Backlog Crusader’s Analysis of Wolven Storm

Yennefer. Who is she, really? In the Witcher 3 we see her relentlessly pursuing her goals across multiple continents, taking down any obstacles in her way. Yes, she cares passionately for her love, Geralt, but he won’t distract her from her ultimate goals. Despite their closeness, she keeps extremely important secrets from the Witcher during […]

via Wolven Storm – Musings on Love and Feminism in Witcher 3 — Backlog Crusader

I love Angie’s analysis of this song! One thing I loved about The Witcher 3 was its portrayal of women like Yennefer and Triss because they were complex characters with their own stories and motives. I love how Angie analyzed this song and compared it to Yennefer’s character. I really enjoyed this article and you can read it here!

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