The World Ends With You: Final Remix – A Fascinating Journey

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I wrote a previous post on the first 7 days of The World Ends With You: Final Remix. In this post, I will give a full review of the main story of the game.


The story gets more and more intriguing in the second and final parts of the game. The second part focuses on Neku’s past while the third part focuses on an apocalyptic twist which I will not spoil because it was a fantastic and creepy twist! The final part of the story ties together all of the characters from the previous parts. The story was intriguing and honestly kept me hooked up until the very end! I wanted to play the game until I finished it and enjoyed the story every time I played more of it!

Neku’s Other Partners


Joshua was my least favorite personality wise, but this is done on purpose in the story. You are meant to be wary of him for reasons I will not spoil. In terms of gameplay, he was a really great partner because he could easily take enemies out once he got leveled up enough!


Beat was stubborn but he was also loyal to his friends. I liked learning about his character over the final part of the game. He was the hardest for me to control gameplay wise. I had to drag my finger over enemies and I struggled to use the dragging mechanic perfectly. This made the last part of the game challenging, but I also forgot to grind because I was so interested in the story so…. that was my other problem!


The final arc really kicked up the plot! Things started to crazy and Neku had to save Shibuya. The story had an amazing twist and I really enjoyed the ending of the game! The game ended really sweetly and made me feel really good at the end despite all that Neku and the other characters had been through!

Final boss

The final boss was a big snake! The final boss was not too bad but that’s because I switched to easy mode because the bosses were starting to get too tough! This is probably because I should have grinded more instead of obsessing over the story so much!


I thought the game was phenomenal, I highly recommend it! I loved the twists the story took, although some were predictable. The game has amazing music and I loved the use of touchscreen for combat! I also loved that you had to focus on partners and teamwork so you and Neku both learn how important it is to trust others which is a good message!

Have you played The World Ends With You? What did you think of the game?


The World Ends With You: Final Remix – First Seven Days

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I have been wanting to play this game, but decided to wait until The World Ends With You: Final Remix released on the Nintendo Switch. I did not know much about this game before playing it, I only knew the characters from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.


The story follows Neku who has to play The Reaper’s Game for seven days or else he will die permanently. He has to complete assignments each day with a partner. His first partner is Shiki, a fashionable girl who is outgoing and tends to look at her cellphone. Neku initially comes off as rude because he believes that it is not necessary to reach out to people or get close to people. But, Neku has so far slowly developed as a character throughout the game. He is slowly trying to understand people.


I love how this game emphasizes music! Music is great in this game and the music also has a unique sound. My favorite so far has been the music on the Main Menu. The first time I heard it, the dissonant piano mixed with the other instruments was jarring, but I grew to love it quickly!

TV versus Handheld Mode

This game can be played in either TV or handheld mode. In TV mode, you play with one JoyCon which acts as a pointer. The pointer controls where Neku goes and what pins he uses. Handheld mode relies on touchscreen so you use your finger guide Neku and use the pins. I prefer this mode because it was easier for me to control Neku. It was also fun to control the game with my fingers!


You fight with pins in this game. Each pin does different things like fire or slashing an enemy. You also have partner pins that summon a partner to help you fight. The pins need to recharge so you cannot keep spamming the same moves to win. There is also a sync meter that will trigger a powerful move with your partner when you use it.

The combat can be adjusted through difficulty. This is where the game encourages you to challenge yourself even if you usually play on easy like I do! The trick to getting the best pins in the game is to play the game on Normal or Hard and lower your level so enemies are tougher. You will get better  pins if you fight on Normal at level 1 than you would on Normal at your current level, like level 10.

The First 7th Day Boss

I took on the Game Master who turned into a wolf. I enjoyed that this boss meant you had to learn how to time your attacks by listening to what the boss said before he attacked. The boss defeated me the first time because I took too many hits, but I beat him the second time by being patient and uses the 100% sync special move that took away chunks of his health! Then the game took a sudden twist and I decided to play more of the game the next time I had free time.

Should you play it?

So far I definitely think this game is worth it! I enjoy playing it and look forward to playing it when I am not busy with grad school homework! I enjoyed the game so much, I bought my friend the DS game because he does not own a Switch and I knew he would also love the game! I enjoyed the first 7 days learning about Shiki’s story and seeing Neku slowly evolve as a character. I am interested in seeing why the game took the twist that it did (I won’t spoil it for you!) and I am interested in seeing how the story will develop!