Childhood Games: Chicken Run

photo of walking rooster
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I wanted to end on Chicken Run after my Stop Motion Series since this game is based on a stop motion film. I consider this one of my scariest childhood games because it is the only game I can remember scaring me as a child. If you’ve seen the film, it might sound odd since it’s not that scary. But, the game over screen was too scary for me when I was young!

This is also a game that I did not finish and the first game I’ve talked about here that I just did not like. When I got this game, I would have been around 6. I played this on the PC and struggled with it due to it being scared of it. Let’s take a look back at Chicken Run!

Plot and Design

The plot of this game follows the film so it’s basically about chickens trying to escape their farm before their turned into pies!

This game was primarily a stealth game which is why it was tricky for a small child. You had to sneak around enemies, lights, and try not to make any noise as you collected items. If you were caught, the items were returned and you had to go back and find them again.

You had a danger meter. The meter would change colors to indicate danger with green meaning safe and red meaning Danger, Run! There were also platforming sections and mini games to change up the gameplay.

Why I Didn’t Finish

Mainly because it scared me! When you get caught, the screen goes black, the enemy fills up the screen, and it plays intense music like you really messed up. Look up “Chicken Run game over” on YouTube and you’ll see why that was scary to me at 6! The worst was the dogs which were the most common enemy to get caught by because they would growl menacingly at you. Also the first time I played this, I remember it being dark outside which made the game overs much worse!

The other reason why was because it was tricky. I struggled to complete the levels before walkthroughs existed. Then, I hit a wall towards the end of the game where you had to complete mini games in the final game to prepare the chickens to escape such as collecting eggs from the chickens. I struggled to beat them in time due to being young and just could not beat the game.

Childhood Nightmares

I do actually remember being afraid to sleep after playing the game the first time because of the dog game over. I was so slow playing the game because I needed courage to play it! It seems funny now to be that scared of Chicken Run as a kid, but that game over still freaks me out a bit.

Would I recommend this game? I’m honestly not sure because I haven’t played it in at least 15 years. I would say fans of stealth might like it. Just don’t get caught because you do not want to see that game over screen or get your items taken away!

What games do you remembering scaring you as a kid? Let me know!