The Elder Scrolls 25th Anniversary!

I am a new fan of The Elder Scrolls games. I first got Skyrim on my Switch last year and I just got Oblivion on my PC last weekend so I could play the previous games! This post is dedicated to why I love this series so far!



The theme in this game is amazing and really hyped me up to begin the game! Besides the theme, I love the soothing overworld theme that makes you feel like you are on a peaceful adventure. It calms me to hear the overworld theme as soon as the game loads!


Skyrim is full of mountains and beautiful cities. There are some snowy areas, but there are also beautiful houses next to water. I love finding the new houses in the game so I can live in the different environments in the game! I love having a house with a large backyard by a body of water like Lakeview Manor!


Character creation is detailed so not only can I choose the race of my character, I can also choose what they are going to look like. I spent several minutes figuring out what to make my Khajiit look like; her face, her marking, any earrings.

I also like that you can roleplay your character to be whoever you want them to be. The races help figure out roleplaying like a Khajiit tends to be sneaky so I know that my character would be stealth based. I also tried to play her as a chaotic good character so she mostly tries to do the right thing


Skyrim can be pretty much whatever you want it to be! It does have a main story to follow, but I also like just relaxing in the game. I remember saving up money to buy a horse by chopping wood for a while and I thoroughly enjoyed just relaxing and chopping up wood so I could buy a horse!

You can also choose a home to live in and have a family. I decided to get married in the gmae and get a house because I found an orphan in Whiterun named Lucia that really needed a home. I wanted her to have a good life so I went to find someone to marry and found a home with a children’s room so she could live a happy life. I also enjoy bringing her gifts and playing hide and seek with her so I know that she’s happy!


I love the quests in this game! I love that you can just walk around town and find quests. Currently I am trying to figure out what caused a fire to happen in Morthal. My favorite quest so far was “A Night to Remember” where I met Sam who was actually the daedric prince of debauchery. He told me to drink and my character blacked out and I had to find out everything that I did. He rewarded me for my troubles with the Sanguine Rose!



I also love the overworld music in this game! The music also soothes me and relaxes me while I play. The combat music is intense and really prepares you for a fight!


I love the lush green hills and the big cities so far. The game is older, but it still beautiful! It feels like you are in the countryside or like the landscapes in The Lord of the Rings.


Character creation is limited, but it is nice to have fewer options sometimes. This time I decided to play as a Redguard. I also decided to use lighter armor instead of heavier armor. I am also playing a sneak style character since I started with The Thieves Guild right away although I still need to finish all of the quests in the storyline.

Story so far

So far I have been exploring towns so I do not know much of the main quest. I was told to find Uriel Septim’s heir and give him an heirloom.


My favorite quest so far was Paranoia. I went to a town to find a specialist in Ninroot and was immediately greeted by an elf who told me that he was being followed. So I earnestly decided to help. I spoke with the person he told me to follow and she said that the elf was really nice but was following her. I then was approached by a guard who told me that the elf was crazy. I decided to go along with his scheme so I could report him to the guard. Well good thing I agreed because he was so paranoid he wanted to hurt the people he thought were following him! I reported him to the guard and that was the end of the paranoid elf!

I loved that the side quest could easily be done multiple ways especially if you believed him! I genuinely enjoyed how creative the quest was!

Happy Anniversary

I love this game series so far! I find the games to be relaxing and a joy to play! I love that you can roleplay as multiple characters and pick different choices. I also love that the games are filled with lore from dialogue or from reading books. It’s clear that a lot of thought went into the lore and story of these games! Overall, these games are a great way to relax and explore an expansive fantasy world!

Have you played any Elder Scrolls games? What do you think of the series?

Skryim and Escaping Anxiety

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I have always been anxious. I was an anxious kid and as an adult I now have acid reflux from being anxious. My brain needs an outlet to help it relax. Video games are a great way for me to relax my brain because I get to explore other worlds. Skyrim was a game I have heard about but did not have a chance to play. When I heard it was coming to the Nintendo Switch, I decided to try it. It sounded like a great idea; I could play Skyrim on my TV and on the go. It turns out the game would also be a much needed outlet to help me relax when life gets stressful.

Skyrim Intro and Riverwood

When I started up Skyrim and chose my character, I immediately went for the Khajiit because I could be a cat woman which sounded cool! After I got past the introduction and into the first town, Riverwood, I was in awe of all the things I could do. There were side quests I could start so I picked up as many as I could in the first area. I also found a man named Hod who gave me a job chopping wood. It was an easy way to make money and I found it relaxing. It was relaxing watching my character get paid to chop wood surrounded by the peaceful scenery of a quiet town.


After exploring Riverwood, I decided to follow the main quest to go to Whiterun. There I found even more side quests which I took the time to complete all of them. I also found an orphan, Lucia, who I befriended. I was told I could adopt her after I found a house.

I bought Breezehome after completing a side quest for the assistant to the Jarl of Whiterun. I then furnished the house and found that relaxing to find that once I was done the house looked beautiful, although small. It was a small wooden house with two floors.

Lucia was happy to have a home and called me Mommy. It was sweet to explore Whiterun and Lucia would be there and she would want to play games with me and I would bring her gifts. It was nice to load up the game and hang out with my video game child.

Building My First House

After progressing through the game further, I found out that I could build my own home after befriending the Jarl of Falkreath and earning the deed to build Lakeview Manor. The house has to be built from scratch and there are several rooms you can build.

As I chose what rooms to build I found myself making my dream home with a library and a greenhouse. It was soothing to spend time crafting the materials to build the outside of the house. I had to build the foundation and the walls and the roofs. I looked forward to slowly working on the house each day.

After I built the house, I had to furnish the house. It was fun getting to pick items to build like tables or chairs or bookshelves. It helped me take my mind off my stress because instead I was focusing on building and furnishing my dream home. After all the hard work was done, I was able to admire my work and live in a house that I had took the time to build all on my own.

The Journey Continues

I am still continuing to play the game slowly. I am exploring the world and doing all the side quests and have not continued the main quest yet. I enjoy helping other people with their problems and seeing how happy they are when they see me after I help them.

The game has helped me relax when I am stressed because I am in a different world and role playing as a different character because obviously I am not a cat lady in real life. What games help you relax when you are feeling stressed?