Yuna: The Character That Defines Us Collab with Normal Happenings

We grew. We learned and overcame our circumstances. We managed to keep being true to ourselves while becoming stronger and putting ourselves first for the first time ever.

via Yuna: The Character That Defines A Geeky Gal — Normal Happenings

I enjoyed this post by A Geeky Gal on Normal Happenings. I am somewhat familiar with Yuna from the time I’ve spend playing Final Fantasy X. I love that she uses healing magic to heal her party and is also a powerful summoner. I really enjoyed A Geeky Gal’s analysis of her and also how she related to Yuna. Read the post here and enjoy A Geek Gal’s perspective on Yuna!

Backlog Crusader’s Analysis of Wolven Storm

Yennefer. Who is she, really? In the Witcher 3 we see her relentlessly pursuing her goals across multiple continents, taking down any obstacles in her way. Yes, she cares passionately for her love, Geralt, but he won’t distract her from her ultimate goals. Despite their closeness, she keeps extremely important secrets from the Witcher during […]

via Wolven Storm – Musings on Love and Feminism in Witcher 3 — Backlog Crusader

I love Angie’s analysis of this song! One thing I loved about The Witcher 3 was its portrayal of women like Yennefer and Triss because they were complex characters with their own stories and motives. I love how Angie analyzed this song and compared it to Yennefer’s character. I really enjoyed this article and you can read it here!

Community Collab: Video Game Literary Classics 101: Okami — A Cat’s Library

My dear friend Angie of tossed out this challenge to the WordPress Gaming Community. The mission: It’s the year 2050. You are an educator in a high school teaching Video Game Literary Classics 101. You are teaching some of the greatest video game classics of all time to your students. We needed to choose […]

via Community Collab: Video Game Literary Classics 101: Okami — A Cat’s Library

A Cat’s Library wrote a wonderful post analyzing Okami. I played it on the PlayStation 4 and I adored this game! I enjoyed learning more about the art style and the characters featured in the game. I also did not know that Okami means both wolf and god! Read the post here and learn more about this amazing game!

Meghan Plays Games Examines Ocarina of Time

Foreword This article was written as a part of a Community Colab, by Angie @ Backlog Crusader called “Video Game Literary Classics 101.” You can find her original post here. This write up will be a bit more formal/essay-like in structure, in order to explore the question “Which video game title(s) would you choose for literary […]

via The Philosophy of Ocarina of Time — Meghan Plays Games

Megan Plays Games wrote a fantastic post that closely looks at the major themes in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I really enjoyed her analysis! I played the game for the first time in college on my Nintendo 3DS and I did not really think of how much emphasis there was on childhood and growing up. I could not have played the game at a better time considering I was transitioning to adulthood in college! Check out Megan Plays Games post here and enjoy her analysis of The Legend of Zelda; Ocarina of Time!