Just Dance 2019: Fun for Stress!

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I got Just Dance 2019 on the Nintendo Switch after enjoying Just Dance 2018 on the Nintendo Switch! I found this game to be even more fun that the previous game because I really enjoyed the tracks and also was introduced to new songs such as “Mad Love”.

Favorite Tracks

“A Little Party Never Killed Nobody”

I love the music of the song and also love that you dance with a pretend cane in the song!

“Bang Bang Bang”

I love KPop and this is one of my favorite KPop songs so it was awesome being able to dance to the song!

“Mad Love”

I love that the dance is a duet with a ballroom style dance! I love the gestures and think they match well with the song!

“New Rules”

I love this song and find it to be fun to dance too!

“Rave in the Grave”

This is a fun Halloween song and I also love that the song involves moving around like a zombie!

“Sangria Wine”

This is one of my favorite songs before Just Dance and I enjoy being able to dance to it and do some of Camila Cabello’s moves in the dance!

“Work Work”

It is a fun song and I love the construction theme of the dance music video!

Fun and Relaxing Times For You or You and Friends!

This game helps with stress because it makes you get up and get moving which is good for my anxiety! Sometimes I can feel like I have this nervous energy trapped in my body when I get very anxious so it helps to let that nervous energy out!

I would also recommend playing this with friends as a friend game! I played Just Dance 2018 with a friend and enjoyed it!

Have you played Just Dance 2019? What did you think of the game? Also, what games do you play to help you with stress?




Why Are the Yakuza Games So Loved? A Look at Yakuza 0

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Yakuza 0 was not typically a game I would enjoy. I was never a fan of any mafia type dramas. But, after watching clips of it from YouTubers I loved watching, I had to play it for myself.

This game combines a dramatic story with ridiculous humor. I love this game series! I will examine why I love the series so much by looking at its prequel since that was the first game I played.


You play as Kazama Kiryu and Goro Majima. Kiryu is a young man who has been falsely accused of murdering a civilian. You have to find out why he was framed and why the place of the murder is so important to the Yakuza.

Kiryu is presented as a serious man. Even for being young he has a strong sense of duty and loyalty. He is loyal to his immediate family and the yakuza.

But, despite seeming to be so tough and serious, Kiryu is also very kind. He has a good heart as seen by his willingness to help his father figure and also how much he cares for his brother, Akira Nishikiyama.

Goro Majima is a civilian working a cabaret club. He is forced to run this club and earn money so he can became part of the Tojo Clan again. This version of Majima first appears to be a fun character because he is supposed to be the leader of a cabaret.

But, it is just a façade for a rigid and desperate character. He desperately wants back in the Tojo Clan and will do anything to go back. But, he is also has a heart. He decides to help a girl being targeted by the yakuza despite also being ordered to kill her.


The gameplay revolves around fighting. Kiryu and Majima have different styles of fighting. Each has four you can pick from. My favorite for Kiryu was his Rush Style because he moved very fast. My favorite overall was Majima’s Breaker style. He fights using break dancing moves which is both funny and effective in combat.

Side Content

This game has the weirdest side quests which makes it so fun to play. My favorite for Kiryu was his had to help protect a parody of Michael Jackson called Miracle Johnson. Miracle Johnson does the Michael Jackson moves and acts just like him. My favorite for Majima was taking down a weird cult with a ridiculous slogan and rituals.

There is also a lot to explore in this world. There are so many things to do! You can eat Japanese food to restore health. You can play Sega arcade games. You can also do disco and karaoke which were my favorites. The soundtracks for both the disco and karaoke songs are memorable and easily get stuck in your head!

Dramatic Story

Kiryu and Majima’s stories both have serious moments and heartfelt moments. Despite the absurdity of the world, these stories are emotional. Several times I cried from how emotional these stories can get. Majima’s backstory and Kiryu and Akira Nishikiyama’s moments made me cry the most.

Should you Play Yakuza Games?

I definitely think anyone should give these games a chance! But, it should be noted that this game is entirely in Japanese with subtitles so it will require a lot of reading.I would recommend at least trying the prequel if you are interested in giving the series a chance!

The games are ridiculously fun and have stories that are dramatic and touching. They have complex characters like Kiryu and Majima and characters that will make you laugh like Miracle Johnson. The side quests and exploration also are memorable and break up the serious moments in the story!

Have you played any Yakuza games? What did you think of Yakuza 0?

Horizon Zero Dawn and Appreciating Aloy’s Character

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I finished Horizon Zero Dawn a few months ago. I picked it up because of Aloy and my love for strong female protagonists. I ended up relating to Aloy which made me enjoy the game!


The game introduced me to Aloy’s origins. I learned that she is an outcast of the land. I also learned the mechanics of the game with Aloy’s father figure, Rost. He teaches Aloy how to take care of herself. This is an interesting way of teaching the game mechanics because it flows with the story instead of being a separate section of the game.

Next I learned that I can choose Aloy’s personality. She has set ways in which she will act, but there are dialogue options that allow me to influence her character. The first incident involved her being harassed by kids for being an outcast. I loved that they had this option because it really made me think. My gut reaction was to sometimes use the more aggressive options to fight back against how Aloy was treated, but I ultimately would always choose kindness.


After the tutorial, the story begins with Aloy wanting to learn more about her past and why she is an outcast by proving herself at the Proving. At the Proving houses, I was given another chance to show how Aloy would handle opposition. It was not easy picking what I know is right. I did not like how people treated Aloy for being an outcast, but I knew that it was better to treat those who treated her wrong with kindness rather that fighting them. I could relate to her being bullied because I have been bullied, but as an adult I believe that kindness is the better option.

At the proving, I loved how Aloy was portrayed. She was an athletic character despite her small size. She could take enemies down with spears. She could easily climb up structures like mountains and climb across thin ropes or rappel down surfaces.

Aloy is also cunning. She is able to track down enemies using her Focus. She can easily craft arrows and think of multiple ways to take down an enemy. I was awed by how inventive she was and how intelligent she was.

Journey Outside

The Proving turned out to be a massacre and Aloy is sent out as a Brave to find out who caused the massacre and why machines are being corrupted. Once I moved outside the introduction area, I found new monsters. I had to learn how to take them each down with the help of Aloy’s wits. The worst was a giant dinosaur like monster that took forever to defeat and was tough.

I also needed Aloy’s cunning and her athletics to gather collectibles in the game such as Vantage point that are on hard to reach and tall spaces. I had to climb up and try not to look down because the vantage points were very high up. Aloy did not care, she was not afraid of the heights or climbing because she knew she would land safely if she relied on her wits.

Why I Love Horizon Zero Dawn

I was so happy to play Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn. I enjoyed her story and watching how her character developed and how I was able to influence her character through the dialogue options.

I also like the armor in the game. Aloy’s armor was realistic. It looked like real armor for the time period. It was not armor that tried to sexualize her character. It was just there to protect her from the elements or from the machines.

I enjoyed that Aloy felt like a real person because she was someone I could easily relate to. We are both strong willed people that try to be brave. We also always try to do the right thing, at least in my portrayal of Aloy. I loved how much thought the developers put into creating Aloy’s character which is clear in how easy it is for me to see aspects of myself in her character.

My question for this week is what do you think of Aloy’s character? What female characters do you relate to?

Borderlands 2 and Games That Make You Laugh

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Borderlands 2 is a game that was recommended to me by Steam a few years ago. The game looked fun and seemed to not take itself seriously so I decided to get the game. It turned out to be one of my favorite games to play on my computer.

Picking a Character and Starting the Game

The game starts out by giving you various characters to choose from. I decided to choose Maya because she was a Siren which seemed to be a more magical based class which I thought that would be fun to play. I also loved her blue hair and how confident she looked.

The game starts with a train crash and I woke up to see a robot named Claptrap. Claptrap is known for being annoying. He is also very timid so he was not helpful at all when enemies would attack me because he would just run around and panic. So basically, he is the embodiment of my brain when it’s anxious!

He also got his eye taken by the first boss of the game, Knuckledragger. I love how all bosses are introduced by a big cutscene because the game wants you to know it is a “badass” game. He would throw ice and snow at me while Claptrap just ran around and ran into walls as I tried to get his eye back. After I got Claptrap’s eye back, I was introduced to the first open area of the game.

First World Area

I was first introduced to the voice of the main antagonist called Handsome Jack.  Handsome Jack made me laugh because he was so ridiculous. He buys a horse that is made out of diamonds? If that’s not weird enough, for some weird reason he names it Butt Stallion! Seriously?!

Next I meant Sir Hammerlock. He is a stereotypical gentleman hunter (think Nigel Thornberry from The Wild Thornberrys show). He made me laugh because he purposefully shocked Claptrap because he wanted Claptrap to shut up.

Later on, I meant bosses which I had to just stop and laugh at: Boom and Bewm. Yes that’s their names. They loved using explosions and I had to stop them while Claptrap did his usual helping of running around in sporadic circles. It was just funny seeing this two enemies running around finding every excuse to say “boom”. There’s great boss music that plays while you fight them so I enjoyed the ridiculous bosses with the battle music.

Enjoying the Game Further

The first open area in the game happens after you beat another ridiculous boss named Captain Flynt and go on a ship. I headed to the next open area to go to a place called Sanctuary.  I met other characters there such as Moxie and had to do more ridiculous quests with Sir Hammerlock. One of my quests involved him wanting to name a creature, but he could not come up with a name so she just started calling the creature childish names.

This game is full of humor and is a good game to play if you need a good laugh. Another part of the game I enjoyed was walking Tiny Tina’s dog which was an angry fire creature who I ended up taming and became my pet. I also enjoyed the bonus DLC where Tiny Tina basically turns Borderlands 2 into D&D.

My question for this week is what games do you play when you need a good laugh?

Blue Reflection and Enjoying Easy Games

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I have a confession to make: I play games on easy mode whenever I play them. My best friend has teased me about this because he enjoys challenging himself when he plays games while I enjoy playing them to relax and focus on the story.

A game that’s really easy that I found is Blue Reflection. It was advertised on PlayStation’s “Big in Japan” sale back in April. It was love at first sight because the game was a magical girl game and had beautiful music in the trailer.


The game introduced me to the protagonist, Hinako, a high school girl who used be a ballet dancer, but is unable to after hurting her leg. She is struggling to find meaning in her life without being able to dance anymore.

She enters into a magical realm after talking with a girl who all of a sudden starts laughing manically like she is possessed by something.  After hearing a voice explain to her that she has powers, she transforms into a magical girl and she is able to move like she used to before her leg injury. After she fights some enemies and exits the realm, she finds that the girl has returned to normal. She then meets Yuzuki and Lime who are also magical girls and explain to her that she is a special fighter called a Reflector. They also tell her that if she fights she can have a wish granted, so she can wish for her leg to be fully healed.

The game is separated into various chapters made up of socializing with friends, exploring the magical realm, and fighting monsters that are causing high school girls emotions to go rampant. There are also a few major boss fights at the ends of some chapters.

Continuing Through the Game

As I progressed through the game, it never got challenging. The focus of the game is more about the story of Hinako finding meaning in her life through helping others rather than isolating herself and focusing on her inability to dance. The combat is fun and the music in the story is beautiful. The music sounds like dancing music so it fits with Hinako’s dream to dance again.

The major boss fights have a bit of challenge to them, but it is more because they last much longer than the mini bosses. The combat is still engaging with each girl using different weapons. My favorite was Lime because she fought with a teddy bear, but was the strongest girl in the game. It was really funny seeing her decimate enemies with a magical stuffed animal.

The strength of this game is the story. Seeing Hinako mature as a character and learning about why monsters are targeting high schools girls was interesting. The game has a lot of cutscenes and dialogue which may turn some players away, but it was fun for someone like me who enjoys games for the story. I would recommend giving this game a chance because it is a fun magical girl game.

Do you enjoy playing games on easy mode or challenging yourself?