This is art, not real life’s Analysis of Futaba and Mental Health

This article contains significant plot spoilers for Persona 5 Persona 5 is a game that I have quite a bit to say about. In the pipeline I am planning on publishing articles giving my impressions on the game as well as a deep dives into how they explore concepts of identity. I have not yet completed […]

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Aaron from This is art, not real life wrote this thoughtful post on Futaba’s Palace in Persona 5. This was one of my favorite Palaces in the game because Futaba wants to change herself. I enjoyed how Aaron analyzed mental health in video games and looking forward to reading more posts on metal health in video games from him! Read the post here!

Adventure Rules Personal Reflection on “Let it Go and Move On” From Ace Attorney

Identifying with a video game character can be cool – until you identify with a cautionary tale.

via “Let it Go, and Move On” – Seeing Myself in Ace Attorney’s Nahyuta Sahdmadhi — Adventure Rules

Ian from Adventure Rules related the phrase “Let it Go and Move On” said by Nahyta Sahmadhi in Ace Attorney to his life. The post is an important discussion on mental health and how using “Let it Go and Move On” properly helps Adventure Rules with his mental health. It also contrast Ian’s idea of “Let it Go and Move On” to Nahyta’s idea of “Let if Go and Move On.” I am glad that Ian took the courage to write such a personal post because mental health is important to take care of. I myself have anxiety and could learn to “let go” of where I think I should be in life or worrying about the future. Check out the post here and maybe you could learn some ideas on how to take care of your mental health as well!

16-Bit Dad and Mental Health

For so long, gaming has gotten a really bad reputation through a lot of media outlets. Claims that it can have negative effects on a person’s psyche run rampant, and that’s a real shame. Not only because it degrades and attacks an entire industry of creativity, but also because it hides and masks the positive nature…

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16-Bit Dad wrote a post recently on how games can help mental health. I believe this is something that everyone should know about video games. I have anxiety and a big thing that helps with my anxiety is video games. They allow me to just get away from whatever is making me anxious and just relax.

For example, last week I started my next semester of grad school. This week I was feeling anxious over an assignment that I really wanted to be perfect. After I was done working on the assignment for the day, I played Yakuza Kiwami for a little bit.  I felt better after running around helping people and laughing at the ridiculous side quests. I felt energized and ready to start working more on my assignment the next day!

I think this article is a perfect example of the positives of playing video games. Check out the article here!