Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Fun with Friends and Challenging!

luigi and super mario figure
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I started playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate  on the Nintendo Switch around Christmas. I enjoy this game! I started playing through the World of Light and unlocked some characters and then unlocked the rest by playing Classic Mode and spending a weekend playing the game with my friend!

World of Light

The single player story mode is fun, but challenging even on easy! But, that’s because this is actually my first Smash Bros. game so I am very new to the series. It is also challenging because you need to choose the right Spirits to make the battles easier. I managed to unlock a lot of characters, but I eventually decided to switch things up by trying out different modes.

Classic Mode

I really love this mode! It was so fun doing a short succession of battles to unlock characters. I used this to unlock most of the characters in this game. I loved getting to fight a final boss at the end of each character’s short story!

Spending Time with my Best Friend

This is what made the game become instantly special to me! By the time my friend had come over for the weekend, I had managed to unlock most of the characters with around maybe 20 left, including some characters that I was struggling to unlock! My friend came over and we played together. We played so many rounds that weekend that we unlocked all of the characters!

My friend also taught me how to play the game better since he grew up with Smash Bros. We took turns fighting to unlock the characters when they would appear for us to fight them. We also made each other laugh like when Snake appeared as a boss while we were playing the Smash mode and my friend won the round so he had to fight to unlock Snake as Jigglypuff and lost!  I think that the best way to unlock the characters was just playing together with a friend! It made the game special because my friend and I spend hours laughing and we were both really happy when we got the notification that we had unlocked all of the characters!

A Good Time Especially with Friends

I love fighting against Nintendo characters! My favorite characters to fight as are Bayonetta, Pikachu, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox, and Link! I also really enjoyed that I was able to spend a week playing together with my friend and that we worked together to unlock the last 20 characters!

This game is fun if you like fighting games or just went to spend fun times with your friends and family! But, it will take some time to unlock all the characters in the game!

What do you think of Super Smash Bros, Ultimate? What are your favorite characters to play as?