Real Neat Blog Award Nomination

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I was nominated by the Real Neat Blog Award by Fitzy Game Time! I am so happy that this is my first Real Neat Blog Award and second blog award nomination! I am also happy that my blog is considered “neat” because I really do want to use my blog to talk about video games and why they are so special to me and other gamers! Thank you to Fitzy Game Time and you can check out a post I like of Fitzy’s here!


Fitzy noted the rules of the blog and I will do the same here! The rules are:

  1. Show the logo
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their blog
  3. Answer the questions
  4. Nominate 7-10 bloggers
  5. Ask them 7 questions

The scenario and questions I have are:


Scenario: You wake up to find yourself strapped to a cold metal table. You glance around and notice a lot of fancy technology but a bunch of stuff that bears a striking resemblance to video game consoles.  You see a bunch of moving things in the corner of your eye. They turn to look at you as you quickly look away from them. You spy a window and quickly realise that you are flying through space. Then it dawns on you, you’re aboard an alien spaceship.


1. From the darkness you hear the things conversing with each other. It sounds eerily similar to a made up language you’ve heard in a video game. What games language do they sound like?

The language that this being is speaking is Hylian from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD on the Wii U. I love the way the language sounds and I also love the writing system of the language!

2. One of the moving things starts shuffling towards you, as it gets closer you start to make out its shape. You can’t believe it but it’s a being that you know from video games. What is it, from which series and why does that particular being terrify you? 

A terrifying being would be a xenomorph from Alien: Isolation on the PC. I played that game and every time I played it that terrifying alien would appear in my dreams! I do not like that it cannot be killed and that it is super fast and quiet and can appear anywhere!

3. The being realises that it has startled you. It clicks a button and begins talking to you in English. It explains that a translator has been activated and that it can still sense your duress. It says it wishes to play a song for you, a song of your choosing from video games to help calm you down. Which video game song do you pick?

I pick “Somnus” from Final Fantasy XV on the PlayStation 4. That song has soothed me since I first picked up the game. My friend also learned it on the piano and plays it for me when I am anxious.

4. After you calmed down, the being clicks a button and you are released from the table. The being explains that it has been watching Earth for a long time and their race has a fascination with Earth’s video games. They wish to join Earth in its gaming culture and the being explains that they love local competitive video games. The being requests that the two of you play a friendly match together. It requests that you pick any game that has existed on any gaming system (PC included) but that the game must include alien races, as the beings find the exclusion to be upsetting to them. It doesn’t need to their species but something beyond Earth. The being suggests that if you win the game, it will show you around the ship. Realising that this may be your best chance to escape, what game do you pick that you feel confident in winning?

I do not play many competitive games so this one will be tricky. But, I do have one that does include an alien and I would be good at as long as it is on easy. I would pick Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch. The alien races in this games are Goombas and the Toads and Bowser looks alien enough! Super Mario Party would give me an advantage when it comes to the minigames because I know some of the minigames so I should be able to beat them in the minigames! I would also have an advantage of playing the game beforehand so I would know how to win the game.

5. After you win the match, the being praises you to all its fellow crew. They rejoice and hail you as Earth’s champion. The alien then requests you follow it around the ship. As you walk through the long corridors, you come across a wall of familiar weapons. On the wall is dozens upon dozens of weapons from video games. But, the weapons are half and half. The being explains that something went wrong and all the weapons were split in half and then merged with a random weapon. They all worked though and the beings liked the results so they kept them. Amongst the weapons you spot a weapon ideal for your current situation. You lunge for the weapon and proceed to go through with the act of escaping. What weapon fusion have you chosen and why? (For the sake of the following questions, it can’t be a weapon that would get you off the ship.)

The weapon is a fusion of the Monado from Xenoblade Chronicles 3D for the Nintendo 3DS and Bayonetta’s Scarborough Fair guns from Bayonetta for the Nintendo Switch. The Monado is a sword that can cut through robots so it would be powerful against the xenomorphs. Bayonetta’s Scarborough Fair weapons would be able to hurt the xenomorphs from a distance and they are magical so they should definitely be able to protect me from the xenomorphs!

6. After your altercation with the being, you make a dash in the opposite direction from where you woke. As you run you hear a blaring noise and realise that the alarm has been sounded. You enter a new room and before you you see an escape pod. You go to enter the shuttle but quickly realise that you best prepare yourself first. At the back of the room and spy a row of containers, each with a spacesuit. The beings have created fully functioning spacesuits from video games. Each one with the abilities of their video game counterparts and fully stocked with oxygen. How convenient, you think! Which spacesuit do you take and why?

The spacesuit I choose would look like Bayonetta’s. I love the costume design from the first Bayonetta for the Nintendo Switch. It looks comfortable and like it would be fun to wear! I also find it funny to imagine someone creating a spacesuit that has heels!

7. After suiting up, you enter the pod. Before you is a mouse, keyboard and a display screen. The screen prompts you to press the Esc button to launch the shuttle. So you do just that. The escape pod breaks away from the ship and hurtles through space. The screen prompts you to type in your destination. EARTH you type. ‘Insufficient fuel’ the screen unfortunately tells you. The display then prompts a list of choices for you in the vicinity. It details a bunch of prototype worlds that the beings had set up. Each world has been created to resemble a video game world and has Earth’s atmosphere implemented on it. On the list you spy a place that you recognise from your games and you decide that that *Blank* Planet  is ideal for you. What planet is it and why?

Oh this is a tough one! There are so many video game world I would love to visit! I think I’ll go with Skyrim from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch. This is my choice because the world is so vast I have yet to explore all of it! I am still playing through the game mainly focusing on side quests. I would choose this world because I would love to build a house there and try Sweet Rolls and explore the world and make friends with the various people of Skyrim. Plus, I would love to see a dragon! Although from a distance, not destroying whatever town I am living it! I find Skyrim to be so peaceful and sometimes like to play it when I am stressed because it calms me to be in a different world. I could easily imagine myself settling down in a house I build with a family and working in one of the villages!

Questions and Nominations

Scenario: You wake up to start your day going to school or work. Except this isn’t your bed and this room is not your room. On a closer inspection you do begin to notice that this room is familiar to you. You rise to get dressed and leave the room.


  1. You step outside to find out you are in the world of the game that you most recently played! What game would that be?
  2. An ally approaches you to help you find out how you were transported to this game. The problem is this ally happens to be the most annoying video game character you can think of. Who is it why are they so annoying to you?
  3. You and your ally venture out to find out why you have become trapped in another world. But, before you leave you need something to fight with? What weapon do you choose from a video game?
  4. After journeying for a while you come to a strange glitch. It seem that the last video game you played has turned into something terrifying. It has turned into the scariest video game you have played? What game would this be and why is it so terrifying?
  5. The person who transported you here is in this world. His motive is he wants to take over the human world by removing the humans from the human world and transporting them to various video game worlds. This villain is also the most powerful video game villain you can think of. Who is this villain?
  6. You’re really struggling to take down this villain and your annoying ally really is not helping things. At least they seem to be annoying the boss! They annoy him so much that you manage to sneak away while the boss is distracted and pick up an item that allows you to call another ally. Which ally do you really want on your side? Pick your favorite video game character that you think can take down this boss!
  7. After successfully defeating the boss, it is time to return home. You find the machine the boss built to transport humans to the video game worlds and you decide to destroy it after you set it up to return you home. But, first you decide to visit your favorite game from your childhood? What childhood game do you decide to visit? 

My nominees are:

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Thank you to Fitzy for my Neat Blog Award nomination!


Yakuza 6: The Song of Life – A Thrilling Conclusion to Kiryu’s Story

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I was so excited to play Yakuza 6 after beating Yakuza 0!  I wanted to see how Kiryu’s story would end!


The story starts out peacefully. Kiryu has returned home after serving time in prison. But, the girl he raised named Haruka is missing. After searching for Haruka and finding out that not only does she have a son, but someone is trying to kill her and her son, Kiryu goes on a journey to find the father of Haruka’s son and also find out who is after Haruka and her child!

Rock the Controller!

This was one of the funniest parts of the game! Because Kiryu is taking care of a small child, you do sometimes have to take the child out on walks and stop to comfort him. You have to physically rock the controller up and down and from side to side like you would an actual baby! I felt ridiculous rocking a PlayStation 4 controller, but I did manage to soothe the baby and maybe the controller felt soothed as well!

Cat Cafe

One of my favorite side quests! A man wants to own a cat cafe, but he does not actually have any cats because cats don’t like him. So Kiryu must feed stray cats and take them to the cat cafe. I loved helping stray cats! I also loved that you got to visit them and they would be happy to see you! You can also feed the cats at the cafe!

Spear Fishing

I loved the fishing side quest although I did not finish it! It was fun to explore the ocean and catch fish even thought the path was linear. I also loved that you could collect treasure and there was a big fish to fight and catch at the end!

Favorite Side Quests

I Hiji

This one was so creepy! It was like my worst nightmare imaging AI trying to take over the world! But, it was also funny that Kiryu finally gets a smart phone and now his smart phone has been invaded by intelligent AI! He was so confused!

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

I loved this movie so it was so cool to see it referenced in my favorite video game series! The side quest was entertaining and a treat to anyone who knew the movie it was referencing!

The Curse of Onomichi

This was a really cool and spooky side quest. The Yakuza games tend to be as realistic as possible so it was fun seeing ghosts in the game and fighting ghosts!

Oh No! It’s Ono Michio!

This one deserves a big heading because it is my top favorite moment in the game! This side quest had me crying from laughter and I loved telling my friend about what I was seeing!

So Kiryu is convinced by a desperate man to be a mascot and he has to be cute like a mascot so he has to say things like “oh no” and strike a cute pose! It was so funny seeing this tough character just say “oh no” especially when kids were hitting him! The other funny part was that one of the kids had a voice actor that was definitely not a child so he sounded much more grown up than the other children did!

My second favorite part was you have to do a talk show. One of the questions was what does Ono Michio like to eat? Now you are supposed to talk about ramen because he has a ramen hat on his head, but there was an answer you could pick about liking sexy women so I picked that! It was so funny seeing the kids and adults react to a child’s mascot saying something inappropriate!

Thrilling Conclusion

The story has many twists, my favorite was who Haruka’s father was and an unexpected betrayal that occurs withing the story that I will not spoil. I also will not spoil the ending but I did like the ending! The ending was not what I expected would happen, but I found it to be fitting for Kiryu’s character.

Yakuza 6: Fun For Everyone

I highly recommend playing the conclusion to the Yakuza games featuring Kiryu! There are so many fun things to do in the game like karaoke and the cat cafe. I also loved the story and some of the side quests!

Have you played Yakuza 6? What did you think of the game?

The Well-Red Mage’s The Christmage Collab

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. -Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

via “Experience the Magic… The Christmage Collab is Coming to Town!” — The Well-Red Mage

The Well-Red Mage is doing a Christmas Collaboration post with other bloggers! It will be a fun way to count down until Christmas and I look forward to reading the posts! Check out the list here!

Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! A Delightful Remake From My Childhood!

yellow pikachu plushmascot
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I played Pokemon: Fire Red on the Game Boy Advance as a child.  I remember liking the bright colors and the colorful Pokemon like Charmander. When I found out Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! was coming out and that Pikachu would be my main companion, I was super excited to play it!

Why I Chose Lets Go: Pikachu

I honestly chose this version because I have always adored Pikachu ever since the anime and games came out! Pikachu is one of my favorite Pokemon! I love Pikachu so much, I got the Build-a-Bear plush Pikachu when it came out!


So far, Pikachu has been adorable! I love petting Pikachu and find that this makes the game very relaxing! I also like the cute outfits although I only have one so far! It’s very adorable that Pikachu is always on my shoulder wearing whatever outfit I put on him. I found the introduction to Pikachu to be really cute when I caught him and he took off in the ball and I had to find him!


The catching mechanic has changed, but I like it! I am used to battling the Pokemon to catch them, but I did not mind the throwing minigame. I find that it encourages me to want to catch all the Pokemon when I usually just pick out my favorites. It is also nice that all the Pokemon show on the screen so I know who I am catching instead of having to walk around in the grass waiting for a random battle to occur.

I also like that the Pokemon in your inventory have the same pixelated look and also make the screeching sounds like the old games did. It reminded me of Pokemon: Fire Red and really made me smile!

Trainer Battles

This is where Pokemon will battle each other now. I love the titles the trainers are given in all the games like Bug Catcher when they are wearing bug catcher gear. I also love that they have tougher trainers for a big of a challenge. I always loved fighting trainers in Pokemon so it is nice that they are still around!

Gym Leaders

I have no idea how many I beat in Pokemon: Fire Red, but I do not think I got too far. I remember being more interested in catching Pokemon, then fighting the gym leaders when I was young.

In this game, I have beaten one gym leader, and will be close to taking on the second gym leader! The games does make gym leaders easier because it stops me from progressing if I do not have the right Pokemon. So I could not get my ass kicked by Brock for not thinking of bringing a grass Pokemon this time! I did like the warning, but I could understand that this might turn off veterans since the game will not let you progress if you are not prepared. I loved Brock because he calls his Pokemon “rock-hard”, apparently my humor has not changed since I was a kid!

Favorite Moments

I have always loved naming Pokemon in this game because I am honestly terrible at naming things. My highlights include:

  • an Oddish named Raddish
  • a Bulbasaur named Lettuce
  • a Magikarp named Floppy because it just flops around
  • a Zubat named Batman
  • a Geodude named DUUUUUDE

My other favorite moment was naming a Clefairy after my friend who also likes Pokemon! I picked Clefairy because he loves to sing! I have a Giant Clefairy named after my friend following me around and I tell my friend what the Clefairy does like if he helped me find something or splashed himself with a fountain!

My final favorite moment was the joy of getting a Butterfree. I caught a Metapod and kept it in my party so it would level up and evolve into a Butterfree! I was so happy that I managed to evolve my Metapod!

A Chance to Relive Your Childhood

It was really nice to relive my memories of Pokemon: Fire Red on the Game Boy Advance while playing this game! I enjoyed playing it and cannot wait to play more! I will definitely get farther than I did as a kid because I remember being more interested in catching Pokemon than fighting gym leaders.

I love having Pikachu as a virtual pet that is also a super powerful Pokemon! I also cannot wait to get to the Let’s Go park so I can transfer my Pokemon to Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu!

Have you played Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu or Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee? What did you think of these games?


Simpleek’s Friendsgiving with Characters from Video Games

Thanksgiving is just a few days away for many Americans who celebrate it. It’s a time for family (or friends) to gather together once more to give thanks for what we have and to eat ourselves into a turkey induced coma. While I look forward to piling my plate high with turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, […]

via Give Thanks: Video Game Characters I Would Have Friendsgiving With — simpleek

I loved this post by simpleek! I love the idea of spending Thanksgiving with your favorite video game characters! I’m not sure who I would pick. I would definitely want Alloy from Horizon Zero Dawn there and The Phantom Thieves from Persona 5. Check out the post by clicking here and let simpleleek know who you would want to be at your Friendsgiving!

Yakuza Kiwami 2: The Battle Between the Dragons

black dragon roof ornament
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The plot of Yakuza Kiwami 2 takes place after Yakuza Kiwami. I loved this game and the story! The game has a similar style to the previous games with a serious main story and ridiculous side quests!


The story follows Kiryu after he decides to step down from being a yakuza to live a normal life. He gets dragged back into helping the yakuza after his replacement is murdered. This is also the story of Kiryu versus Ryuiji who both have dragon tattoos on their backs.

The plot of the game is complex involving different clans and gangs with many surprises int the plot. I found the story to be entertaining and was excited to see how the story progressed!

Favorite Side Quests

Be My Baby

This side quest is very strange, but also funny. It involves Kiryu taking on men dressed as actual babies! I could not stop laughing about how ridiculous it was to see Kiryu fighting grown men dressed as babies!

The Name of Art

Kiryu is modeling in this side quest. It is funny because you can pick his poses and I picked some really funny ones like I got him to do a cute maid pose!

Kazuma Kiryu: Professional Voice Actor

Kiryu is pushed to do voice acting by a desperate man who needs a voice actor for a video game. I loved that Kiryu had no idea what the plot of the video game was until he got there and that I could also choose his dialogue! I also loved the meta part of this side quest of a voice actor playing a character, Kiryu, who is voice acting as a high school student

Fun Moment

My favorite moment is the game was I was playing while I was talking with a friend of mine on the phone. I came across a side quest where a guy wanted me to hit him and his name was Mr. Try and Hit Me. I was laughing and I made my friend laugh too. I also like that this guy was so easy because I hit him once and beat the side quest!

Bonus: Majima’s Chapters

These bonus part of the games follows Majima while Kiryu’s replacement, Terada, is in charge. It was fairly short, only a few hours long, but it was enjoyable.

The only downside is Majima is already fully leveled up so he will not learn new moves. The game makes up for this by adding bosses you can fight as you play through Majima’s short story. I loved Majima’s fighting style because he is more chaotic and fast than Kiryu is.

The best part of this bonus content was something that I cannot spoil. All I can say is a major character from Majima’s story in Yakuza 0  comes back! The conclusion was really sweet and I cried over the ending!

Fiery Ending

I loved the concept of the story of the two dragons fighting. The final boss was quite difficult! First of all, there are multiple final bosses, not just one. On top of that, the last final boss has so many health bars that there were not enough colored bars to depict his health so it took time for his health bar to change colors.

The only thing I did not like is you have to defeat the boss with a QTE which I missed because I did not hit the button fast enough. When that happened, I had to restart the entire boss fight! Luckily, I was able to beat the boss the second time around!

I highly recommend this game to anyone who loves the Yakuza games and has played Yakuza Kiwami. This game is a direct sequel to Yakuza Kiwami so playing this first game will help you understand the context of this game!

Have you played Yakuza Kiwami 2? What did you think of the game?


Normal Happenings’ The Games That Define Us Collab

If you’re new to “The Games That Define Us,” the adventure map is the perfect place to start. Video games exist as fragments on the timeline of our lives, and each one of us have chosen the adventure we feel most defines us.

via Adventure Map | The Games That Define Us — Normal Happenings

Normal Happenings is currently collaborating with other bloggers to come up with a series of posts about games that are an important part of someone’s life. I really enjoy this concept because it is another reason why I love games; they can have a lasting impact on anyone’s life. Check out the ongoing collaboration here and enjoy all the bloggers talking about games that are special to them!

Yakuza Kiwami: A Fantastic Drama

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I started Yakuza Kiwami after I finished Yakzua 6 (which I will do a review on in the future). I did a previous post on Yakuza Kiwami focusing on Majima Everywhere which I thought was a fun feature. The entire game had a great story that kept me hooked until the very end.

Majima Everywhere Progress

I reached the S ranking by the time I finished the game, but I did not complete it. I did not go any further because I had reached the end of the game and really wanted to finish the story. I loved that by the time I reached S rank, Majima would pop up everywhere. He would not come out of sewers, corners, or walk up right behind me to surprise me. I also liked the challenge because he had multiple health bars. I thoroughly enjoyed having this feature in the game because I love Majima as a character and also loved the challenge of fighting him!


The story begins with Kiryu going to prison for a crime his brother Nishiki committed. After being released from prison, he finds out that Nishiki has become a completely different person and his clan has lost 10 billion yen. He also finds a young girl named Haruka lost on the streets who is looking for her mother and he decides to help her because the yakuza are after her. The story is really heart breaking, but it is also captivating so you just want to keep playing. The heart breaking moments come from seeing Kiryu’s brother completely change and other moments in the story that had me crying.

Side quests

The side quests in Yakuza are always entertaining and unique. Here are some of my favorites:

Bump and Scam

These are several side quests that involve some gangs attempting to scam people by pretending that you hurt them by walking into them. Kiryu would get angry and fight them and they would always run away and get scared, but then they would come back and the repetition made the side quest funny!

The Little Match Girl

This one was so heartfelt. A girl was selling matches from her family so she could afford a gift for someone she loved. I just really wanted to help her because she was so kind!

Bad Ass Dads

A really hilarious side quest! A reporter is reporting on a phenomenon of girls being attracted to bad ass dads. Kiryu competes with two other characters in the game who are fathers in a competition to find out who is the most bad ass dad. It was really entertaining to see men getting caught up in a really funny competition and I also loved picking the answers that would make Kiryu win.  Kiryu won because I picked the right answers and all the other fathers were disappointed.

Favorite Moments

I loved how Kiryu and Haruka interacted. Kiryu became like a father figure to her and looked out for her. I ended up loving her too so I would always be worried about her and wanted to make sure she was safe like Kiryu. Any time she was in trouble Kiryu and I would both rush in to save her.

I also loved the ending. The ending was very emotional. Nishiki comes back in the final scenes and I will not spoil what happens. All I can say was I was crying both from the sadness of the final scene, but also the hope. The game also made my cry and gave me chills when the credits played a cover of “Amazing Grace.” This song was perfect for that final scene and wrapped up the game perfectly. I felt comforted by hearing one of my favorite songs play as the credits rolled.

Highly Recommended

I would recommend this game if you love action games. I would also recommend this game if you love stories with drama since the main story is very dramatic. It is also a very unique game that combines a drama filled plot with humorous side quests and activities like arcade games and karaoke.

Have you played Yakuza Kiwami? What did you think of the game?

Winst0lf’s Post on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


“Show a little more respect… For Faerie Tales…” -Sydney Losstarot, Vagrant Story

via The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2015) [PS4] — The Well-Red Mage

Winst0lf – The Bizzaro Mage wrote an amazing post on The Well Red Mage’s blog. Winst0lf gives a review of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt which is one of my all time favorite games. I loved the story, graphics, music, and the world! I loved the game so much, I picked up the books so I can read about The Witcher once I get around to reading them! Enjoy the post by clicking here!

The World Ends With You: Final Remix – A Fascinating Journey

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I wrote a previous post on the first 7 days of The World Ends With You: Final Remix. In this post, I will give a full review of the main story of the game.


The story gets more and more intriguing in the second and final parts of the game. The second part focuses on Neku’s past while the third part focuses on an apocalyptic twist which I will not spoil because it was a fantastic and creepy twist! The final part of the story ties together all of the characters from the previous parts. The story was intriguing and honestly kept me hooked up until the very end! I wanted to play the game until I finished it and enjoyed the story every time I played more of it!

Neku’s Other Partners


Joshua was my least favorite personality wise, but this is done on purpose in the story. You are meant to be wary of him for reasons I will not spoil. In terms of gameplay, he was a really great partner because he could easily take enemies out once he got leveled up enough!


Beat was stubborn but he was also loyal to his friends. I liked learning about his character over the final part of the game. He was the hardest for me to control gameplay wise. I had to drag my finger over enemies and I struggled to use the dragging mechanic perfectly. This made the last part of the game challenging, but I also forgot to grind because I was so interested in the story so…. that was my other problem!


The final arc really kicked up the plot! Things started to crazy and Neku had to save Shibuya. The story had an amazing twist and I really enjoyed the ending of the game! The game ended really sweetly and made me feel really good at the end despite all that Neku and the other characters had been through!

Final boss

The final boss was a big snake! The final boss was not too bad but that’s because I switched to easy mode because the bosses were starting to get too tough! This is probably because I should have grinded more instead of obsessing over the story so much!


I thought the game was phenomenal, I highly recommend it! I loved the twists the story took, although some were predictable. The game has amazing music and I loved the use of touchscreen for combat! I also loved that you had to focus on partners and teamwork so you and Neku both learn how important it is to trust others which is a good message!

Have you played The World Ends With You? What did you think of the game?