OverThinker Y’s Thoughts on Skyrim’s Popularity

I first picked up Skyrim on the day it came out: November 11th, 2011. I remember ‘cos there was that super badass advert with the ‘huh, hoh, hwaaaaah‘, and at the end the 11-11-11 turned sideways and turned into SKYRIM and it was awesome. (Note, having gone and looked for that trailer: I may have […]

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Chris from OverThinker Y wrote about how Skyrim is successful and discusses how people play the game! Skyrim is a game that is extremely popular! When I started getting back into gaming in college, I kept hearing how I should play it. When I received the Switch and Skyrim was announced I decided it was finally time to try the game out!

As for how I am playing, I am actually playing it exactly how Chris first played it. I am attempting to do everything. That’s why it’s taking me so long to play the game because I go to towns and do all the side quests and I have barely even touched the main story!

I did some minor roleplaying with my character where I choose a name that sounded like it would be from the Khajiit, Do’ Aziraya. I did imagine her personality so I would know what choices to pick in quests. She is a warrior that does use stealth and she has a loving wife and family. I decided that she would fall in love with Aela after training to be a member of the Companions and that she adopted one child who she met on the streets and another child who was in an abusive orphanage.

Generally my character is chaotic good so she tends to try to make good decisions, but she can just be completely chaotic in both choices and combat.

Read the article here and let Chris know how you play Skyrim!


Double Jump’s Favorite Single-Player Games

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s post goes along with our #GamingTogether posts that we put up on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, with the question regarding single-player games. With eSports and online play, single-player games tend to be pushed aside for multiplayer experiences, yet single-player games tend to have more flushed-out stories. Core Pokemon Games While I […]

via Friday Favorites: Single-Player Games — Double Jump

Double Jump wrote about their favorite single player games! I mostly play single-player games because I love games that focus on story! Check out the article here!

Some of my favorites include:

  • Legend of Zelda games

I love the Zelda games I have played so far with my favorite being either Twilight Princess HD or Wind Waker HD both on the Wii U.

  • Kingdom Hearts games

I love this series because I love going to Disney worlds and the overall theme of friendship!

  • Persona 5

Persona 5 is an amazing game! I enjoyed the story focusing on redemption and strengthening bonds! I loved it some much, I got Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden on the PlayStation Vita so I could experience more Persona games!

  • Horizon Zero Dawn

I loved playing as Aloy! She is definitely one of my favorite protagonists and I also love the story of the game!

  • Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

This is one of my favorite RPGS of all time! I love the large story and the two DLCs! It is a phenomenal game and I enjoyed playing through it!

Couch Bandits: Kingdom Hearts 3 Features

Fortissimona is back, and this time, she’s outlined the features she’s most excited to explore in Kingdom Hearts 3.

via Most Exciting New Features in Kingdom Hearts 3 — The Couch Bandits

Fortissimona wrote on The Couch Bandits blog about features in Kingdom Hearts 3! I enjoyed reading this article because I am excited to play Kingdom Hearts 3 on Tuesday! The article covers new features that will be in the game which makes me more excited to play it! Check out the article here!

Adventure Rules Personal Reflection on “Let it Go and Move On” From Ace Attorney

Identifying with a video game character can be cool – until you identify with a cautionary tale.

via “Let it Go, and Move On” – Seeing Myself in Ace Attorney’s Nahyuta Sahdmadhi — Adventure Rules

Ian from Adventure Rules related the phrase “Let it Go and Move On” said by Nahyta Sahmadhi in Ace Attorney to his life. The post is an important discussion on mental health and how using “Let it Go and Move On” properly helps Adventure Rules with his mental health. It also contrast Ian’s idea of “Let it Go and Move On” to Nahyta’s idea of “Let if Go and Move On.” I am glad that Ian took the courage to write such a personal post because mental health is important to take care of. I myself have anxiety and could learn to “let go” of where I think I should be in life or worrying about the future. Check out the post here and maybe you could learn some ideas on how to take care of your mental health as well!

Siobhan’s Article on The Importance of Watching Animation

Good animation is like a drug to me, it can completely intoxicate me, leaving me in a state of stupor. It doesn’t happen often because so many mainstream studios tend to stick with what is considered safe at the time. But every so often there are moments in certain animated films that grab me, the […]

via “Just a Cartoon”: It’s Time to Get Over the Stigma Attached to Animation! —

Siobhan wrote an article on why enjoying animation is not childish. I wholeheartedly agree with her! I love animation from films to anime. I also find them to be just as compelling as live action films! Sometimes I prefer them to live action films because I enjoy the art and work that goes into making animation! I also love that each animation has it’s own unique style like Studio Ghibli films! I do not like when watching animation is seen as being childish because animation is for everyone to enjoy and some animation is not even made for children! Enjoy the article and tell her your thoughts by clicking on the link here!

Adventure Rules’ Top Tabletop Characters

Luna from Gamers United asks: what character do I like to play the most in tabletops?

via Ranking My Tabletop Characters and Their Classes: A Charming and Open Top Five — Adventure Rules

Adventure Rules wrote an interesting article recently about his tabletop characters! I loved this article because I have started getting into tabletop games! My friend convinced me to try D&D a couple of years ago and I am currently on my second session! I have played three characters!

  1. A Druid who could turn into animals and had a direwolf. I made her personality like mine except she was more bolder than I am.
  2. A Phoenix Sorceress who was a femme fatale
  3. A Half-elf Fey Warlock Monk. I made her a shy, intelligent goth who is working for Sherlock (played by another person in our campaign and yes the character is based on Sherlock Holmes!)

I think my favorite was my Druid because I loved being able to turn into animals, but I am slowly loving my Warlock Monk as well since I really developed her as a character so I could get better at role-playing!

You can check out Adventure Rules article here!


The Well-Red Mage’s The Christmage Collab

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. -Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

via “Experience the Magic… The Christmage Collab is Coming to Town!” — The Well-Red Mage

The Well-Red Mage is doing a Christmas Collaboration post with other bloggers! It will be a fun way to count down until Christmas and I look forward to reading the posts! Check out the list here!

Simpleek’s Friendsgiving with Characters from Video Games

Thanksgiving is just a few days away for many Americans who celebrate it. It’s a time for family (or friends) to gather together once more to give thanks for what we have and to eat ourselves into a turkey induced coma. While I look forward to piling my plate high with turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, […]

via Give Thanks: Video Game Characters I Would Have Friendsgiving With — simpleek

I loved this post by simpleek! I love the idea of spending Thanksgiving with your favorite video game characters! I’m not sure who I would pick. I would definitely want Alloy from Horizon Zero Dawn there and The Phantom Thieves from Persona 5. Check out the post by clicking here and let simpleleek know who you would want to be at your Friendsgiving!

Normal Happenings’ The Games That Define Us Collab

If you’re new to “The Games That Define Us,” the adventure map is the perfect place to start. Video games exist as fragments on the timeline of our lives, and each one of us have chosen the adventure we feel most defines us.

via Adventure Map | The Games That Define Us — Normal Happenings

Normal Happenings is currently collaborating with other bloggers to come up with a series of posts about games that are an important part of someone’s life. I really enjoy this concept because it is another reason why I love games; they can have a lasting impact on anyone’s life. Check out the ongoing collaboration here and enjoy all the bloggers talking about games that are special to them!