see aspects of myself in her character.

My question for this week is what do you think of Aloy’s character? What female characters do you relate to?

Blue Reflection and Enjoying Easy Games

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I have a confession to make: I play games on easy mode whenever I play them. My best friend has teased me about this because he enjoys challenging himself when he plays games while I enjoy playing them to relax and focus on the story.

A game that’s really easy that I found is Blue Reflection. It was advertised on PlayStation’s “Big in Japan” sale back in April. It was love at first sight because the game was a magical girl game and had beautiful music in the trailer.


The game introduced me to the protagonist, Hinako, a high school girl who used be a ballet dancer, but is unable to after hurting her leg. She is struggling to find meaning in her life without being able to dance anymore.

She enters into a magical realm after talking with a girl who all of a sudden starts laughing manically like she is possessed by something.  After hearing a voice explain to her that she has powers, she transforms into a magical girl and she is able to move like she used to before her leg injury. After she fights some enemies and exits the realm, she finds that the girl has returned to normal. She then meets Yuzuki and Lime who are also magical girls and explain to her that she is a special fighter called a Reflector. They also tell her that if she fights she can have a wish granted, so she can wish for her leg to be fully healed.

The game is separated into various chapters made up of socializing with friends, exploring the magical realm, and fighting monsters that are causing high school girls emotions to go rampant. There are also a few major boss fights at the ends of some chapters.

Continuing Through the Game

As I progressed through the game, it never got challenging. The focus of the game is more about the story of Hinako finding meaning in her life through helping others rather than isolating herself and focusing on her inability to dance. The combat is fun and the music in the story is beautiful. The music sounds like dancing music so it fits with Hinako’s dream to dance again.

The major boss fights have a bit of challenge to them, but it is more because they last much longer than the mini bosses. The combat is still engaging with each girl using different weapons. My favorite was Lime because she fought with a teddy bear, but was the strongest girl in the game. It was really funny seeing her decimate enemies with a magical stuffed animal.

The strength of this game is the story. Seeing Hinako mature as a character and learning about why monsters are targeting high schools girls was interesting. The game has a lot of cutscenes and dialogue which may turn some players away, but it was fun for someone like me who enjoys games for the story. I would recommend giving this game a chance because it is a fun magical girl game.

Do you enjoy playing games on easy mode or challenging yourself?

Final Fantasy XV and My First Console Game

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I was introduced to Final Fantasy XV when I started watching someone play it on YouTube. I had never grown up with consoles as a kid, but the game was so beautiful and I loved the beginning of the game. Plus, there was a Christmas deal going on where I could buy the game and a matching PS4.  At the time, I was finishing up my senior year of college and commuting from home, so I begged for one for Christmas. Because I am known for being responsible, I got one for Christmas.

First Time Booting Up the Game

The game started up by playing an instrumental version of “Somnus”. The song was so beautiful that I just sat there and listened to it. Then I started up the game and was even more in awe.

The opening cutscene with the King and Noctis blew me away. They looked so real and lifelike. I was not used to games looking so real. I thought of the last games I played and how the characters looked cartoon-like such as Borderlands 2 on the PC. Then the game changed to Noctis and his friends pushing the car with “Stand By Me” playing.

First Area

First I was introduced to Cidny and started laughing because my mom was a huge car person so I showed my mom her and we both laughed over how much they both loved cars. After that, I was left to explore the area.

While exploring the area, I got to know the characters. Noctis was serious, Prompto was goofy and adorable, Gladiolus was a very tough character, and Ignis was serious and a big fan of cooking. Any time I camped, Ignis would make me hungry with his delicious looking meals.

I also loved using a controller. I loved pressing the buttons and seeing how my character reacted and that I could sit on the couch while I played the game. It was also really cool how the controller would rumble sometimes when I dealt damage or got hit. The buttons were easy too because they were so close together unlike a keyboard.

Final Act

Yes I am skipping to the end after the beginning but, this was another big moment for me. There will be spoilers!

So at this point I had seen the characters mature and their bonds grow. Noctis was much more than a grumpy kid, he had grown into a mature man. Prompto was much more than just a goofy character, he acted that way for a reason. Ignis showed how kind he was and how much he wanted to help Noctis. Gladiolus showed his loyalty and how much he cared for Noctis as well. These four characters had grown into their own tight knit family and they were faced with their final challenge.

The final area of the game is where Somnus comes back, this time with words in Latin. You also see Noctis’s home town destroyed with monsters all around. The game gets challenging here with all kinds of hard bosses so I ran to the end instead of fighting them. At one point Noctis has to go alone and it is emotional seeing him separate from his friends. Then the game has you battling the main antagonist. The battle involves you flying around and it is challenging. But, I eventually beat the main antagonist.

Then the game gets really sad.  After all this fighting, Noctis has to die. It is the only way to save his town and defeat the main antagonist. The game ends with the dialogue from the car pushing and the credits playing “Stand By Me” again as you watch the pictures you have taken appear. It reminds you of all the time you have spent with Noctis, Prompto, Gladiolus, and Ignis watching them bond and grow together. They have really “stood by you” the entire game.

Funny enough, this was the first game my friend also played the first time he got a PS4 so that made the game even more special. The friend that has “stood by me” in college was also playing the exact game I had on the PS4.

My question for you guys is what was your first console game?

Persona 5 Provided Comfort While I Was Sick

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I preordered Persona 5 and was excited to get it a few days after my birthday. Unfortunately I had a flu that just would not go away.  The game was instant comfort for me especially since I got the special Take Your Heart edition so I also received a stuffed Morgana (the cat who is not a cat), an art book, a soundtrack, and a tote bag. I was taking undergrad classes at the time so I generally did not play games on school nights but I made an exception with this game because I needed something to help me feel better.


The game was immediately trying to pump me up with good feelings from the catchy “Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There” in the intro cutscene that plays when the game starts. Then, once I played the game it again gave me another catchy tune called “Life Will Change”. I love to sing so I sang along with the song and would listen to it while I was dealing with my weird flu that turned out to be acid reflux. The song was a reminder to me that eventually my acid reflux would heal and I would feel better. I decided to play the game on Safety because I like playing games on easy (yes I’m one of those people and even my best friend wishes I would try the game on harder) .

First Dungeon

Now around this time is when I found out that I actually had acid reflux for the second time. This was terrifying to me, it was my biggest fear. I had only just gotten off my medicine a few months ago. Acid reflux is hard to deal with especially since my second bout had been giving me flu like symptoms. I would have to wait for the medicine to kick in and help me which takes a few days to settle down the acid.

Persona 5 was so comforting to me during this time. Even though I was powerless over my body becoming ill again, I was still powerful in the game. I went through the first dungeon sneaking up and getting rid of bad guys. I solved puzzles. I was so strong and I was working with my friends, Ryuji and Ann, in the game to take down the first boss.

Kamoshida was tough to beat. But, Morgana kept pushing me on and encouraging me and I had him steal the crown from Kamoshida to change Kamoshida’s heart. I beat the first boss after several minutes of slowly draining his health and celebrated my first victory. Then, he confessed to abusing his volleyball players at Shujin Academy and he was arrested. It felt so empowering to help these students and change the course of their lives. I may not have power over my acid reflux coming back but I did have the power to help people in this video game.

Continuing the Game

Every dungeon in the game was like a health tracker. Every dungeon I blasted through every night playing I would feel a lot better than the last dungeon. I started to feel more like myself the more I played through the game.

The game helped me feel better while I was going through a scary time and towards the end it felt like a celebration. I had reached the end of the game and I was almost feeling like myself despite the acid feeling in my throat that lingered for a bit longer. The game also symbolized the end of my college career. Just as my main character would be separated from his friends returning back home I would be separated from my friends graduating from college but, in both cases, we would always be close.

What games help you when you are feeling sick or need comfort?

Skryim and Escaping Anxiety

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I have always been anxious. I was an anxious kid and as an adult I now have acid reflux from being anxious. My brain needs an outlet to help it relax. Video games are a great way for me to relax my brain because I get to explore other worlds. Skyrim was a game I have heard about but did not have a chance to play. When I heard it was coming to the Nintendo Switch, I decided to try it. It sounded like a great idea; I could play Skyrim on my TV and on the go. It turns out the game would also be a much needed outlet to help me relax when life gets stressful.

Skyrim Intro and Riverwood

When I started up Skyrim and chose my character, I immediately went for the Khajiit because I could be a cat woman which sounded cool! After I got past the introduction and into the first town, Riverwood, I was in awe of all the things I could do. There were side quests I could start so I picked up as many as I could in the first area. I also found a man named Hod who gave me a job chopping wood. It was an easy way to make money and I found it relaxing. It was relaxing watching my character get paid to chop wood surrounded by the peaceful scenery of a quiet town.


After exploring Riverwood, I decided to follow the main quest to go to Whiterun. There I found even more side quests which I took the time to complete all of them. I also found an orphan, Lucia, who I befriended. I was told I could adopt her after I found a house.

I bought Breezehome after completing a side quest for the assistant to the Jarl of Whiterun. I then furnished the house and found that relaxing to find that once I was done the house looked beautiful, although small. It was a small wooden house with two floors.

Lucia was happy to have a home and called me Mommy. It was sweet to explore Whiterun and Lucia would be there and she would want to play games with me and I would bring her gifts. It was nice to load up the game and hang out with my video game child.

Building My First House

After progressing through the game further, I found out that I could build my own home after befriending the Jarl of Falkreath and earning the deed to build Lakeview Manor. The house has to be built from scratch and there are several rooms you can build.

As I chose what rooms to build I found myself making my dream home with a library and a greenhouse. It was soothing to spend time crafting the materials to build the outside of the house. I had to build the foundation and the walls and the roofs. I looked forward to slowly working on the house each day.

After I built the house, I had to furnish the house. It was fun getting to pick items to build like tables or chairs or bookshelves. It helped me take my mind off my stress because instead I was focusing on building and furnishing my dream home. After all the hard work was done, I was able to admire my work and live in a house that I had took the time to build all on my own.

The Journey Continues

I am still continuing to play the game slowly. I am exploring the world and doing all the side quests and have not continued the main quest yet. I enjoy helping other people with their problems and seeing how happy they are when they see me after I help them.

The game has helped me relax when I am stressed because I am in a different world and role playing as a different character because obviously I am not a cat lady in real life. What games help you relax when you are feeling stressed?

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 ReMIX and Friendship

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Kingdom Hearts was introduced to me by my best friend in college because he had Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2 on his PlayStation 2. It seemed like a game that I would like because I would get to experience Disney worlds with Disney characters. When I picked up the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 ReMIX for the PlayStation 4 on my final year at college, I managed to find a comforting game about friendship that I was able to bond with my friend over.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5

Friendship is an important part of the Kingdom Hearts series. The series begins with three friends: Sora, Kairi, and Riku. The friends become separated when their world is taken by darkness and then Sora becomes friends with Donald and Goofy to save his friends and the other worlds from darkness.

You also make friends with various Disney characters such as Winnie the Pooh and even help Pooh learn about how friends remain together even when they are far apart. The Winnie the Pooh goodbye scene in Kingdom Hearts 2.5 always makes me cry because when I graduated my college best friend moved to another state but we still remain close friends.

When I played Kingdom Heats 1.5 and 2.5 ReMIX, the friendship themes stuck with me since I would always tell my friend when I was playing and ask for hints. We would laugh over characters such as Donald Duck’s inability to heal Sora properly or how hard I thought the first game’s final boss was even on easy while he plays on the hardest difficulty. We would discuss our favorite worlds and our least favorite worlds in the games. I loved The Nightmare Before Christmas world in both games and we both didn’t like the swimming mechanics in The Little Mermaid world in Kingdom Hearts 1.5.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

On the day of my college graduation, my friend told me to watch the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days movie included in the PS4 version when I asked what that game was about. The three friends becoming so close and bonding together over ice cream reminded me of how my friendship formed with my friend over eating at a restaurant and how we would visit that restaurant pretty much every week together. As I watched the three hour movie, I cried remembering my friendship and how close we had become over four years.

How Kingdom Hearts Still Keeps Us Close

Whenever I play Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 ReMIX I talk to my friend when I am playing it and I cry over all the friendship scenes. The scenes remind me of how much my friend and I bonded over the games and also about the story of our friendship.

When my friend got a PS4, I bought him this game telling him that he had introduced me to the series and I wanted him to have the game on the PS4 because it was a symbol of friendship to us. I think that this game is a great game to experience with a friend and it is a fun game to play if you have ever wanted to explore Disney worlds.

Now that I have made myself cry while writing this I want to know, what video games helped you bond with your friends?