In Third Person’s Playing Multiple Games

From what I gather, Luigi’s Mansion 3 isn’t a particularly long game. And yet here I am, having owned it since launch, still just a fraction of the way through it. A lot of things arose in the last few months that got in the way. Running the Extra Life marathon. The holidays. Writing for […]

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In Jett’s post, he talks about his backlog and playing more than one game at once. I also have a backlog, but I am doing things a bit differently. Jett decided to get rid of most of his backlog while I do still have games to play, but I did trade some games in if I knew I was not going to play them. I have not picked up Luigi’s Mansion 3 as I still want to finish the first game. But, I am juggling Tokyo Mirage Sessions for the Nintendo Switch and Xenoblade Chronicles 3D for the 3DS. I have been trying to finish Xenoblade Chronicles 3D for a while and decided to try again after I heard news of the Switch port. I will not be getting the Switch port because I have 60 hours into Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and that’s just halfway through the game. It is really long! Let Jett know what games you have been playing and about the state of your backlog here!

McKenna Talks About Games’s Favorite Things in Games

When I first started planning out this series, it was intended to be one post. But I kept thinking of more and more things that could fit in it, and I decided I was going to need a few posts – and the list could get longer as I play more games. So I’ll call […]

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I loved this post by Mckenna and I am looking forward to part 2! It’s fun to think of the little things you like in games! I do also like looking at auroras in video games because I like looking at night skies in video games! I have always loved looking at the stars so it is fun for me to see them in fiction. Another thing I like looking at is animals especially if they are fictional ones. I generally enjoy nature in video games. I like fishing in video games despite not enjoying it in real life because I find it relaxing! Let McKenna know what your favorite things in video games are in her post!

Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge – The Perfect Scary Game for Halloween

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Here’s one more spooky post for the day after Halloween. Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge is a point-and-click mystery game from Her Interactive. I loved this game as a kid and still do! I think it’s the perfect game to play on Halloween because it blends mystery and horror together really well! There’s just enough scary moments in the game to make it scary, but the mystery part of the story helps lessen the horror of the game so it’s perfect for anyone who likes horror or can only tolerate a little bit of horror.


This game takes place in Japan at a traditional ryokan hotel. The game teaches you about Japanese culture since Nancy Drew games also serve as a way of teaching you about different subjects. You also get to solve some really fun number puzzles like Sudoku.


Nancy Drew gets an opportunity to teach kids Japan while also staying at a ryokan hotel. Just like any other time Nancy Drew goes on vacation in these games, something is wrong. In this case, the hotel appears to be haunted by the ghost of Kasumi who died at the hotel while taking care of it. Nancy Drew must figure out if there really is a ghost at the hotel or something more sinister.


Since this is a mystery game, it’s very important we look at the characters or the suspects of the case.


She is the youngest daughter of Kasumi. She is not the next in line to inherit the ryokan after her mother. But, she still wants to take care of the hotel as a receptionist. She seems to be really sweet although also shy.


She is the oldest daughter of Kasumi and so she is supposed to inherit the ryokan. But, she really does not want to. She works at a bento place in the city and lives away from the ryokan.


He is the boyfriend of Miwako. He stays at the hotel and helps repair the hotel. He is a bit clumsy and also eccentric. He gets really excited over anything to do with robotics. He also bought a robotic cat for Miwako.


Takae is the grandmother of Miwako and Yumi. She is traditional and wants the hotel to go to Yumi, not Miwako. She enjoys teaching about Japanese traditions at the hotel and also appears to genuinely believes the hotel is haunted by Kasumi.

What makes the game scary?

This game is scary despite the simple 3D graphics and being a point-and-click adventure game. The horror comes from the atmosphere as well as the ghost itself. The ghost resembles the typical Japanese ghost like The Grudge. 


This game is my favorite not only for the Japanese theme, but also for the puzzles. There’s Sudoku, renograms (make a consecutive chain of numbers from 1 – 25 or more in a box, and nonograms (making pictures based on the numbers of squares you are supposed to fill in within a box). You can practice this puzzles through books with Rentaro and they later appear as much harder puzzles in the game.

There also is the major puzzle or mystery of whether the hotel is actually haunted which is fun as well! The game does have you guessing whether there is really a ghost or not which makes it really fun!

Spooky Fun

I highly recommend this game especially if you like point-and-click games, horror, or mystery games. It is really fun to solve the mystery and figure out who or what is responsible for the ryokan haunting. The story also allows you to learn more about Japanese culture. I love this game so much, I replayed it several times!

What games did you play on Halloween? Have you ever played a Nancy Drew game?

Trying Board Games With Friends: Bargain Quest and Kodama: The Tree Spirits

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My friends really like board games and I really wanted to give them a try! I am only familiar with the popular board games like Scrabble, Monopoly, Clue, and Life. I wanted to learn more about different board games and I got to play two with my friends!

Bargain Quest

Bargain Quest is a really interesting game where you play as a merchant selling armor to heroes who will fight three monsters. The winner has the most victory coins and money by the end of the game! I loved the twist of you being the merchant instead of the hero!

The board consists of a merchant shop where you have a display case where you can place one card that will attract a hero to your shop. Heroes have classes and the class of the hero must match the class of the item on the display case for them to visit your store. Once they visit your store, you can sell them your items as long as they have enough money and the items are the same class as your hero.

After that, the hero goes to battle with the monster. There are three stages of monsters in the game. They must have a higher attack and defense than the monster to both attack the monster and survive. A lower attack means no damage and a lower defense means the hero dies. The amount of times the monster needs to be attacked corresponds to how many people are playing the game. But, there is one more thing! You draw a situation card that affects your character like maybe their attack might increase or maybe nothing will happen. You can also buy cards with the money you earn that might help your character’s attack and defense.

I enjoyed being a merchant. I also enjoyed the art of the game because it has a cartoony art style! It was just a fun and light-hearted game. I would love to play the game again because it is so much fun selling to heroes and seeing how they do in battle with the items you gave them!

Kodama: The Tree Spirits.

This game is also really interesting because there’s no fighting or action involved. It is simply about building a tree for Kodama to live on.

You pick your trunk card and have to build branches from the trunk card. Branches must not overlap and branches can only contain a max of 10 points. Once a branch reaches 10, you need to start making new branches to build off of. Scoring comes from how many similar elements are on a branch like 2 caterpillars on a branch.

Scoring is divided into 4 seasons which each season having a different effect like mushrooms and flowers have the same score points so you can have a branch with mushrooms and connect that to a branch with flowers. Season scoring happens after every 4 turns.

You also get 4 Kodama to help you with scoring. At the end of each season, you pick a Kodama which affects scoring such as adding bonus points for how many branches are touching the trunk.

I loved how calming this was! I also loved that every 50 points, you got a Kodama to hang from your tree! The art style reminded me of Princess Mononoke especially the Kodama!

Thoughts on Board Games

I love how diverse board games are so far in terms of story and design! I am interested in playing more board games and seeing the different rules and strategy for the games!

Bargain Quest was fun because it involved a lot of strategy with making sure I had the right items that would help the heroes and me make money! Plus you could give the heroes fake items to make money off of if you really wanted to which was also funny!

Kodama: The Tree Spirits was relaxing! I enjoyed building a tree and trying to earn as much points as possible. It was nice to just spend time building a tree and making it look unique.

I loved the art for both games. I am interested in seeing more board game art because I love the different art styles! As for how I did, I did end up getting the lowest score for both games, but that did not matter to me because I was having so much fun! I hope to play more board games in the future!

What is your favorite board game?